Monday, April 21, 2014

#MyHappyMonday Week 4

Hey loveys!!

I welcome today, Monday, with open arms and a free hug. YES folks, it's #MyHappyMonday already!!

Whether you're working, or not working, or spending Easter Monday with friends/family or alone in bed, we still need to celebrate the small things that we can on the day of the week people dread most. I'm going to take a second and reflect on this past weekend because it was kind of whirl-windy but it was a great weekend none the less!
My weekend started on Friday because of Easter weekend. C and I drove my two little cousins to Wingham to spend the day with the fam jam! We had planned on staying overnight but my sister came down with the flu and I had (and still have) a stupid cold that I just can't kick. We came home and had a glass of wine and called it a night. It was awesome not being out super late like I normally am on weekends.

Saturday was a fun day. I got up, blogged, went to the gym, did groceries and hung out!! I absolutely love having days like that. The grocery shop we did was epic. SO MUCH healthy food. I'm looooving how well we are eating lately. With me not doing dairy it's been a real help to have some awesome snacks in the house. C and I went to the gym together on Saturday and discovered that we aren't good workout partners lol. He likes to do different types of exercise than I do and I get bored and he gets pressured and it's just not a good match hahaha. Oh boy. Oh well, such is life!

On Sunday we got up and went down to the condo gym and worked out together, but on our own. I had to meet a friend at noon so we had to get the workout in early. It was a good workout for me, included:

Chest Press
Lat Pulldown
Shoulder Press
Bicep Curl
Tricep Pressdown
Hip Raises
Push Presses
Dumbbell Bicep Curl

That was not the order I did them in, but mostly what came to mind as I was trying to remember. Lol. On Sunday I met up with my friend Sheila and had a Cesar with her at a nice little restaurant called Hunter's Landing. We live really close to each other and the resto is right in between us, so it's perfect! She's so cute and I love meeting up with her when I can. She's actually a very new friend of mine so I'm hoping to get to know her better and stay friends!! :)

After that, I came home and got REALLY tired for some reason. Like, I laid in bed and watched Lindsay on the OWN Network all afternoon. I napped on and off and had a bad headache. I'm not sure if it's the cold.. but it sucked! I mean, watching Lindsay Lohan on TV is always a guilty pleasure, but I just had NO energy. I woke up this morning with the same headache, but I think it was partially due to dehydration. I didn't drink a lot of water yesterday because I was in bed, and I noticed that when I peed this morning (Sorry...) it was super gold and it freaked me out. I hate when my pee is yellow. Anyone with me???

Today it's 20 degrees here in Toronto!!! I'm heading out soon to meet up with another gal to have a cocktail on one of the most popular patios downtown called Earl's! I'm excited to hang out with Amy because she's another new friend and I get excited to meet new people and get to know new people! :) I started my day off with one of my favourite berry smoothies and a banana (OMG I love fruit...) and so I'm super happy for the rest of the day!!

What is everybody doing for their #MyHappyMonday? This week I'm not going to post any questions, because I want you to discover the things on Monday's that make you happy and then tell me about it!

Don't forget, #MyHappyMonday isn't just a blog linkup! You can tweet using the hashtag and post photos of happy things on Instagram using the hashtag as well! You can tag me in any of the above using my handle @sarahohm and I will share them as well! I can't wait to see all the happiness today has to bring! :)


Saturday, April 19, 2014

Saturday Ramblings.

Bonjour loveys!

I hope everyone who is celebrating Easter had a great Good Friday (aka Holidayyy!)! C and I took the day and went up to my home town of Wingham, ON and saw my fam jam for the day. We had planned on sleeping overnight but yesterday morning my sister woke up with the flu and I have a cold myself so we thought it best to just come home and try and not get ourselves sick, and others sick as well. It was fun seeing my fam again. We drove my little cousins from Toronto back to Wingham so that my Aunt and Uncle (they're grandparents) could take them, and oddly enough they were like silent most of the drive! I don't know how that happened. A 9 year old and an 11 year old being quiet. I think we hit the jackpot! LOL.

That's my little cousin.. isn't he the cutest?

I stuck to my "no dairy" diet, and my aunt told me that according to my blood type I shouldn't be having dairy either. She's a naturopath so she would know! I shouldn't be having gluten, dairy, apples, cabbage... I also noticed that when I was at work on Thursday night, that after I ate some bread my stomach got a bit upset. It could be dairy in the bread, or maybe it's wheat and I'm just getting sensitive to gluten as well. We'll see. I'm going to avoid bread at work tonight and see how I feel. Hopefully I can get to the grocery store before work so I can bring my own food. I feel so much better when I do that.

I've been suffering from a cold for the last few days. Avoiding dairy is always a good thing because dairy actually produces mucus in the body which isn't ideal when your body is already over producing. My nose is basically full of grossness and no matter how much I blow, I can't seem to get it all out. Gross.

This week has been SO GOOD in terms of workouts!! I worked out on Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday and C and I are going to the gym today! My hamstrings are super tight today. I don't have a bathtub in my condo, we just have a stand up shower, so I can't soak my muscles... so this morning I found myself trying to get the shower as hot as I could handle and trying to stretch my legs out in there lol. That would have been quite the sight to see... but it doesn't exactly work the same. So I'm going to have to get super warm at the gym today and then stretch my hamstrings out then.

Did I mention that I'm now on break from school for 2 weeks?? Except I'm not really "off". I'm working almost every night this week plus I need to workout tons (I have a photo shoot on the 28th - BAH!) and I need to really put a dent in this online certification course I'm doing to become a certified Social Media Strategist! So I don't have any downtime per se... but it's good because it keeps me on my toes. I just hope I can kick this damn cold soon so I can continue being productive!

Anywho, I'm going to go get ready and head to the gym! This is the most random blog post I've done in a while.. oh well.

I hope you have a GREAT weekend!! Oh!! And get ready for #MyHappyMonday #4 coming up this week!! Eee!!


Thursday, April 17, 2014

My Top 3 Fav Healthy Snacks

Hey loveys,

Lately because of my crazy schedule, I've been eating a lot more snacks and a lot less meals. This is ok for me because I LOVE snacks so much. It's been a while since I've had an actual cooked meal that I've cooked because I've been working over dinner or I've been spending my evenings studying and my focus isn't on preparing food.

I was actually thinking about my favourite snacks today after I finished my workout and wanted something good to fuel my body. So these are 3 of my favourite healthy snacks that I've been eating a lot of lately because of pure convenience and nutritional benefit. Let me show you!

First up, my favourite... a berry protein smoothie. I've never been one for the "tropical fruit" smoothies... I always prefer a berry smoothie! My typical smoothie includes either fresh or frozen berries. I buy an assortment of frozen berries when I purchase frozen, or I just use up whatever fresh berries I have in my fridge before they go bad. If I'm using frozen, I don't include ice in my smoothie, however I do put some cubes in if I'm using fresh berries. My favourite berries to use are strawberries, blackberries (they give it an awesome purple colour) and cherries!! Cherries are for sure my favourite when they're frozen. I then add a scoop of Sun Warrior Plant Based Raw Vanilla Protein and fill the rest of the cup up with 1 part coconut water and 1 part regular water and then BLEND.

I love berries because of their high nutritional factor. They are FULL of antioxidants (any fruit or veggie of the dark purple/reds are full of these) which help fight off free radicals in the body (free radicals lead to cancer..). Antioxidants help protect your immune system as well as help your skin and nails. Some of the antioxidants in berries are Anthocyanins, Quercetin, and Vitamin C.  Anthocyanins are what give berries their colour and helps reduce inflammation in the body! Quercetin can also help reduce inflammation in the body, specifically in the joints which is a bonus for people suffering from arthritis. Vitamin C is responsible for the health of collagen in our bodies, which helps maintain cartilage and aid in joint flexibility (among other things)!

Next up...

This is my take on a classic yogurt parfait. I discussed a couple days ago how I'm off of dairy because my body does NOT like it so when I purchase yogurt, I purchase yogurt made with coconut milk instead of actual dairy. Basically, I scoop the vanilla coconut milk yogurt into a bowl, cut up any fresh fruit I have in the fridge (or use frozen if I have some on hand) and mix it all up! Sometimes I will put ground flax seed on top if I have some in my cupboard. Here you can see I used fresh fruit, strawberries, blackberries and green grapes!

I choose coconut milk yogurt over rice milk yogurt or almond milk yogurt because I know the benefits of coconut milk in your diet as a healthy fat! Almond milk is a VERY close second, so go ahead and do that if you want to. Coconut milk contains Lauric Acid, Antimicrobial Lipids and Capric Acid all which have antibacterial, anti-fungal and antiviral properties. Lauric Acid helps fight viruses such as the flu! Coconut milk also helps with cardiovascular health because it may help the body fight off organisms that produce plaque in the arteries and blood vessels.

Oooo and don't forget, the healthy fats in coconut milk help our skin and hair look AH-mazing because the natural fats are like an antiseptic to the body and help treat dandruff, skin infections and dry skin. It serves as a kind of "natural moisturizer" and MAY help repair wrinkles and damaged skin. BONUS.

And last but certainly not least...

So I think this is probably the easiest snack in my list here because it's literally plopping some veggies into a bowl and opening up the hummus and dipping and eating. My favourite hummus to purchase is Summer Fresh Foods Roasted Garlic Hummus or their Red Pepper Hummus. They are SO GOOD and I actually went to their factory where they make the hummus a while ago and they are so impecable at what they do that I've been an even bigger supporter ever since going there.

My favourite raw veggies to eat with hummus are cucumbers (mini), bell pepper (orange or yellow), radishes, carrots and celery. I don't need to explain to you why raw veggies are healthy for you. If you don't already know that you should be eating veggies, well... I don't know what then, but it's sad. Hummus is a great way to get a little added protein into your diet since it's made with chick peas and chick peas are a GREAT source of plant protein.

I would love to know what snacks you would add to my list! Leave a comment below with either your recommendation or a link to your fav snack and I will head over and check it out!!

Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Another Race?

Hey loveys,

I'm currently in the middle of a 6 hour study session for my last exam of the semester (YAY!) and it's math... womp womp. So I decided to take a short break and write a little blog post!

This morning before I started studying I decided I wanted to go for a run. I haven't ran much in the past few months so I was apprehensive because I was scared of having to start my running from square 1... and that kind of bums me out. I felt good today though, and although I decided to run inside, I still convinced myself that I could do a 5km no problem. I think my 5km PB is like 27:something.... but whatever.

I put on my workout clothes and made my way down to my condo gym. I have to admit that when I'm in a hurry, that gym comes in handy. It doesn't have a ton of equipment and so I really only use it if I'm in a rush or don't feel like taking the street car to the gym. I can definitely make-do with what's down there. I went to the gym near my condo yesterday and my legs are a bit tender, so because I was just running I decided to use the condo gym today. Anyways... I'm getting a little off track. I got down there and the gym was empty. OH the benefits of having a condo gym and being there earlier in the morning.

I hopped on one of the treadmills and turned on my "RUN!" playlist and started running. I run at a conservative 6.0 mph and run for 9 minutes and walk for 1, for a total of 30 minutes. I actually surprised myself with how great it felt to be on the treadmill again (I know.. who says that about the treadmill? When it's less cold I'll be outside.) and to just listen to music and think about nothing really.

By the end of my workout I was SUPER hot and SUPER sweaty and SUPER red... No I don't have a photo to share, I looked awful. The photo above is pre-run and that's all I'm willing to share lol. I had thought in my head that I would do some lower body work today to compliment my run, but after my run I laid on the floor and waited until my pulse was down around normal again and then did some stretching. My hamstrings are SO tight from doing deadlifts in the gym yesterday... I love that feeling. Makes me feel like I worked hard! :)

With all this run talk being had... I think I've decided I would like to do some races this year. I kind of stopped doing them last year for whatever reason. I don't know how I'm going to do a ton of races on a student budget, but I can at least get 1 or 2 in this year! I think I'll work up to a 10k and if my body doesn't break down and cry, maybe another half-marathon? The thought of that always scares me because it was so exhausting the first time around. Although I did lose a ton of weight and really felt great after icing all of my lower body joints after a long run. Lol. I'm not committing... I'm going to wait it out and see how I feel after doing a couple of smaller races.

Last week was actually the Toronto Yonge St. 10km race and I've done that race for the past 2 years. I was kind of sad to miss it... but I will do it again next year! :) I love that race because it's mostly downhill. Hehehe..

ALSO... I have a pretty cool giveaway happening on the blog soon, but I've sort of implemented a rule on my Facebook Page that the giveaway will only be unlocked once I reach 2000 likes. So make sure to click here and "like" my Facebook page so we can get this giveaway rolling!

What races do you have planned for the summer??