Tuesday, July 1, 2014

My New Piece Of The Internet

Hi Loveys!

The time has come, not totally officially yet, but I'm officially starting to move you guys over to my new blog! I've made it a lot less nichey, however I'm working on creating it so you can filter by post topics - so for all you fitness junkies, you can filter only my fitness related posts!! :)

My new blog is located at www.sarahohm.com! When you pop over make sure to say  hello or follow me on BlogLovin!

I will be posting posts on both blogs (the same posts) during the transition period, to make sure you won't miss anything. It's been a long haul with MMHL but I think it's time to move to something new. I thank everyone graciously from the bottom of my heart for helping me grow MMHL to what it is today and I can't wait to see where this new blog takes me!!!

Talk soon,

Monday, June 30, 2014

Summer Time with Pure Leaf Iced Tea!

Hey loveys,

SUMMER IS FINALLY HERE! I’m so excited about it. I love love love summer, and anytime I get the chance to sit out on our condo’s patio and bask in the gloriousness that is the summer sun, I will take it! Because my schedule is so hectic, it makes it super difficult for me to find time to hang out with friends, who actually name normal working hours. I have a feeling this summer, my lounging time will be limited to weird times (as in mid-afternoon when everyone is working) but it’s not going to stop me!

My condo has an amazing patio and it’s totally the perfect summer oasis for me to hang out, sit in the sun, enjoy a beverage and work on my laptop. When my family does come to visit, we actually book the whole area so we can have a BBQ and hang out outside! It’s an awesome little getaway that I try and take advantage of as much as possible in the summer (the hot tub tends to get a little hot, but at night time it’s absolutely amazing).

My favourite snack to munch on in the summer is 100% fresh fruit and one of my favourite (non-alcoholic) beverages is iced tea! Whenever I’m out I love getting iced tea from coffee shops, but recently I was given a few bottles of the new Pure Leaf ™ Real Brewed Iced Tea. I was given 2 bottles of the Lemon flavour and 1 bottle of the Raspberry flavour. These are the perfect go-to iced teas for the summer because they come in awesome flavours to suit everyone’s likes! They come in Green Tea, Peach Tea, Lemon Tea, Raspberry Tea, Sweet Tea and Unsweetened Tea!

I wanted to whip up a snack that would compliment the flavours of iced tea I was given so I decided to make a healthy “Very Berry Fruit Salad”! Fruit in the summer is great because it helps keep you hydrated when you’re in the sun while providing much-needed nutrients that we sometimes forget about. My fruit salad includes:

·      Strawberries (a lot of antioxidants and anti-inflammatory properties)
·      Blueberries (a large source of phytonutrients, Vitamin K and Manganese)
·      Blackberries (help to aid in digestion and cardiovascular health)
·      Raspberries (a large source of Vitamin C, antioxidants and anti-inflammatory properties)

It’s the perfect compliment to the Pure Leaf iced tea and makes such a great healthy snack/menu for yourself or to serve to friends if you’re hosting an outdoor party this summer. It’s so hard to go wrong with fresh fruit at a party and you can always tailor it to your guests or to your own personal preferences. I like this version due to the fact that I chose the fruits with the highest nutritional value, so it’s really more bang for your buck! You can thank me later. J I included it in a BBQ that I had with some friends last night. The Very Berry Fruit Salad was a massive hit and the Pure Lead Iced Tea was the first beverage consumed!  It’s definitely the perfect summer bevvy!

Q: What’s your favourite healthy snack to serve at a BBQ?
Q: Have you tried Pure Leaf Iced Tea yet? What did you think?


Monday, June 23, 2014

{Product Review} Solo Gi Energy Bars

Hey loveys,

I was sent an awesome pack of Solo Gi Energy Bars in the mail last week. I have to admit that these bars were easily the best energy bars I have had in a long time. They didn't taste grainy, or chalky, or anything but utterly amazing.

I was given 5 incredible flavours to try:

- Chocolate Charger
- Peanut Power
- Lemon Lift
- Dark Chocolate Mandarin
- Coconut Pineapple

I honestly couldn't pick one of the 5 that was my favourite - they were all so delicious! They are also really healthy as well... (that statement is subjective, based on whatever is healthy for you - this is just my opinion!)

- They contain a full amino acid profile.
- They include inulin which aids in digestion and promotes digestive health
- Low Glycemic Index Carbohydrates (tested at the University of Toronto)
- No sugar alcohols or high fructose corn syrup
- No artificial sweeteners
- No trans fats
- Gluten Free (Certified by the Canadian Celiac Foundation)

I used them for a mid-day snack while I was at school. Each bar is under 200 calories, and they all have slowly absorbed carbs which means your blood sugar won't spike and crash causing more hunger. They're all gluten free and they're also Kosher friendly!

Overall I would highly recommend these bars as a snack food - not really as a meal replacement, but that's not exactly what they're meant for anyways. They were so so so good, I'll probably be buying some more myself! You can follow them on Twitter or visit them online by clicking here!


Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Garlic Sesame Steamed Spinach

Hey loveys,

It's probably been like over a year since I posted a recipe, so I thought now might be a great time. I've recently become a contributor to the Kitchen Daily Canada website, which means I need to start posting recipes and foodie stuff more often!

So alas, last night at dinner I made one of my favourite side dishes that I hadn't made in a while... Garlic Sesame Steamed Spinach.


Lol! I love love love steamed spinach, I eat it almost every single day. So I snapped some photos while I was making it to document the recipe so I could share it with you. It's beyond easy and it's delish and spinach is so flipping good for you, why wouldn't you want to make it? (Be warned, I'm an extremely amateur food photographer so I used my phone and edited the photos online. Ha.)

Garlic Sesame Steamed Spinach
3-4 cups of fresh baby spinach
1 tbsp EVOO
1 tsp sesame oil
Garlic Powder & Sea Salt to taste

1. I have a steamer that came with my pot set, so I filled a pot with water and put the spinach in the steamer above. As you can see, we also had steak for dinner. Nom!

2. Let the pot boil and the spinach cook via steam.

3. After the steam has cooked the spinach, put into a mixing bowl before adding ingredients. Be careful! It's going to be hot!

4. Add the ingredients and mix it up good!

5. I like to put my spinach as a protein topper. I had tenderloin steak and half an Italian sausage last night, but I've also had it with chicken and ground beef.

6. EAT! Nom nom nom.

Did you know spinach is actually easier for a person to digest when it's been cooked? Steaming spinach can actually help preserve the antioxidants in the leafy greens. Try and avoid sautéing or frying spinach in fat (butter or olive oil) as it alters the health benefits of the spinach and alters the way in which your body digests the food (aka the fats make it harder for your body to digest and absorb all the nutrients in the spinach).

Spinach is one of the most nutritious vegetables on the planet. About 1 cup of spinach provides far more than the daily requirement of Vitamin K and Vitamin A, almost all of the manganese and folate that the body requires in a day and about 40% of the magnesium that your body needs.

So go on - go eat your spinach and be merry! What is your favourite way to incorporate spinach into your everyday?