Monday, August 29, 2011

My Weekend

Hi girls!

How was everyone's weekend?

I had a rather different weekend than usual. Usually C and I go out at least one of the nights, if not both, with friends for a few bevvy's... but this weekend we stayed pretty close to home, and it felt SO amazing.

On Friday night we spent it with my sister who's in Toronto vising, and we took her shopping downtown. She had a lot of fun, made a couple purchases and we took her home. The one thing that was surprising to me is that I didn't buy a single thing... Honest!! Ever since the new that we're going to NYC, I'm bound and determined to save money, pay off a lot of my credit card before we go, so that I don't have to worry... I'll talk more about my new ideas in a moment.

On Satruday I spent a lovely 2 hours in a walk-in clinic. I'm not going to openly talk about my sickness, but I got meds and am feeling much better already! We then did our bi-weekly grocery shop, and went home where I had a much needed nap and he caught up on some much needed "saving the world" time (aka. Video Games). That night we went to my cousins place for her birthday, sat outside with friends and talked all night. It was so relaxing and so nice not going out till the early morning hours... I think I'm going to try and NOT go out this coming weekend too!

Sunday was pretty low-key too. We had my sister come over again and we went to see the Blue Jays play some baseball. Unfortunately it was probably the worst baseball game I'd ever seen, so we left early so me and my sister could workout. After, we took her home, me and C made tacos! I love taco night, and because I love it so much, I totally overindulged and had such a gross feeling stomach all night. We ended up watching the VMA's in bed while playing scrabble on my Blackberry. It was really fun... I love low-key weekends!

Ok... so this is what I've decided to do when it comes to shopping/travelling/money. There was a bit of time at the beginning of the year when I wasn't making very good money, and I had to put a lot of money on my credit card. Well, now I'm making pretty good money, but I don't have any more money only because I'm now able to shop. So I think that I'm not going to induldge in the wonders of shopping (unless I need something... Like work pants for example, I've lost weight and the only pants I have always fall down when I walk - I clearly need new work pants).

I think as long as I refrain from going out to bars and clubs, it will really help. I have a goal to cut down my credit card by almost half before I go to NYC, but to still have lots of spending money. I can do this! I have to do this! I just keep thinking about how much money I'll have after I have no more credit card payments, and no more student loan payments... it will be GLORIOUS!!!!

Stay sweet.

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  1. Sometimes staying close to home is truly the coziest way to spend the weekend. And, of course, an amazing idea for saving money! :)


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