Thursday, December 1, 2011


Good morning gorgeous, I’ve decided to buy a Christmas gift for C’s mom this year. I still haven’t met his family (long story) but I’ve been with the guy for a year and a half, I think I can get away with getting them something this year, right? I’ve only ever seen one photo of C’s mother, and it was a cute on of her and C’s dad. I had put a suggestion out there that we get them a picture of the two of us in a frame, which I might do as part of the gift, the only thing is that C’s mom is blind, so she won’t be able to see the photo… or anything I get her. But fear not! I have come up with other plans as well, such as 1. A Pashmina; what girl/woman doesn’t like a nice soft scarf around her neck in the winter months? Or 2, a nice chunky/funky necklace from a nice little jewellery boutique. I’m leaning more towards the scarf, but if I see a necklace that I really like, I would consider buying it for her as well. We’ll see! Any thoughts? I’ve never had to buy a boyfriends mother a present before. I’m stumped. Also – I’ve decided that I’m completely giving up on baking. I really tried hard to bake macaroons twice now, and have failed miserably both times. However, it turns out that I really can cook, and I actually enjoy doing it! Talk about being domestic, right? I think I’m going to start sharing recipes and photos of my creations going forward. Stay Sweet. Xoxo.

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