Monday, January 9, 2012

I'm Running A Half Marathon... OMG!

Well everyone, I’ve decided that this year, I will be running a Half Marathon. It’s in May, on the 6th to be exact, and I’m already somewhat nervous! My team at work has decided that we’ll be running it, so the runner in the group has put together a training program and it looks like we’re starting on Wednesday! I’m somewhat excited, but very, VERY nervous about the whole thing. I’ve never been a strong runner before (I was always either a high-jumper or a dancer) so this should be an interesting 5 months ahead of me. Even though I’m a bit scared, I’m looking at this like it’s 100% good things to come of it. A more fit body, a more fit mind, and it will give me something to do that is “mine”, and will get me out of the house so C has some alone time. So hopefully I catch the running bug soon or else this is going to be a long 5 months ahead of me. Have any of you run a half marathon before? The only race I’ve ever done (and not trained for, and was hung over for) is a 5 km race I did a few years ago to raise money for the Salvation Army. It was quite painful, but I didn’t really try to get into shape for it. The question I have is, is this a smart idea to train for a half marathon when really, I haven’t done a REAL race before? I’m thinking not, but apparently that isn’t stopping me. I have 5 months away, so I’m starting small. One run at a time!
That being said, I’ll be updating you on my runs more and more, and my food (which I’m super excited about). I love keeping a food journal to see what I’ve ate and how much, and how I feel after I eat said foods. Nutrition has been an interest of mine for a long time, so it will be interesting to see what it’s like training for this half marathon. As a new year’s resolution, I’ve also been trying to eat healthier, organic foods. So far I’ve been doing pretty well. I make a point of having more veggies than anything on my plate, and eating more meat and less starchy foods. I’ve also been trying to eat smaller meals throughout the day instead of 3 large meals. I think with my food journal it’s going to be easier to monitor those things. I’m really excited to be making all of these changes in my life! Now that I’m settled into my new job I think it will be a lot easier. I’ve gotten my sugars under decent control too – and I feel a million times better! I can tell when my sugars are even a little bit high, and because I know it makes me moody when they are, I really try my hardest to keep them lower. I don’t need to be mean to C just because my sugars are high – that’s not fair to either of us. I’ve realized that it’s good for us to spend time apart, so he’s started playing basketball every Tuesday night, and I’ve got my runs to help get me out of the house.
I also think I’m going to take a Digital SLR Camera course in April. There’s one being held really close to where I live and I’d get to learn how to use my camera better, take better photos, hopefully meet some new and interesting people and find my groove in this huge city of endless possibilities! On the way back to the city from Christmas in the country, I took this photo... what do you think? It's my favourite one that I've taken so far.
On a side note – I met a woman who teaches pole dancing lessons, I’m going to one of her classes on Wednesday night – wish me luck!! I’m such I will make such a fool out of myself, I’ll let you know how it goes, and if I’m hooked!! :) Stay sweet. xoxo

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