Friday, January 27, 2012

Mixed Feelings

Good morning people, I hope everyone is well on this rather crappy morning. It was down pouring on my drive to work this morning, which turned into hail when I got to work, which has turned into snow. Canada weather is so bi-polar, it’s driving me crazy. I want to run outside tonight, hopefully it’s not too crazy windy or anything, I know for sure I’ll chicken out if that’s the case. On my drive to work this morning I was listening to the radio, and they have a segment called “War of the Roses”, where a spouse or a significant other can call into the radio station if they have suspicions that their spouse is cheating on them. They usually have a pretty valid reason for thinking that, like this morning for example; his wife is a party girl and in the last month hasn’t come home until the next day about 7 different times. Now, for whatever reason, whenever this segment comes on (I’ve heard it maybe 3-4 times in the past 6 months) I get so frustrated and worked up over it. I have no idea why it bothers me so much, and even worse, I have no idea why I can’t change the radio station when it’s on. This morning’s segment was fairly dramatic. They pull a prank where the announcer calls the accused spouse and gives them a quick survey from “Such and such company”, and upon completion of the survey, they’re offered a gift. I’ve heard the gift be a dozen roses to anyone in the world, but today it was bottle service at Blank Night Club for her and a friend. Her spouse’s name is Mark, but she decided to bring Barry. When asked who Barry was, she said “just someone I’ve been hooking up with lately”. Well, her husband was also on the phone and freaked out. She started balling (obviously – that’s what women do) and starting blaming it on the fact that Mark is a gamer and never pays attention to her so she had to go find it elsewhere. As much as I hate the fact that this is on live radio for anyone in the world to hear, I kind of think the wife deserved it, no? I mean, C is really into video games, but he knows I’m not. We always seem to come to a happy medium (well, most of the time), but just because he plays for a few hours a few nights a week wouldn’t warrant me cheating on him. I don’t think cheating for any reason is acceptable. If you’re unhappy in your relationship and don’t feel like you can bring it up to your significant other – isn’t that enough of a sign that you probably shouldn’t be in that relationship? What do you think of this segment? On a running note, I’m buying new running shoes this evening. I’ll take a picture and show you what I come out with; hopefully they’re at least a little bit cute. I want to run outside tonight, 4km, I hope the weather clears up. Anyways, let me know your thoughts! I might blog again later, it’s a bit slow at work today. :) Stay sweet. xoxo

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