Tuesday, January 24, 2012

My Running Wish List

Good Morning everyone, I have decided I need some more running gear, new shoes, new tights, new tops – why not? I’ve put together a wish list of some things I would like to purchase in the near future, minus the shoes because this weekend I’m going into The Running Room to have them figure out what type of shoe would be best for me. I can tell you however, I do enjoy the colourful runners!
First off, I would looove a new sports bra. I did get a new one for Christmas, but an athletic woman can never have too many sports bras. I enjoy the design on this one! It would look good under a black tank top for sure!
This bad boy looks so unbelievably confortable, I feel like I NEED this! Currently when running outside in the cold, I'm using one of C's long sleeve dry fit shirts, and he's a large guy, the thing just drapes over me, it's horrible. I want one of my own - this one to be percise!
I do want some more tight fitting crops. They are awesome for running in outside, no skin on skin which is always a plus. With the warm weather right around the corner (fingers crossed!) I'm going to need these! Obviously...
There's no real reason why I need these besides the fact that I think they are super cute and would add to my Lulu collection quite nicely :)
Last but not least, a running jacket! I need one of these SO badly. I'm currently running in another one of my Lulu sweaters with a puffy vest over top. I just need a wind breaker - why not make it a cute one, right? Stay sweet. xoxo

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