Monday, January 23, 2012

Training and Injuries....

Good morning beauties! I hope everyone is having/did have a lovely week. Mine has been one whirlwind of a week, but I’m glad! I like to keep busy, and my life right now is ANYTHING but boring! Not only have I decided to start training for a half marathon, but I’ve decided to join a Pole Dancing class once/week! It’s so fun; it’s definitely something I’m interested in continuing to do. I’m currently just doing a beginner’s 4-week class, where we learn 2 different spins each class and put it to a routine. So far it’s been so much fun … I’m hooked on pole dancing! That sounds so awful… I’m now also running outside 4 days/week. I’ve been doing well on my runs thus far, but today I can really feel it in my knees. I need new running shoes – any recommendations? I have to go to the running room and get them to look at my feet and supply me with the best fit. No injuries for Sarah! This week I did a 3km run outside and beat my previous outdoor 3km run time by 1 whole minute, which is wicked! I hope I continue to get faster. I also bought these expensive, really intense running tights that make me feel like a hard-core runner. I was running outside the other day in my tights, a sweater, a puffy vest and a toque – I looked very intense, it was fabulous! I can’t wait till I get some intense running shoes to go with the ensemble. **Update since I began writing this entry.. Yesterday morning I ran 7km in 45 minutes! Woohoo!! I am so excited about that time, makes me want to go out and run it again today! Also, when I was running (and this is a bit of motivation for me at least), I was running all through downtown Toronto, and I actually ran past Stacey McKenzie - model and judge from Canada's Next Top Model. Ahhh!! See picture below...**
I want to run around downtown more often! Wonder who else I will run into! Anyways, speaking of injuries however, C hurt himself. He decided it would be cool to sign up with his buddies into a recreational basketball league. Well he was going to jump up to get a point and someone took out his leg that was on the ground. He crashed down, heard a pop in his knee and landed on his head/neck. Turns out he completely tore his patellar tendon, and had to have surgery last week. The poor guy is now in a full leg cast until the end of next week, and has to be on crutches for another 5.5 weeks! I’ve definitely been paying live-in nurse all weekend, and will continue to until he heals. Aww, I know, cheesy right? What else can I do? That’s about all for me so far. I’ve committed to keeping a found journal strictly from today going forward. I actually enjoy it. If I come across any amazing discoveries or recipes, I will make sure to post. In the meantime…. Stay sweet. xoxo

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