Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Where Would I Like To Be?

Good morning,

Lately, things at work have been rather slow. At first I thought it was because of March break (last week), but it hasn’t gotten any better this week. I find my mind wanders so easily when I’m not bombarded with a million things to do at work. It’s nice, I mean, to have a little bit of a break and not feel overwhelmed. I won’t hold my breath for too long however.

Yesterday I had an interesting conversation with 1 of my bosses (I have about 4). Her and I are extremely close and always have talks. Basically she thinks I’m very mature for my age, and asked me if I’d ever thought about being a Corporate Account Manager (CAM). I have definitely thought about it, I mean, who wouldn’t in my position? I’m in an entry level position in this department, I work for 5 different CAM’s, and I know they make a pretty good salary. I didn’t say that to her however, because in all honesty, I’ve never actually seen any of my CAMs do what they actually do. I’ve never seen any of them do a presentation for a company and I’ve never seen them close a deal.

I know I don’t enjoy public speaking. I never have, but that got me to thinking that I’ve never really been put in a position where the reward outweighs the fact that I’m just a scared little school girl. I’ve always WANTED to be a better public speaker, but just completely lack the confidence. Since I began dating C, my “want” to become a better public speaker has risen substantially. He’s amazing public speaker. Everyone is always so engaged when he’s at the front of the room; he knows how to hold a crowd’s attention. There have been numerous occasions where I think he should really consider doing motivational speaking on the side for some extra income. He doesn’t think he’s that great though.

With that being said, it got me thinking, where do I actually want to end up? Where is my current job taking me? Is this something I want to pursue as a career? Would being a Corporate Account Manager be fulfilling for me? Would I be satisfied? If I decide it’s not for me, where does that leave me? All of these things came rushing into my brain while watching mindless TV last night. So I came to a conclusion…. Why WOULDN’T I want to become a CAM? What have I got to lose? Worst case scenario is I learn some new skills, I become a better, more well-rounded person, I make more money, and if it’s not my thing, I have some amazing experience under my belt. Once I decided that, it clicked with me, that I now need to do everything I possibly can to convince all of my seniors that I have what it takes to manage a territory, to be completely professional, to totally blow them away with what I can do at such a young age. So not only have I decided that, I’ve decided I need to start dressing for the job I want, I have to start responding to every single email with the professionalism of the job I want, whether that be communicating with external clients/partners, or communicating with seniority in my company, it has to be 100% professional at all times.

Boy oh boy do I have some work to do… Time to revise those goals!

Stay sweet.

Monday, March 19, 2012

6 Weeks To Go!

Hello you,

Well, it’s 6 weeks until my half marathon, and I’m actually starting to get a bit nervous… This is the first time in all of my training (11 weeks so far!) that I’ve felt nervous about the actual distance of this race. I think I definitely under estimated it…. I ran 15.06km on Saturday morning, and I decided to try to run:walk this week, so I ran for 10 minutes, and walked for 1, and did that through the entire run. It definitely had an impact on my time, but I didn’t feel totally exhausted and sore like I have previously. I did the 15km in 1h43m, which puts me on track to finish the 21.1km race in 2h24m (give or take). My goal is to finish in less than 2h30m, but I’d REALLY like to be finished in 2h15m… is this doable? I honestly have no idea.
This coming weekend I’m supposed to be running 17km, so I might try and run it a little faster than this past weekend, but with the tightness in my ankle, I’m not sure I want to push it too hard. This whole, “training for an insane distance” thing is really taking its toll on my body. My ankle has become a bit messed up. I know it’s nothing permanent, but it’s because I have such tight muscles in my calves and it seems to be pulling on my ankles the wrong way. Obviously it becomes a bit worse once I’ve finished a run and have cooled down, and my muscles stay clenched up. After my training, I really need to focus on stretching everything out and getting my flexibility back. I’m going to start doing Hot Yoga 1x/week, normal yoga 1-2x/week and hopefully that will help my recovery.
I’ve also been thinking a lot about if I want to keep running after I finish this race. I don’t want to let all of this training go to waste, but I don’t want to be training as hard as I am now, and be held accountable for running 4x/week, and running hills, and speed work, and long ass runs, you know? I think I’ve come to the conclusion that I’m going to run 5-7km 2-3x/week, and do a 10km run over the weekend at some point. That’s not too bad, and I do enjoy the shorter runs in and around the city. I’ve also committed to playing outdoor beach volleyball for the spring and the summer, so that will be a couple of nights/week as well.
This is the first week in a few weeks that I’m actually back to my normal schedule. Runs on Tuesday/Wednesday/Friday/Sunday, weight training on Tuesday/Friday, Pole Dancing on Thursday and Monday/Saturday are my complete, totally lazy off days. I’m excited to be back to this schedule, because I know that I’m not going to be crippled by a workout that a personal trainer put me through (I did a kettlebell workout last week Tuesday, and was still sore on Friday). That being said, I’m also interested in having a PT 2x/week. I think that might be pushing it while I’m training for the race, but I do enjoy being put through such an intense workout, and I’m really sure I’d enjoy the results of how my body will look by the end of the summer. C suggested I try TRX classes… it’s definitely a possibility, and it would be much easier on the wallet. I will have to look into it, or try it out once first and see if it’s something I’d be interested in.
As part of my new year’s resolutions, I had decided to completely pay off my credit card before the summer. I’m definitely on track to do so. This past week was a bit rough because I had put a lot of money onto my credit card, and did a bit of shopping (whoops…) so I ended up actually having to use my credit card to do a few things, but it’s not a huge deal – I’m still heading in the right direction. I’m on track to have it completely paid off by mid-May. Yay!!! It will be so nice to not have to put so much of my money towards it anymore! Once it’s all paid off, I’m actually going to call and lower my limit by 66% of what it currently is. No more owing TONS of money!! I’m so over it! My summer will be so much more enjoyable when I’m not worried about money!
Well, that’s it for me today friends. Happy Monday!!!

Stay sweet.

Monday, March 12, 2012

The Next Step

Hello love,

1000 apologies, I’ve been somewhat slacking in the “writing” part of my life. With running, pole dancing and work and sleep I’ve found very little time to actually think about what I’d like to write about. My running is going well – I did my longest distance so far, 14km yesterday! I did it in 1.5 hours, and I think I could do better except I think I’m doing a really bad job at stretching my body, and as a result my ankles have been killing me. I’m going to get a massage today so he can work on my hamstrings and my calves. I hate being tight, it reeeeally sucks. Other than that things have been good! I’ve somewhat ventured off of my training plan a bit, just by moving runs around, but this week I’m mostly back to normal with the exception of my long run which I do on Saturday this week instead of Sunday.

Why you ask? Well, it’s St. Patrick’s Day on Saturday and you bet your ass that I’m not getting out of bed early on Sunday morning to go run 15 km! I’m hoping this ankle pain goes away… it’s super annoying. I haven’t been to pole dancing in a couple of weeks… but I’m back this week! I’ve been completely tired and run down for the past few weeks and just needed to slow down a bit. So I feel better this week (minus my ankles) and am getting back to the pole on Thursday!

A really good friend of mine just got engaged yesterday. The story is so cute. They’ve been dating for about 8 years now, since high school. Her boyfriend took her for a walk along the beach, and had one of his friends playing the song “I Want To Grow Old With You” on the guitar along the dock, and they walked up to him, and he had arranged “Will You Marry Me?” in the sand with rocks, and then proposed! He cried more than she did - what a cute story! It’s so great that they are taking that next step in their relationship.

My best friend is thinking about moving in with her current boyfriend, so they’re taking the next step in their relationship, and a girl I work with is moving in with her boyfriend who has showed her the ring he’s saving to buy for her – another step in the right direction. I feel like my relationship has come to a halt, sort of. We moved so quickly to get to where we are now, that I'm now very anxious to keep the trend going!

The next step for us would be an engagement, but for some reason C has this list of things that we need to do before he can pop the questions. 1. Have a vacation in California. We’ve decided that this year we’re going south to Mexico, so it would be at least another year after that (we won’t be going till near the end of the year) until this part of the list is done. Not only that, last time he went to California was with his ex, and the whole trip cost them a ton of money, A ton of money that I do not have… so we’ll see. I might have to somehow vito this off of the list. Honeymoon in California maybe? :) 2. He wants to buy a new place.

This, believe it or not, is more realistic than taking a vacation to California. The place we’re in now is a dump (sort of, it looks really nice, but there are a ton of smaller things that really make us want to leave), and we’ve been looking at places online. The only reason we aren’t moving out of this building is money. We need to save. I need to save for my part of the down payment, and he needs to save for the additional fees that go along with moving.

So needless to say, I don’t think I’m going to be getting engaged any time soon unfortunately. My friends all say that I’ll be the first to get married – but at this pace, I will definitely be the last. I’ve been having some extreme wedding fever lately – can you tell?

Stay sweet.