Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Where Would I Like To Be?

Good morning,

Lately, things at work have been rather slow. At first I thought it was because of March break (last week), but it hasn’t gotten any better this week. I find my mind wanders so easily when I’m not bombarded with a million things to do at work. It’s nice, I mean, to have a little bit of a break and not feel overwhelmed. I won’t hold my breath for too long however.

Yesterday I had an interesting conversation with 1 of my bosses (I have about 4). Her and I are extremely close and always have talks. Basically she thinks I’m very mature for my age, and asked me if I’d ever thought about being a Corporate Account Manager (CAM). I have definitely thought about it, I mean, who wouldn’t in my position? I’m in an entry level position in this department, I work for 5 different CAM’s, and I know they make a pretty good salary. I didn’t say that to her however, because in all honesty, I’ve never actually seen any of my CAMs do what they actually do. I’ve never seen any of them do a presentation for a company and I’ve never seen them close a deal.

I know I don’t enjoy public speaking. I never have, but that got me to thinking that I’ve never really been put in a position where the reward outweighs the fact that I’m just a scared little school girl. I’ve always WANTED to be a better public speaker, but just completely lack the confidence. Since I began dating C, my “want” to become a better public speaker has risen substantially. He’s amazing public speaker. Everyone is always so engaged when he’s at the front of the room; he knows how to hold a crowd’s attention. There have been numerous occasions where I think he should really consider doing motivational speaking on the side for some extra income. He doesn’t think he’s that great though.

With that being said, it got me thinking, where do I actually want to end up? Where is my current job taking me? Is this something I want to pursue as a career? Would being a Corporate Account Manager be fulfilling for me? Would I be satisfied? If I decide it’s not for me, where does that leave me? All of these things came rushing into my brain while watching mindless TV last night. So I came to a conclusion…. Why WOULDN’T I want to become a CAM? What have I got to lose? Worst case scenario is I learn some new skills, I become a better, more well-rounded person, I make more money, and if it’s not my thing, I have some amazing experience under my belt. Once I decided that, it clicked with me, that I now need to do everything I possibly can to convince all of my seniors that I have what it takes to manage a territory, to be completely professional, to totally blow them away with what I can do at such a young age. So not only have I decided that, I’ve decided I need to start dressing for the job I want, I have to start responding to every single email with the professionalism of the job I want, whether that be communicating with external clients/partners, or communicating with seniority in my company, it has to be 100% professional at all times.

Boy oh boy do I have some work to do… Time to revise those goals!

Stay sweet.

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