Tuesday, April 10, 2012

The Honeymoon Is Over Folks!

Good Morning beauty,

I hope you’re having a fantastic day! It’s a bit cloudy here, and I’m feeling a bit cloudy myself. I’m not too sure why, but even yesterday I feel groggy for no reason, I’ve been sleeping fantastic! I’ve started taking Magnesium with dinner and before bed and it has been amazing the sleep I’ve been getting. I wish I could have more of it!

4 weeks until the big race and I’m starting to feel all the work I’ve been putting into my running. I ran 18km on Sunday in 1h54m, but could barely walk the remainder of Sunday AND yesterday. Today my leg is feeling much better, but I can still tell where I irritated it. Right in behind my knee, the perfect place for a running injury. It’s quite annoying because I feel it every time I bend my leg. Oh well, I keep telling myself it’s only 4 more weeks of this intense training until I can actually chill out for a week.

Oh yes, the relaxation week? It’s going to be amazing. I’m still going to continue to eat Paleo because I 100% do not want to feel like a complete bag of shit, but you can bet yourself that I’m NOT running!!! I’m going to do a few resistance training sessions at lunch in the office, but once I get home from work, for that entire week, I’m putting on sweat pants, turning on HGTV and tuning into a good book.

Last night I finished reading Fast Food Nation. It was the very first book about the fast food industry that I’ve ever read, and it was so totally eye opening. The book is all about the American fast food industry however, but I’m sure it’s very similar to how things work in Canada, which is awful and disturbing. The old me would have read that book and decided to not eat meat for another 3 years (I was a vegetarian for 3 years…) but the new and improved Sarah has decided to consciously try and just buy and eat “happy meat” (grass fed, free range, all that good stuff) and I will definitely not be eating at a McDonalds or anyplace of the type any time soon, but I never ate that stuff a ton anyways. I would highly recommend people read this book if you do enjoy a good ol’ Big Mac, you may think twice before you put that sweet, sweet burger into your mouth. Or maybe not, but that’s totally up to you.
Yesterday I ordered a new book that I’m totally excited for, The Paleo Diet. I’m excited for this book for multiple reasons. 1. I generally love learning all about nutrition and different “fads” and “diets” and what they do (or don’t do) for your body. 2. I’m excited to learn more about this way of life in general. I can definitely comprehend in my head why this would be an amazing lifestyle, and having taken it on for the short period of time that I have, I can already tell that I’m feeling better. I’m sleeping better, I’m not bloated nearly as often. I used to become so bloated every single afternoon that it became just a way of life for me. This was more apparent when I was a vegetarian. Since I started eating this way, anything that I don’t 100% make myself upsets my stomach and makes me so incredibly gassy, that C has started to notice it as well. 3. I’m excited to be able to explain to my peers and co-workers why it is they should be trying out this way of eating. All I can tell them at this point is that I’m not bloated anymore, but I have no real evidence as to why they should try it. Not that I would push this on them by any means because they definitely each have their own way of eating/own lifestyle, but it’s nice to be able to answer any questions that may come my way.
Speaking of reading, this week C is away at a leadership meeting that happens semi-annually with our company (I’m not important enough to be invited, pff). He’s leaving tomorrow night until he picks me up from work on Friday. When he used to have leadership meetings, I would dread it. I hated that he was away for so long; I could never sleep well without him in bed. Well folks, I cannot express to you how EXCITED I am to be home alone for 2 days, with the bed to myself; doing whatever the heck I want. You have no idea.

I know that sounds awful, and I feel a bit bad about it, but my god, it’s about time. I still get a bit antsy when he goes away to these things because there are a couple people that attend that I would prefer didn’t attend (his ex, etc.) but I’m sure I’ll be fine. With that being said, I’m going to bed so unbelievably early on those nights, it will be amazing. Let alone the dinners I’m going make myself, SALMON! I’m going to eat all of it. I can’t wait! What do you do when you’re home alone for a couple days? Is it like a vacation for you as well?

Stay sweet.

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  1. I looooooove when I get alone time! My guy was away Sunday to Wednesday and it was nice. I missed him, but a girl needs some alone time! Don't feel bad!! Lol!! I spend that time watching tv I don't normally get to watch, and having nice hot bubble baths with red wine! :)


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