Wednesday, April 4, 2012

A Nice Surprise

Good afternoon beautiful,

I hope you are having a fantastic day.

Good news! One more day until it’s the weekend, everyone loves a long weekend. I haven’t posted in a while, and was kind of feeling like I should be. There are a few updates but this post might be short and sweet because for some reason, work is crazy busy right now! But I still wanted to write, just to kind of “zone out” momentarily from the office scene.

I’m still totally invested in my running. 4.5 weeks to go until I run my first Half-Marathon, and 2.5 weeks to go until I run my first race ever, the Toronto Yonge St. 10km race! The farthest that I’ve run to date is 17km, but this Sunday I have to run 18km, I’m a bit nervous! I did my 17km in 1h49m, so I’m hoping I can do 18km in under 2 hours, but we’ll see! My whole goal is to do the 21.1 km in under 2.5 hours, so if I do the 18km under 2 hours, I’m on a good track to finish in my goal time.

My left ankle has still been bothering me though, is so strange. I’m going to have to get it looked at post-race. Nothing is stopping me now! With that being said, yesterday I had a really good workout (see below);

10 Romanian Deadlifts
10 deep squats
10 shoulder presses
10 bicep curls
20 walking lunges
Repeat that two times

10 pushups
1min plank
Repeat that two times

I really didn’t think that it would kill me as much as it did, but today I’m having a very tough time walking. When I was doing a deadlift, one of my hamstrings decided to do something funny and pull itself, so last night instead of running, I spent the night icing my hamstring. Today it doesn’t feel as pulled, but my whole lower body is pretty sore, so it’s hard to tell. Hopefully my run tonight (6km, just a little guy) helps loosen my muscles. I’m also going to foam roll the shit out of my legs, I’m sure I’ll end up in tears, but hey, no pain no gain right?

My paleo eating has been going… ok. I’ve been cheating here and there, but I really did only commit to eating paleo 80% of the time. I’ve cheated and had Gatorade when my blood sugar has gone low (that’s somewhat out of my control, I think cheating in that case is ok), I’ve had some chocolate, and for a while I was still having rice at dinner. I’ve been feeling better for sure, I’m not getting nearly as bloated as much as I used to, and having meat for breakfast has been great, fills me right up until about noon! I’ve started taking 1000mg of salmon oil with every meal along with Vitamin C. It helps recover from workouts and is just good for normal body functions. I’ve started taking Magnesium at dinner and before bed, that stuff knocks you out! I had an amazing sleep last night, I hope it keeps working for me.

During this whole experience, I’ve learned some amazing things about health and fitness, but I’ve also grown a lot closer with a girl I knew from when I worked downtown. Her name is going to be K. She is an insane Crossfitter (if you don’t know what Crossfit is, just youtube it) and eats a very strict paleo diet. She answers all my questions whenever I have any, and she’s hilarious to talk to. We’ve talked every day for almost two weeks now; it’s kind of nice to have someone in my life that takes her health and wellness as seriously as I do! She and I were never super close when we worked together, so it’s a nice change! I am thoroughly enjoying it!

That’s pretty much my only updates for you so far. I’m SO excited to go home this weekend for Easter. I miss my family, and most of all, I miss LOUIE!!

I can’t wait to see the guy, he’s so adorable, I miss him so much all of the time! Even thinking about it gets me super excited. I want to go home TOMORROW just so I can hang out with my cat – does that make me crazy?

Stay sweet.

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  1. Skinny girls look good in clothes, fit chicks look good naked. Paleo 4 life. Yep, I went there.


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