Thursday, April 26, 2012

Why I Decided to Write a Blog

Good Morning my loves!

I hope everyone’s day has started out nothing less than fantastic!

Lately, I’ve wanted to write more, but in all honesty, I’m not sure what I want to write about. I started this blog with the intention of it being a way for me to explore fashion, figure out what is me, what isn’t, how I want to be perceived, and get input from others. I wanted to have it to explore icons in fashion both current and late, because I feel we can learn a lot from such powerful women. It did not stay on those topics long, as I needed it to help me deal with my personal issues. It’s a fantastic outlet for me to just write how I’m feeling and not have anyone look at me funny, or not know how to respond to me the second I write it – you know? It’s like my diary, that anyone can read…

I enjoy writing (although I wish I were better at it), and I enjoy knowing people are reading what I write – it makes me feel good, like this blog has some sort of purpose. Lately I’ve been talking a lot about my training, and fitness, and nutrition. As much as I adore fashion, the fashion industry and SHOPPING (hehe), my first passion has always been the fitness industry. I’ve been in the fitness industry for almost 7 years now, and have seen may different sides of the business of fitness.

I went to school, studied personal training, nutrition, marketing, wellness, anatomy, physiology, you name it, I’ve probably heard of it. Being such a young woman, I have more experience in the fitness industry than the average person my age. I’ve had a few extremely amazing opportunities in my journey and have met so many incredible people that I will continue to cherish as I move forward with my career.

I’ve always had such an interest in nutrition, and what food does to the body. More recently, I’ve been very interested in the business of food. I know it’s something that not a lot of people think about, but I find it quite fascinating, and I think more people should be informed on the subject!

With that being said, I’m probably going to continue writing about both my fitness journey (ie. My Half Marathon in 11 days! Ahhhh!) And anything fashion I feel is necessary to share! This blog has also turned into an outlet for me to talk about my personal life as well. As a girlfriend, a daughter, a sister I constantly need to vent somehow… why not here? :)

You’ve had a taste of my life so far, so going forward I’m committing to writing more, because it’s good for the soul. And really, why not?

Stay Sweet.

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