Friday, May 4, 2012

#6901 & a Huge Thank-You...

Good Morning Beautiful,
I received a confirmation e-mail about my Bib Number for the race on Sunday. I’m lucky number 6901 J. Receiving that email made things a little more real, but I’m still not having that “I’M SO EXCITED” feeling quite yet. Maybe it’s because I’m still a bit sick, maybe it’s because I’m dreading how sore I’m going to be post-run. I hope that once the day actually gets here that I’m actually excited. I think the huge crowds, and the loud music they have playing, and seeing all of my friends/co-workers super excited to run will help put me in the right mindset to crush this run.
I looked up all of my training because I keep track of it online (I use Endomondo, click here to go there if you’re interested!) and these are my PB's since I've started running 16 weeks ago:
 And this is what I've done in total:
Go me!
As crazy as this looks, and as tired as I’ve been training for this, this week has been bittersweet. I am REALLY missing my workouts and my runs. More than I thought I would. But at the same time because I’ve been sick, I’m really glad I have no workouts this week because of taper week. I miss the hard-core feeling I get when doing dead lifts in the gym and everyone watches, or when I go outside and run for an hour without having to stop and walk. It’s an amazing feeling and it makes me understand how people get the “running bug”.
Also, I need help. I need to start making a playlist for my half-marathon – any music recommendations would be greatly appreciated and considered. I might start making it this afternoon, seeing as I’m feeling very unproductive. I think I need to start with some soothing music, because my adrenaline is going to be in full gear when I start the run and I have to pace myself. I can’t go all out in the beginning or I’ll be completely drained half way through, and obviously we do not want that. I’m thinking maybe 45 minutes in I need to kick it up into some serious beats for the next 60 minutes. Then, for the last 30 minutes I need to find some serious epic music to make my legs run faster, my arms pump harder, and finish my race STRONG. I know exactly who to ask about this (a friend that travels teaching hip-hop dance, she SHOULD be able to hook me up with a little something, no?).
Well if I don’t get around to posting tomorrow because I’m either sleeping my day away or I’m busy carbo-loading on basmati rice and soy sauce, then wish me luck, and I’ll either post Sunday afternoon and tell you how I finish, or on Monday! AHH! I’m nervous now.
Stay Sweet.
P.S. I also wanted to do a quick shout out and THANK YOU to a dear friend Erika (check out her gorgeous and fun to read blog here – Café Fashionista!), who included me and my blog in her #FF on Twitter today. I and my blog stats sincerely appreciate it, xoxo!


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