Tuesday, May 15, 2012

First Run Back & Bad Volleyball....

Good evening Beautiful,
HOLY MAN! What a long day… I just finished eating dinner and it’s 9:21pm. I know it’s awful, I shouldn’t be eating past 7pm at night, but let me give you the play-by-play of my day…
6:40 wake up
7:00 finally roll out of bed
9:00 start work
15:00 go for a 6km run
17:00 leave work
17:20 stop at grocery store
17:45 get home and sit down
18:00 get up and go down to the store for dinner, a banana.
18:30 arrive at volleyball
18:45 volleyball starts
20:30 volleyball ends
20:45 arrive back home
21:21 finish the amazing dinner that C made for us.
Today was my first run of my training for my 16km race in August, and my god it was hot outside. It was only a 6km run today but I think it felt harder than I thought it would. I’m not too sure it if was because it was like 25 degrees outside or if it was because I hadn’t really run in about 2-2.5 weeks. Either way, I was super sweaty when I was done, but I’m very proud to say that I did dedicate about 10 minutes to stretching out my entire lower body after my run while I was still warm. Woohoo! Progress!
(Random side note: C’s dad is somewhat older, but in two instances back to back has called me by C’s ex’s name…. I even corrected him the first time. This is getting out of control……)
At volleyball tonight, well, the beginning was somewhat stressful. I found my team name on the board that tells us which court we’re on. I found my team name (To Kill A Blocking Nerd) and found the court, went and set up the lines, and someone from the other team came over to help. So then the game started, and my whole team was nowhere to be found. I’m standing around, watching the other team play amongst themselves, pissed that my team is late. So I go back to the tent where the staff are and ask about my team, and they ensure me that my team is here and they’ve picked up the ball and lines as well.
Umm… ok? So then where the hell are they!?
Then a staff member comes over and asks where my team is… I say I don’t know, he asked the name of the other team, in which they reply “We’re To Kill A Blocking Nerd”. Huh? What? How is that possible, I’M To Kill A Blocking Nerd. As it turns out, they were 4’s co-ed competitive, and I’m recreational. STILL – this is not ok to have THE EXACT same name for another 4’s team… I was SO CONFUSED! Anyways, the staff guy took me to the staff tent, found my actual teams court and made my “walk of shame” over to my real team.
They were in the middle of the first game, and because you have to have 2 girls on the court at all time, I had to get on right away. For whatever reason, I played horribly tonight. Well, not just me. The whole team played awful. I’m not sure why we were so sucky, but it sucked. We lost every game except for our very last game (we play 3 teams twice for a total of 6 games). So we technically lost two games and tied one (lost once and won once to the same team). Last week we were ranked 4th in the league, I’m pretty interested to see what our rank will drop down to after tonight’s huge let down.
Anyways, I just have to get my head in the game next week and do better!
Tomorrow is my Thursday at work because I’m taking Friday off to go to Niagara Falls with C for our 2nd anniversary, and I’m really excited!! Hopefully the rest of my week goes by quickly!
Here is my food journal for the day:
- ½ of a salmon fillet
- 7 strawberries
- 1 servings of nuts
- 3 cups organic baby romaine
- ½ an organic cucumber
- organic cherry tomatoes
- chunk white tuna
- 1 servings of nuts

Snack Post Run
- 1 scoop vanilla protein powder with water
- 1 asian pear

Snack Pre Volleyball
- 1 macaroon (DAMN.. I did buy the organic kind and all ingredients are Paleo, so it’s not a super bad cheat)
- 1 banana
- 1 energy drink (I had too, I was so tired and needed to be perked up for volleyball!)

- 1 roasted chicken breast (with the wing still attached!)
- ½ cup of green beans with some butter and sea salt
- 1 cup of rice (not paleo, but I needed some carbs and didn’t want to wait for potatoes to cook)
** During the day I drink a lot of water, a lot of green tea, and take Fish Oil with every meal, Vitamin C with breakfast and lunch and Vitamin D with breakfast and Lunch. I take Magnesium with dinner and 20 minutes before bed.
Anyways, I’m throwing in the towel and calling it a night. My hot, hot shower awaits… Until we meet again!
Stay sweet.

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