Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Full-Fledged Torture Session

Good afternoon Beautiful,
It’s a 2-workout day kind of day today. I purposely waiting until 2pm to go upstairs for my work out because I was hoping the gym wouldn’t be busy because I work in a big building of business’s and I would assume that they would all workout at lunch between 12 and 1, or at least 1 to 2. Well today it was busier than planned. Before I go to the gym I usually envision what I’m going to do that requires some prep (i.e. Deadlifts, Squats with a barbell).
I had mentally prepared for the fact that I was going to destroy my lower back with deadlifts, and I was going to turn my legs into jelly (and then cement tomorrow!) by doing squats with the barbell. Well I get to the free weight area and all the squat racks are taken and there are people everywhere. I didn’t even know where to start and I probably looked like a fool just aimlessly looking around the gym trying to change my plan at the last minute (which I’m SO not good with by the way, I don’t adapt very easily, I need to work on that..).
I started with an Incline Press on the Hammer Strength machine. It felt a bit awkward, but I just figured it was because it was a new machine for me. I did my 3 sets of 10, and then needed to figure out what to do next. Pull-ups! Perfect. So I lessened my weight (On the machine I was using, the less weight you use, the more of your own body weight you’re pulling up) to 5lbs lighter than normal, and managed to pull myself through 2 sets of 10, and 1 set of 7. Not too bad… I’d love to be able to do 5-8 body weight pull ups… how awesome would that be? *new goal!
Then I decided I would tackle squats. I needed to figure out a way to get myself set up for squats without looking like I had absolutely no idea what I was doing, so I decided to ask a trainer here for a spot. I like to ask questions when I’m hanging out with a trainer that can benefit me for when I work out alone. Because all of the squat racks were taken, we decided that I could use the Smith Machine instead. It’s basically like a squat rack, but the bar is attached to the machine and moves up and down, so you can’t fall forward or backward with the barbell. Because the Smith Machine is attached, it makes it a lot easier for perform the squat because you’re using a lot less muscles trying to stabilize yourself as you move through the range of motion of the movement. So I used more weight than normal (and by normal, I mean the one other time I attempted squats), I did the bar, and 35lbs on each side.
The trainer showed me how to do them, so I thanked him thinking he’d leave at that point. Wrong!!! He proceeded to put my through a full-fledged torture session lower body workout. It went a little bit like this:

1 set of 12 squats with the bar + 35lbs/side
1 set of 12 deadlifts with an 80lbs barbell (looking back, I could have done more weight because I was pounding the reps out like it was no big deal..)
Repeat this 4 times.
1 set of 12 alternating lunges, knee down until it touches the ground
1 set of 12 of these jumpy squat things, I bounced on my toes three times, and then planted my feet and squat down far.. Except it’s in all one fluid movement.
Repeat this 4 times.
Then the trainer stretched me out good, and also flexed my calves and pressed his elbow into the muscle in different areas. It was so painful (my calves are sooo tight) but it also felt so good all at the same time. After he stretched me out, I stretched out my lower body a bit extra because it’s so tight. See – still working and committed to my goals!
It doesn’t look like an intense workout, but for someone who hasn’t trained their legs in 5 months, it’s really hard, and I think I’ll probably be sore tomorrow. Speaking of sore tomorrow, because I’m going to the Blue Jays game tonight, I don’t have time to go for a run, so I’m going to have to do it tomorrow on my lunch break because I’m going to a play tomorrow night with a friend at Soulpepper Theatre here in Toronto.
One of my new goals is to try and wake up earlier every day. The past two days I’ve set my alarm for 6:40a.m. and it honestly hasn’t been that bad!  I’ve been more awake than I thought, but for some reason I never seem to get out the door any earlier to go to work than I did when I woke up at 7:15. I guess in the morning I’m not as rushed! Waking up probably 5 minutes earlier next week. Hey… baby steps. J
Did any of you work out today? What did you do?
Stay Sweet.

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