Sunday, May 13, 2012

I Love The Grocery Store & Squats

Good afternoon Beautiful,
I just got home from a busy afternoon! C and I went to the gym together for the first time this year (he tore his patellar ligament in the first week of January, had surgery and is now doing much better after some intense rehab to get him back to normal! He still won’t be 100% for a few months I think, but he’s SO much better than he used to be.
Usually when C and I go to the gym together, it’s so intense. He’s a big guy and he knows how to work out to build mass and every time I work out with him, I’m so extremely sore the next day, it’s amazing. Since he hurt himself though, I haven’t got to work out with him or have him put me through a crazy work out. So I was excited to go to the gym with him, thinking the work out was going to be as intense as it used to be. WRONG! I totally forgot that he hadn’t done any form of physical activity for 4 months… not only that, but he’s still in rehab to get his knee back to normal so obviously his idea of a work out today was 100% different from mine.
I had no intention of doing cardio, and I was prepping myself for a serious resistance training work out. When we walked in C said “I hope I can do the elliptical machine”… at first I thought “huh?” because he hardly ever does cardio, so I went along with it and asked “are you only doing cardio?” trying not to express the fact that I really didn’t want to just do cardio. At this point, he reminded me about the fact that he hadn’t worked out in 4 months and his knee was a bit sore from our walk yesterday. So I quickly made up my mind that this was strictly a calorie burning workout, via treadmill.
I could easily justify this cardio workout because 1, I had drank a lot on Friday night ate sushi and Subway, and 2, Ate Asian wonton noodle soup on Saturday, along with more drinks and chicken wings – I obviously needed to “try” and balance out the scales by sweating my ass off and burning some serious calories. I decided to run on the treadmill because I hadn’t run all week, so that was an obvious choice. I set my new Nike iRun for a 20 minute run and hit start. I started running and it was nice. I enjoy how I can think about anything I want, or I could watch tv, or I could watch people in the gym doing crazy things (I saw a man doing push-ups with his hands on a bench and one foot on the dumbbell rack and one foot elevated higher than the rack…).
I was running at 6.5 on the treadmill and I heard my Nike iRun let me know when I had hit the 5, 10 and 15 minute mark and decided, “you know what? Screw 20 minutes, I’m running on this bad boy for half an hour!” I usually bored on the treadmill, that’s why the workout was going to be so short. But then at the 23 minute mark C got off the elliptical beside me and said that he had done enough and he’d help me squat if I wanted to. So I stopped my run on the treadmill and we made our way over to the weight room. Side Note - I ended up doing 4km in 23-ish minutes. Not bad!
I absolutely hate doing leg work. During my training for my half-marathon I never once did resistance training for my legs, and looking back I totally should have. I was so nervous that I’d be too sore to do my training runs and justified it by saying that I get a lot of leg workouts in because I run 4x/week.  Negative… My legs are very good at doing little things for a long period of time (running), but they’re no longer good at lifting a lot of weight or doing any form of explosive movements. I’ve already decided that I’m going to work on my legs a lot more during the months between now and my next half marathon (October) to see if it helps!
Today C helped me do something I haven’t done in a LONG time – squat with a barbell and weights on my back. I think the last time I did this I was living in London, so it was at least 1.5-2 years ago. He was a bit hesitant at first because he obviously can’t perform a squat to show me what to do. Luckily for him (sort of), I already know how to do a proper squat, I just needed someone there who would know which weight is right for me, and can coach me through the motion while having his arms there in case I fell over.  He helped me adjust the bar height and then I performed a squat to show him how I do it (Sorry Keely, I didn’t touch my butt to my calves, I got to 90 degrees and made my way back up to standing...). He said it was totally find, and recommended I put a 25-lbs plate on each end. So I did, and it was A LOT heavier than just the bar, but I could handle it.
I did my first set of 10 and it was fine. At the end of the set I wasn’t lowering down as much so C brought his help in and told me to get lower and he’d help. So I did, and my ass can already feel it. So I did my second set of 10, and it was a bit harder than the first. I definitely couldn’t get as low and my legs were shaking but I powered through it. And then with the best of intentions, I attempted doing a third set. I got to 6 reps and could do no more. Le sigh… at least I know this is something I need to add into my routine. So far for squats, my PB is 95lbs. I think I can get it up fairly quickly – we’ll see!
I had wanted to deadlift today but the gym was busy and I felt that it would have been very inconvenient for everyone in and around my area, so I opted out of that. I did some tricep work to end the workout. It’s been about 2 hours since we left the gym and I can tell that my legs are going to be two cement bricks tomorrow.
After the gym, we hit the grocery store. This is my most favourite and my least favourite part of my weekends. I absolutely love going and finding fun new health foods to try, but I hate going because it always costs a bajillion dollars to buy our food for the week. I buy organic fruit and veggies, grass-fed beef and free from antibiotics steaks, fresh salmon, and organic chicken… it’s never a cheap visit when I go to Loblaws. Today was a bit more expensive than normal because I needed to buy new protein because I was all out. It was my lucky day – it was on sale! So I paid $25 for a jug of it instead of $30.. I also decided to buy almond milk. I got this idea from Keely. To help her sweet tooth cravings, she has a glass of warm almond milk with cinnamon. I had it as soon as I got home, it wasn’t as flavourful as I had anticipated, but it was still good and I feel good about drinking it because it’s totally paleo, and I made sure to buy  the kind with 0 sugar. Go me!
When we got home from the grocery store, I cleaned out the pantry. I threw away so much food which is great because I no longer have the option to eat it, but it sucks because I may as well have just thrown my dollar bills into the garbage. It felt amazing to throw away the bad stuff and our pantry now looks like a million bucks!
For dinner tonight I plan on making roasted turkey breast with baby yellow and red potatoes and a sweet potato, onion and carrots cut up. I put all of the potatoes and veggies in a roasting pan, and I coat the turkey breast in olive oil with oregano, rosemary and garlic (Oh! I’m putting whole cloves of garlic in the roasting pan this time too… I looooove eating whole roasted garlic cloves, and it’s so good for the heart!) and place the turkey in with the potatoes and veggies. I then pour about a half a cup of white wine into the bottom of the roasting pan to help keep the turkey nice and juicy. I’ve done this a couple times before and it has always come out fantastic. I love turkey breast as an alternate to the plain old chicken that we have all the time.
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Stay sweet.


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