Saturday, May 12, 2012

I Went Shopping...

Good evening Beautiful,

Second blog of the night - I know... but I had two very separate things to talk about!

This weekend, I did some shopping. I totally shouldn't have, but we don't need to address the fact that I have a horrible shopping problem and that's why, for the most part, I try to avoid going into a mall as much as possible.

So yesterday night I knew that C wanted to go to a mall so he could find a new shirt to wear because we were going out with a bunch of friends. So I've totally convinced myself prior to going to the mall that I'm going to wear something I already own in attempts to be kind to my wallet and my closet. Well, as soon as C found what he was going to wear, I was totally jealous and NEEDED to find a new dress to wear out.

I started out looking in what I'd think are "cheaper" stores such as Dynamite, and Suzy Shier. I didn't want to go into Le Chateau because in general their dresses are usually either a bit too formal, or a bit to corporate, but I decided that there's no harm in looking - right? Well I found a few dresses I liked, and tried a few dresses on that C liked but I already knew I would never like. I found this black, lace mini dress and instantly knew this was the dress I was going to wear out last night. Here is the dress, if you can even tell what it is..

I'm on the far right, my friends, are all to the left of me :)
 Once I had found the dress, I was totally done shopping. Oh wait - no I wasn't, because the only thing I had actually planned on buying was a new Nike iRun kit because I've lost mine. So I have to go to the Nike store to get it! I get there, find it and the sales woman 100% starts fighting me on the fact that I have a new ipod and I don't need the whole kit, I only need the chip that goes in my shoe because my ipod will pick up the signal automatically from the chip. I was trying to tell her that not only have I used the product before, but that my ipod 100% requires the little chip that goes in the bottom, because the reason I haven't been using my Nike iRun, isn't because it's broken, I have the shoe chip, but I've lost the ipod chip - so why would I even bother buying another shoe chip?

So I get home and instantly test my Nike iRun product. The first thing that it tells me when I try to put in the distance I want to run is "waiting for receptor" with a picture of the ipod chip that I was told I would definitely not need. I was so annoyed at this sales lady!! I 100% knew that I needed the receptor. I went back to the store today WITH my ipod so I could show her exactly what it was saying, and she told me in 7 years of working there, magically my ipod is the only one she's heard of (of the newer ipods mind you) that needs the chip.

I told C as soon as we left the store that she learned a valuable lesson today - the customer is ALWAYS right! :)

So - when I took my first Nike iRun back today, I had to enter the mall again. Funny story - I spent $70 on shorts. Two pairs mind you, but still. Check them out:

Cute right?

Needless to say, this weekend was full of unnecesary spending on things that I don't really need, but I definitely wanted.

Stay sweet.

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