Thursday, May 10, 2012

In A City Of 3 Million...

Good evening Beautiful,

I'm not sure how to express this well... What I want to say, I mean.

Tonight I had plans to go to the gym with someone I know. I had made these plan last night, although I should have known that it wasn't a "for sure" because when I asked if they wanted to go workout while I swan, they said in a very keen voice "Ya, maybe!". This has happened a couple of times with this person, so I shouldn't have been so upset when I got the news that said person was bailing on what I thought were our plans.

Without getting into the details of this single experience, I find it so insulting when someone bails on plans that have been made at the very last minute. I'm the type of person that get's so excited to do something with someone, and when they bail, I apparently get more upset than I should, it's kind of a "trick me once, shame on you, trick me twice, shame on me" type situation. I know the people in my life that pull "the bail" quite often, so for most of them I've kind of accustomed myself to not getting excited to hang out with them, but in this situation, it kind of caught me off guard and I'm now laying in bed, watching a girl on Dr. Phil with multiple personality disorder and eating paleo coconut treats.

I'm actually trying to figure out why I'm so upset. Maybe it's because I had been looking forward to it all day, maybe it was because I really enjoy when someone comes to the gym with me because for the past 16 weeks I've been spending about 5 hours/week running by myself, maybe it's because I know this person has been wanting to work out and get back to the gym for so long, and every time I give them an opportunity to do so, this happens, maybe I was excited to just go to the gym together.. who knows really. I guess I just feel a bit disrespected because this person clearly didn't take into account my feelings, or even try.

There was an excuse from this person, as there always is, and it was (in my opinion) a silly excuse. I can't wrap my head around it and for me the solution is very clear and very easy, but I guess to them it was probably big enough to bail on me.

I think it's time for me to invest in a workout buddy. I think I'm at a point where I don't want to try and help "the bailer" get to the gym or work on their fitness, which is totally against what I believe in, but it's not worth the stress! There comes a time where I need to "do me" as the fine folks on Jersey Shore would say, and just focus on what I want/need. With that being said, I'm really excited because I have at least 1 plan to workout with my friend Keely (check our her workout blog here!), and we're going to go to a CrossFit class. I've never done CrossFit, but I've heard a lot about it from Keely, she's basically a professional CrossFitter, so I thought why not give it a try?

Basically I'm going to die after this class, but there's a slim chance that I won't. Hopefully her and I can do a class next week, and hopefully I don't become addicted to crossfit, because my wallet can't take any more of my spending habits. Although I'm super excited just to say that I've made it through at least one class. Keely also let me know that if I ever wanted to, I could go swim with her in her building because she has a pool (that was my plan tonight before my plans got crushed by the way... to swim...!) which is super awesome of her.

Having friends that are interested in things you're interested in is so important, especially in such a big city like Toronto. In a city of 3 million people, ironically it can get fairly lonely. As much as I love it here so much because there are always so many things to do and see, the only downfall about being here is the lack of an intimate circle of friends. I've been here for a year and a half, and besides C, I have about 3 close friends here, Keely, Holly and Emily. They've been my go-to girls since moving here, and I can't thank them enough! I know - cheesey and super emotional, right? Sorry... I can't help it. My best friend (Lauren) lives in Nova Scotia and I miss her a lot. We used to live one wall away from each other (we were roommates) and now we live like 4 provinces away, it's a hard adjustment.

The point is, when you find a friend, do everything you can to keep them! Good, genuine friends don't come around very often. Thank you to my current friends for being my friends, and letting me vent, and be crazy, and laugh, and drink vodka with you. You guys are amazing!

Stay sweet.

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