Saturday, May 12, 2012

Meat & Nut Breakfast Facts

Good evening Beautiful,
It’s only 7 p.m. on Saturday night but this weekend has already been amazing.
Last night I had a friend from college come over. She comes here about 4-5 times/year, and it’s always a blast when she comes to visit! We had her over, as well as our friends Steve and Michelle and my friend Emily, and my friend Keely (the one with the workout/dating blogs) came over for a bit of the pre-drink to hang out! I was so excited to have everyone here.
We went out to Nyood (an amazing, smaller spot in the Queen West area pronounced “Nude” – check out their website here) and danced the night away! Not only did we get to hang out with our friends, we ran into a couple of old friends at the bar, which is always a pleasant surprise.

The ladies before we headed out to Nyood!
After the bar we went to Subway (I KNOW – not paleo at all, but cut a girl some slack, ok?) and when we got home, one of my friends start kind of harping on me about eating paleo. She was asking me how on earth (not those exact words) I think eating like this is healthy, when people have been eating dairy and wheat for hundreds of years and it has never been a big deal.
At the time, I was super annoying but tried really hard not to get into an argument with her.  She’s very persistent and I find she sometimes has trouble seeing someone else’s side of a situation. I ended the conversation by saying “It’s not like I was trying to push any of this on you, so if you’d like to consume dairy and wheat, but all means go ahead.” and that was that.
Even today while I was thinking about it, it was still kind of annoying to me. Why do people become so threatened by something that challenges what they believe in? I haven’t finished reading The Paleo Solution yet, but I’m a good chunk in and I’ve already learned so much about this way of eating and it makes total sense. By no means am I an expert in this subject, nor do I believe that I should be the person to insist that a person start eating this way… I’m totally under qualified for that, but I don’t go around bashing how other people eat. I believe her exact words were that if I continued eating meat and nuts for breakfast, I would become an “old fatty”, interesting.
Here is a brief overview of what I’ve learned the benefits of eating meat and nuts for breakfast are:
-          Meat allows for a slow, steady rise in blood sugar, rather than a spike.
-          Nuts provide a great source of healthy smart fats that allows the blood sugar to remain stable for an extended period of time.
-          Improved mental clarity, increased energy, better appetite control, and reduced cravings throughout the day.
-          Fat loss and muscle gain have also been very noticeable very quickly when making this one change to your diet.
Ok, enough said. There is more than enough scientific evidence that this type of breakfast does have significant benefits to a person’s health. Whether a person chooses to eat this way or not, is 100% up to them (please see reference at the bottom of this blog for more information on the meat and nut breakfast). I, personally, look forward to eating my meat and nut breakfast every morning. It keeps me full, it keeps my mind clear as I'm never thinking about how hungry I am, it's just really helped me get through my morning so much better.
I would highly recommend that a person research something that they may feel is controversial because there is no harm in making up your own opinions once ALL of the facts have been laid out for you. What’s the worst that could happen? You discover something you didn’t know and you either agree or you don’t? I don’t see the harm in that. I do see the harm in talking to someone like they’re crazy for doing something you know nothing about.
Anyways, on a positive note, today was an amazing day weather wise and C and I were downtown for most of it! We shopped, had lunch and a few day time drinks and just had a great afternoon of “togetherness”… I always love ending on a positive note. It makes things so much better.
Stay sweet.


  1. Hi Sarah

    How many grams of meat and nuts do you eat for each breakfast?

    I have tried looking everywhere but Poliquin's site (where I originally heard about the meat and nut breakfast) only say 1-2 patties. But of course, each pattie can be 100g or they could be 200g! Especially when he suggests 1-2 chicken breast for the day 5 - its suggests thats quite a significant amount so 100g would not be enough?


    1. Hi there!
      I tend not to weigh it out, I usually stick with 1 chicken breast, or 1 tenderloin steak. A serving size is about the palm of your hand, but it's ok if it's a bit bigger or a bit smaller.

      A serving size for nuts isn't as big, it's as many nuts as you can fit in a closed fist! Nuts are to be looked at more like a condiment than a part of a whole meal.. just a few here and there to help keep you satiated!

      I hope that helps you out! :)

  2. Great, thanks for that! Limiting the nuts is the difficult bit as I LOVE them and find it so difficult to stop at just one handful! I havent been doing the "closed fist" approach but the open palm approach too! Oops!

    1. No problem!! So glad I could help! If you ever have any questions, I'll definitely try and answer them for you! :) xoxo


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