Wednesday, May 9, 2012

My #1 Pet Peeve & My Awkward Earliness

Good afternoon Beautiful,

I'm currently in my car waiting for my beach volleyball people to arrive at the beach. Yes, sometimes I write blogs from my phone. I sometimes get myself into boring situations, and the memo feature (mixed with spell checker) on my phone makes it quite easy to compose on-the-go.

Today is my first night playing intermediate 4's beach volleyball. I have to admit, playing volleyball never really intimidated me. I've always been ok at the sport, being 6 feet tall helps a bit, but tonight I'm feeling nervous. When I get intimidated I become very introverted, I don't enjoy it. I have to force myself to not be shy of the ball, and to do everything in my power to actually care if the ball falls to the ground (I know right, isn't that the point of volleyball?).

Well if you know me well at all, you will know that I have always had a fear of being embarrassed. As a child, if I wasn't good at something or I didn't win, I'd run away and cry (I still do that - kidding), or if I knew that I wouldn't be good at something or that I wouldn't win, I'd opt to just sit out or watch everyone else. This part, I still do. I hate playing board games for fear of being the first one to lose so I always offer to be the girl who watches, refills drinks and gets everyone snacks.

So when I decided to play volleyball, I honestly had convinced myself that all I could play was recreational 6's. It's the league with the least amount of pressure. How did I end up playing intermediate 4's like a pro? No idea. I convinced Daniel (a fellow teammate) to meet me an hour and fifteen minutes early to practice, hoping to god that by the time 6:45 actually rolls around, I'll be pumped up and play the game of my life. I also downed a Rockstar energy drink to help (awful, I know... Sorry!!).

So not only did I get him to meet me 1.25 hours early for practice, I was nervous of getting lost, so I got here 30 minutes before him. Please note - I am NEVER late for things. It annoys me more than anything when people are late for a set appointment or meeting. I have learned to tell C we need to be somewhere about 1-1.5 hours before we actually do in hopes of actually being on time. I get this from my father, he is never ever late for anything. He thinks there's just no need for it, and he's right. What makes people think the world runs on their time? I find it disrespectful and just annoying. Apologies to all of the chronically late people reading this - maybe this is your "aha!" moment!

Well now that I've educated you all on my one serious pet peeve, we can move on!

I've been foam rolling the crap out of my quads and my IT bands all day, and its almost the most painful experience of my life. I keep rolling over a huge knot in one of my quads and I almost cry every time. The good news is that after I foam roll, they feel instantly better. I'll probably do it at least one more time today, and tomorrow too. Tomorrow I think I'm going to swim if I'm still sore. I haven't swam in so long and I can go use a gym that's somewhat close to my house (mmm, about 25 min) that apparently has a nice pool. I'll see. I kind of don't want to run this week/weekend just to have a break, you know?

Well, I'll see what I decide. I haven't worked out in so long I feel huuuuuge.

Wish me luck, time to hit the sand! Hopefully these people are fun about the sport, and not too serious!

Stay sweet.

P.S. It's now the morning after my first night at beach volleyball, it was SO much fun! I loved my teammates, they're really fun to play with, and I just love love love the sport so much! We won our first match (by default - IT STILL COUNTS!) and we tied the next two matches. I feel like we're going to dominate now that we're warmed up :). Stay tuned! Also - our team name is To Kill A Blocking Nerd... I know right? Who thinks of that? I shared it to make you laugh, because everytime I think about it I laugh... :)

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