Thursday, May 17, 2012

My Run, Soulpepper & Twitter

Good afternoon Beautiful,
Isn’t it so nice outside today?
This morning I woke up at 6:10a.m…. no, this wasn’t on purpose. I woke up because I had low blood sugar and needed some orange juice to help get it back up. Initially I was so super annoyed that I had woke up half an hour before my alarm was supposed to go off, but I figured I’d take this as an opportunity to see how I feel after being awake at 6a.m. It was actually kind of nice, C was still sleeping, and I got a chance to network my blog a little bit on I wasn’t rushed, I got to relax, had time to make my lunch (I make my lunch every day, it was just a lot more leisurely today) and drink my morning green tea.
I got to work around 8:40a.m., and it’s been a great day! I went for my second run of my new training program today. I really thought my legs were going to be either jelly or cement (it’s so funny how polar opposite those things are but they describe the same thing) from my workout yesterday. To my surprise, the only thing that was obviously sore was my tush, which isn’t a big deal when you’re running. Today was also the first day I decided to use my new Nike iRun gadget with my iPod. Well, it’s just my luck that the stupid thing sucks A LOT.
I ran a route that I had done before to compare what I had calculated as my distance before and what the iRun said I ran. It was like 30% off. I had actually run 5.86 km (in 32m47s… it can keep time just fine!) but it said that I had run 7.77 km. See – huge difference. I would use this device when running based on time, it gives you pep talks as your running and tells you when you’re at certain marks in your time. However, I’m going to need to invest in another form of GPS device if I go out and need to track my run via distance. I used to use an app on my Blackberry called Endomondo. Have you heard of it? It is fabulous, you can set your target distance, and via GPS it will slowly count down and show how many more km’s you have until you finish. When I updated my Blackberry to the new touch screen bold, the app stopped working for some reason, and it’s awful trying to find something as cool.
Can you recommend any GPS devices that’s good for running?
I totally didn’t update you with my food journal yesterday, so I will right now before I forget!!
- 1 chicken thigh
- 1.5 cups of peas
- 1 serving of nuts

Lunch (my usual..)
-  3 cups of organic baby romaine lettuce
- ½ cup of organic cherry tomatoes
- ¼ cup of a cucumber
- 1 can of chunk white tuna
- seasoned with Herbamare (it’s like a salt substitute. It has herbs, veggies and sea salt in it – it’s delicious and organic! Check it out here)
- 1 serving of nuts

- ¾ of a scoop of vanilla protein mixed with water
I’ve noticed lately that I drink a lot of green tea during the day. Not only because I love it and it keeps me awake, but because my office is so damn cold that I need it to keep my internal body temperature regulated. I think for dinner tonight C is making sausages, and he bought white hotdog buns. Umm... nutrition fail. I refuse to eat those buns. So I’m going to take an idea my friend Keely gave me, and go buy a head of iceberg lettuce and use a couple of huge leaves as a bun for my sausage. Totally paleo, and I’m totally high-fiving myself already for doing it. I also am high-fiving myself because C had purchased a large bag of Swedish Berries and he finally ate all of them and I didn’t consume even one! Woohoo!!
I’m going to a play tonight with my friend Holly. The play is called Home and it’s put on by Soulpepper Theatre Company (click here to be taken directly to their website). Tonight is opening night for Home so I’m pretty excited. I haven’t been to the theatre in a long time. I’m going with Holly as a work function, so I’m going to be dressing somewhat corporate. I’m going to wear a work dress with a black boyfriend blazer and silver flats. Totally work appropriate, which means that it should go over well tonight.
I love when Holly asks me to go to work functions with her, the last time I attended one of her work functions with her, it was a charity gala, the tickets were $1000 each that her work paid for, and the charity they were raising money for was for Juvenile Diabetes (which is what I have!) so it was amazing to see so many people helping out to raise money to help find a cure. There was a silent auction at the gala, and if I remember correctly, one bottle of wine went for about $5000. At the end, they asked people to outright just donate money, and I think the minimum you were allowed to donate was $500… a couple people donated $500,000 like it was no big deal. These are the kind of people I hang out with… swagger (just kidding… it was actually somewhat uncomfortable to be around such wealthy individuals drinking wine. I limited myself to 1 glass).
Also, as a random side note – do any of you have Twitter? First off – if you do, please follow me @sarahohm. Secondly, I wanted to share with you some cool things that have happened to me via Twitter. Please see below!
How cool is it that all of these people have had me on their mind for at least 30 seconds? I almost died when Jeannie Beker tweeted me. Instant favourite. Stacey McKenzie tweeted to me after I had tweeted to her because when I was out running I ran past her, on King St! Shane West walked past me when I was sitting on a patio one night, and I tweeted him asking if he lived in the area (my area - alas, he does not!) Dina tweeted me after C was on Breakfast Television, so now she answers me tweets all the time which is awesome! And Sandra tweeted me when I went through this probably unhealthy period of being obsessed with HGTV, and more specific, Property Virgins. But then today this happened:

I'm not too sure who Kolby Gray is, but the All-American Rejects are now following me. Kind of cool, huh?

Stay sweet.

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