Sunday, May 20, 2012

Niagara Getaway, Lack of Luck!

Good morning Beautiful,
I hope everyone is having a fantastic long (for some people) weekend!
C and I got back from Niagara Falls yesterday afternoon, and the weather was so unbelievable that we decided to hit up a patio close to our house for some cocktails instead of doing anything productive.
On Friday, both C and I needed to go to the mall to get each other our anniversary gifts. I had paid and booked the hotel room at Niagara as well as purchased tickets to go to Ripley’s Believe It or Not as well as the Wax Museum in Niagara so I wasn’t going to get him something huge to go along with it. I decided to get him some Bose ear buds, because he’s lost a ear piece on his current pair, and they’re years old anyways. Well $150 later, seriously… $150 for EAR BUDS? This is out of control. The good news is, is that they’re covered under warranty for a long time, and Bose has this “upgrade” deal that if you bring in an old pair of ear buds, they’ll let you upgrade them for $55. Wish I would have known that before I left the condo, I for sure would have taken in his old pair. Oh well – maybe I’ll get myself a pair!
My Michael Kors iPad case!

C did an unbelievable job at my gift. I could see the bag of the gift at the mall, and it was a Michael Kors bag. I was already excited because there’s this bag I’ve wanted to get from there, and I assumed that he had got it for me. I let him see his gift in the car because I really suck at surprises, but I was really excited to show him thinking that he was going to be super excited. He totally was and loved his gift, but I had to wait to open mine until I got home.
So as soon as we got home, I dropped everything to open up my gift! I took the box out of the bag, and it felt oddly heavy for being a purse. So I untied the ribbon and there was a Michael Kors iPad case sitting on top, with an iPad stuck in underneath. I WAS SO EXCITED!! I ALWAYS play with iPads when I go into any sort of tech store, I always play with them in the Apple store… he did so well! And a Michael Kors case to boot?? My god. I have somehow scored the sweetest, best guy in the world. I don’t even know how I did this!
So I packed my bags super super quickly so I had time to download like 20 apps before hitting the road without wi-fi. I played on it the whole drive to Niagara, and when we got to Niagara I played on it. Basically I’ve become a hermit with my iPad. Whatever right? To each their own! We went out for dinner to The Keg. It was amazing, we overlooked the falls, and the food was unreal. I started with bacon wrapped scallops, and they were the most heavenly things I’ve ever consumed. I’ve tried making scallops before and because I had never ate them before or cooked them before, wasn’t sure what they were supposed to look/taste like when cooking them and I completely ruined them. Oh well. Next time I’ll just throw a strip of bacon around them and everything should be a-ok. My steak was cooked perfectly, and I was so stuffed when I finished, it was fantastic.
We went back to the room and decided we’d hit up the casino after we got ready (and I had more time to play on my iPad). I have never been in a casino before. I’m not the luckiest person in the world, so I have always assumed that I’d go to a casino and just lose a lot of money. Money that could have been put towards food, or clothes, or vodka… you know. So C took out money for me to gamble with, nice guy! I started at a slot machine C had picked, country themed or something (I had been drinking, I can’t recall every specific detail), and in a matter of 1 minute, I had completely lost $20. Ok that’s fine, so he picks another slot machine, and in a matter of another minute, I had lost $20 again. These are the vouchers from my very first time using slot machines….

Not super impressive. It’s basically just the money left over that wasn’t enough to take another go at it. So then C decided he’d take a whack at it since I’m obviously just in attendance to waste any money that people don’t want. He put his $20 in a Wheel of Fortune type slot machine, and somehow quadrupled his money. I was so jealous. Then, I came across the holy grail of slot machines – a slot machine that was ALL Sex and the City. Despite whether I had already lost like $60 or something, I needed to play this machine just out of code for being such an avid fan. I put in my $20, and guess what! I won $3 on top of the $20! See below photo…

This is the point in the night where I decided if I ever got the slot machine back up over $20, I was just walking away. And that’s what I did for the rest of the night. The cashiers must have thought we were nuts for always going back, but whatever. C won another $80 on his $20, so I think including drinks we ended up only spending about $60 for the night. Not bad! PS – I had no idea drinks were so cheap at casinos. Makes sense… But I’m exclusively going to casino’s for the alcohol now, not to gamble.
Yesterday we checked out of our room and went to Ripley’s Believe It or Not and the wax museum. They were definitely fun, but I could tell it wasn’t really that fun for C… next time I will refrain from purchasing any sort of ticket in advanced and just pay full price when we get there. But here are some fun pictures from both places….

When we got back to Toronto, it was so warm and so nice out, that we decided to have some drinks on a patio near our place. Here I am sipping on a Mojito.

Speaking of drinking, this weekend has been a complete right-off for me in multiple ways. I knew that I wasn’t going to be strict on my diet this weekend, but it actually turned out that I was probably eating completely opposite what I should have been. I’m not going into detail because it’s disgusting, but let’s just say a lot of carbs were consumed, and a lot of sugar. Whoops. I’m glad that I worked out before we went to Niagara (it still counts as working out, just because it sucked because of my headache doesn’t matter) but in Niagara, the only exercise I got was walking around the casino with a vodka soda in hand.
Today I’m going to the gym. I was supposed to go for a 10km run outside, but when I woke up it was already scorching hot outside, and it’s supposed to get up to 28 degrees today. Not exactly safe temperatures for a run. But I’ve committed in my head to at least making a stop to my condo gym for some serious weight lifting, or bring C with me to a gym so he can help me do some serious weight lifting.
Later today we’re going to Clarkson (a small town about 30 minutes from Toronto) to our friend Dan’s place for a BBQ. I’m fairly excited to be able to sit in a backyard in my summer dress catching some rays, and I’m excited for the potential of more lettuce hot dogs. They were delish! I will bring my own iceberg lettuce if that’s what we’re having for dinner.
How is your weekend going? I would love to hear what you’ve all been doing!
Stay sweet.

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