Monday, May 14, 2012

Time To Revise Those Goals!

Good afternoon Beautiful,
Today I decided that I needed to make a new running plan for my race in August. It’s half-way between a 10km race and a half-marathon, in total it’s 16km. I only decided to make a plan from now until that race, before I tackle adding onto the end of it for another half-marathon in October. So pretty much starting tomorrow, my weeks now look like this:
Monday – off
Tuesday – short run (6-8km) and 90 minutes of beach volleyball in the PM
Wednesday – short run (6-8km) which can include either hill training or speed training, and a weight training session
Thursday – off, possibly a pole tricks in the PM, but that’s not every week, nor confirmed
Friday – short run (6-8 km) and a weight training session
Saturday – swimming laps in the AM
Sunday – long run (10-18km)
So basically, I’m going to either be a very energized person, or a very tired person… I’m not too sure which one yet. The first time I trained for a half-marathon, I did the majority of my training in the winter/spring so it was never hot out. Now that I’m going to be running in the summer, I need to figure out if I can run in the heat on my short run days, wake up early on my long run days to do them before it gets too hot outside, or on days where I’m super busy, motivate myself to wake up and run in the morning before I get ready for work.
I’ve never been a morning person. However, lately I’ve decided to start working up a little bit earlier, and a little bit earlier every couple of weeks (this is a good reminder to set my alarm back 13 minutes now this week!) so I’m now waking up at 6:40 a.m. Eventually I’d like to be awake at 6 or 6:15 which would give me more than enough time to fit in my short runs. That, is goal #1.
Goal #2  is to start doing more leg strengthening. During my first half-marathon training, I was so scared to do resistance training on my lower body for fear that I’d be too sore to run (got forbid I missed a run!). This time around, I want to see if it helps me run. That’s something I find really interesting about fitness and running and nutrition. I love playing around and figuring out what works best for me, what helps me improve my performance. I actually did my first lower body “workout” yesterday (I use quotation marks around workout because I really only did one exercise – the squats if you remember from the previous post) and today I’m so sore that it hurts to squat down to the toilet seat.
Goal #3 is to really focus on dedicating time to stretching after I’m done every single workout. I used to be extremely flexible when I used to dance….

Me! In my dancer days...

….. but now it’s almost hard to touch my toes. It’s 100% true what they say, if you don’t use it, you lose it! My hamstrings are what’s most noticeably tight, then my hips, and then my calves. My quadriceps aren’t tight, I can still stretch them as much as I used to for some reason, but everything else in my lower body is so tight. Starting tonight I’m going to start stretching AND foam rolling. It’s going to be painful, but I need my flexibility back (or at least some of it) before it starts causing me serious damage.
Goal #4 is to finish my 16km race in a fairly fast time. With my pace now, it should take me about 1h40m to finish 16km. I’d like to finish it around 1h30m. In my first half-marathon training I opted out of doing speed training because my goal was to finish if a fairly conservative time since it was my first one. This race however, I’d like to do well, as well as my second half-marathon, but I don’t need to set that goal yet, it’s a bit of a ways away.
Goal #5 is to start being more strict with my diet. I should start food journaling, but when I write it down in a notebook, I never seem to care because nobody else is seeing what I’m eating. I’m going to start putting my food in my blog so that I know at least someone is going to read this and judge the things I put in my mouth, which is a lot more motivating for me.
Today I’ve felt pretty crumby all day. I woke up this morning with really low blood sugar. I drank some Gatorade (I need to figure out something else to use instead of Gatorade…) and had a half of a Subway cookie. Since then I’ve been bloated on and off, and quite tired, but that could be because I woke up at 3AM with low blood sugar as well.
- half of a turkey breast
- a cup of potatoes, onion and carrot (leftovers from last night)
- 1 serving of nuts (1 serving = enough nuts to fit in my closed fist, and it was a mix of almonds, cashews and pistachios)
- 3 cups of organic baby romaine lettuce
- ¼ of an organic cucumber
- ¼ cup of organic cherry tomatoes
- 1 can of chunk white tuna in water
- 3 tbsp of organic Italian salad dressing (gluten free)
Dinner (will be…)
- half a salmon fillet (the other half for breakfast tomorrow! They are HUGE pieces of salmon)
- ½ cup of sweet potato
- 1 cup of green beans
- ¼ cup of rice (I know, not paleo, but I have a feeling the reason my blood sugar went low in the middle of the night was due to lack of carbohydrates and tonight I just really want to sleep through the night)
I start running tomorrow. My run consists of 6km. This should take me just over 35 minutes. I’m going to run on my lunch time at work because I have beach volleyball in the PM that starts at 6:45 and I won’t have time to run once I get home from the office. Once I’m more active I’m going to have to make sure I eat more, incorporate some paleo snacks and make sure I eat more than 3x/day.
Thanks for checking in! I appreciate you holding me to my goals!
Stay sweet.

When C got home, he had brought me a present... a custard tart. I literally couldn't even consider doing anything but eat it. FAIL. It was so delicious, but I was very stern with C when letting him know not to ever buy me these again. Dinner ended up looking like this:

- 1/2 a salmon filet
- 1 cup of leftover potatoes/onions/carrots/garlic
- 1/2 cup of green beans

After a while, I was having a serious craving for sugar (jeez... wonder why?) so I caved and had an apple with organic almond butter at 9pm.. bad sarah!

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