Monday, June 11, 2012

Food Journal Example

Good evening Beautiful,

I was writing down all of my dinner, and thought that I'd share with you what my day looked like from the pages of my food journal. You can see how my food scale helps me because of all of the fresh foods I eat that don't come with a nutrition label. Check it out...

- 81g of steamed meat, 117 calories, 16.9g protein, 4g fat, 1.2g carbs
- 66g of sweet potato, 59 calories, 1.2g protein, 0.1g fat, 11.5g carbs
- 6g carrots, 2 calories, 0.1g protein, 0g fat, 0.3g carbs
- 76g potato, 93 calories, 2.1g protein, 1.7g fat, 17.9g carbs
- 44g onion, 19 calories, 0.6g protein, 0.1g fat, 3.9g carbs

Total Calories - 290
Total Protein - 21g
Total Fat - 6.4g
Total Carbs - 35g

33g pistachio nuts, 182 calories, 7.1g protein, 15.2g fat (good fat!), 5.4 carbs

- 174g tuna, 202 calories, 44.4g protein, 1.4g fat, 0 carbs
- 138g tomato, 25 calories, 1.2g protein, 0.3g fat, 3.8g carbs
- 137g cucumber, 21 calories, 0.9g protein, 0.2g fat, 4.3g carbs
- 21g romaine lettuce, 4 calories, 0.3g protein, 0.1g fat, 0.3g carbs
- 15ml greek salad dressing, 45 calories, 0.2g protein, 4.5g fat, 1 carb

Total Calories - 297
Total Protein - 47g
Total Fat - 2.2g
Total Carbs - 9.4g

A paleo coconut treat, 310 calories, 2g protein, 16g fat (good fat again! Coconut fat!), 41g carbs

- 36g onion, 16 calories, 0.5g protein, 0.1g fat, 3.2g carbs
- 110g potato, 135 calories, 3g protein, 2.4g fat, 26.1g carbs
- 60g sweet potato, 55 calories, 1.2g protein, 0.1g fat, 10.6g carbs
- 43g carrots, 15 calories, 0.3g protein, 0.1g fat, 2.2g carbs
- 94g steamed broccoli, 33 calories, 2.3g protein, 0.4g fat, 3.7 carbs
- 222g grilled chicken breast, 415 calories, 74.2g protein, 10.5g fat, 1.1 carb

Totals For The Day
Total Calories - 1748
Total Protein - 158.6g
Total Fat - 53.4g
Total Carbs - 137.7

I ate so many potatoes today because they were leftovers from another meal, I don't usually eat that many of them. I also don't usually have a paleo coconut treat in the afternoon, I don't normally snack unless it's between breakfast and lunch, and it's typically nuts or a piece of fruit. I grilled chicken tonight with coconut oil, garlic, some lemon juice, fresh basil and a sprinkle of cinnamon and it turned out delicious. I put my Herbamare seasoning on my broccoli after I steamed it which gave it a nice flavour. The salad dressing I ate at lunch was not paleo, it was Kraft. I had no more organic salad dressing - but I did buy some after work! My blood glucose levels have been amazing since I started weighing my food, that alone pays for itself :).

Stay sweet.

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