Saturday, June 9, 2012

The Little Things In Life...

Good afternoon Beautiful,
I hope your weekend is going well! So far mine has been pretty great! As I had mentioned before, Friday night C and I went to The Drinks Show. We got there, they had a red carpet rolled out and a photographer there to take your photo before you went into the event. The lights were sooo bright, I couldn’t tell if my face looked ridiculous trying to shade out the brightness or if I actually pulled off a decent smile. They said the photos would be online next week, so we’ll see!
We walked in and it didn’t look too busy. The event ran from 6pm-1am, and we got there around 10pm. Well, that was just the one room that we saw. We ventured into venue more and it turned out to be HUGE. It was two massive rooms all lined with different vendors who were sampling all different kinds of alcohol. It was somewhat like the food and wine show where you bought tickets and your tickets could be used either for a sample or for a full sized drink. I liked trying the samples! The only downfall was the line-ups to actually get the samples. Eventually we opted for regular sized drinks, and this is how I found my soul mate of cocktails.
My homemade version!
We were in line for the regular sized drinks, and they had 9 different cocktails to choose from. I don’t typically like ordering large sized fruity cocktails because of all the sugar, and the only non-sugary cocktail was what’s called a “Pineapple Basil Caesar”. I was a bit hesitant but I looked to my right and there was a big poster of all the popular bartenders that were working the show, and the bartender we were about to get served from was a special Caesar maker, so I couldn’t pass up the change to let THE guy make me a first class Caesar. So I ordered this Pineapple Basil Caesar and said “I hope this is the best Caesar I’ve ever had in my life” to which he replied (in between quoting Family Guy and SNL with C) “I can’t promise it will be the best, but it will most certainly be different than any Caesar you’ve ever had.” – cool, I like different!
Well, if this wasn’t the most delicious thing I have even put into my mouth… seriously! This Caesar isn’t even made with vodka, it’s made with gin and includes clamato juice, pineapple juice and basil leaves (along with the normal Caesar stuff, hot sauce, s&p, ect..). I drank these for the rest of the night, and guess what I decided to make myself tonight? You would be correct! I got the recipe for the Caesar from the booklet they give out at the end of the night with all of the cocktail recipes that people were giving out as samples and the full size drink menu.
A really cool product that they had there was a red cup but it was called “My Solo Cup”. Obviously you’ve heard the song Red Solo Cup by Toby Keith (if not – YouTube immediately. It’s not an amazing song, but it definitely sticks) and this was a take on the red solo cup. It comes with a label on the side of the cup that you peel off and you’re able to scratch your name into the stuff under the label so no one can steal your cup. Isn’t that awesome? They were giving them out at the end of the night in stacks of 5, and somehow C and I managed to get 5 packs of these cups. I’d say we got our money’s worth from the night! I even ran into my pole dancing instructor (I haven’t been to pole in a while, but yes, I do take pole dancing lessons and pole tricks classes… it’s fun! And works muscles you never even knew you had!) which was awesome because she got to meet C and we got to meet her friends so we had people to hang out with all night!
Since Thursday I had convinced myself that today (Saturday) I would go swimming. I bought goggles about a month ago with the intention of starting to swim again, but had never ended up going. I have my full piece athletic Nike black and red bathing suit that I haven’t worn in years, mostly because I haven’t swam for fitness in years. I used to swim competitively as a kid, my strength was breast stroke. I remember my first ever competition. I was so scared, I’m not a competitive person, but being so thin and so lanky, I basically went through the water like butter on a hot pan. I looked like a frog when I did the breast stroke (or so I was told). I can’t remember the exact distance of my swim, but it was so close between me and this other girl and the judges called that she had got 1st and I had gotten 2nd. Since this was my first race, you’d think I’d be so excited to get second place…. I was not happy. I was pissed that I didn’t get first. The girl who beat me shook my hand and I was just so bitter, I remember it clear as day. I was a sore ass loser, and this is why I usually opt out of sports or board games in general. Some things never change….
So today I pulled the trigger and I hit the pool. It’s literally been years since I’ve been in a pool so I literally just jumped right in. There was about 5 other people swimming too, so I found a lane that no one was in which was nice since some people were sharing lanes. I got myself immersed in the water (which took my breath away the first time… it felt cold!) and put on my goggles and did my first lap. The pool I was in is 25 meters long which in my head before I got there was nothing. I was so convinced I could easily do like 50 laps and I’d be good. I was seriously wrong. Apparently I forgot that if you don’t do something for…. 10-15 years, you won’t be very good at it. I did two laps without stopping and had to stop, I was SO out of breath! I did my first lap in the front crawl (which used to be my weakness) and decided to do the rest doing the breast stroke because I felt like I’d do better (ha!).
I ended up doing 26 laps in 20 minutes. My goal was 20 laps in 20 minutes after my first few laps (and realizing I now had no endurance in the water what so ever). After ever second lap (I tried consciously to only stop every other lap) my arms were on fire, my legs were like jelly, it was INSANE how amazing my body felt. Even still now my arms feel a little weak. I definitely need to continue to put swimming in my fitness/workout rotation. So in my 20 minutes in the pool I swam about half a kilometer. Not bad, but not great. I’m glad there’s room for improvement! Tracking my swimming progress is going to be awesome!
Speaking of awesome – my food scale is to die for. Literally the best $120 I’ve ever spent. I’ve been journaling all of my food, the weight of everything I eat, the calories and the carbs (for diabetic purposes). My blood sugars have been amazing since I’m now able to measure all of my carbohydrates to the tenth of a gram and it gives me carbs of foods that are very hard to count unless weighed (fruits, veggies, potatoes, meats, stuff like that). I would more than highly recommend a food scale for anyone interested in seriously knowing how much food their putting into their body. I love nutrition and have always had an interest in studying it, so this is just so much fun for me! Go food scale! You can find the one I ordered on Diabetes Express (click here and you will be taken directly to my food scale!) and if you’re hesitant, don’t be! Just do it! It will help you and your progress, I promise!
This is the stuff I bought!
Ok, so a problem I’m having lately is the fact that my hair is so dry and processed from colouring, and highlights, and flat ironing it on a daily basis that it’s friggen pooched. Like, so dry a fuzzy on the ends, its awful. I went into Shoppers Drugmart today to try and find Moroccan Oil, but with no luck, opted for the $15 John Frieda Perfect Ends Oil. I bought this pre-swim so that I’d be able to use it post-swim when my hair is nice and gross from the water. I got out of the shower at the gym, got dressed and realized I had forgotten my brush. Then I thought to myself “Not a problem – I’m going to start foregoing brushing my hair anyways.”. Brushing hair is so damaging, that I’m not doing it anymore. I’m going to use my fingers and a blow dryer. I applied my new found product to my hair. The directions read to put one pump into your hands and apply to damaged ends or any other damaged spots in your hair. So I put two pumps in my hand and ran it through my whole head. There isn’t a hair on my head that doesn’t need help, so I thought why not; I also put a little extra on the ends of my hair. I started blow drying my hair and could instantly see that my hair wasn’t so frizzy and it was getting really soft. Awesome! I put a little bit extra in my hair after it had dried and my hair is so soft and not super frizzy right now. Fantastic! So now I’m going to forego using my flat iron on my hair unless I absolutely need to. I really want my hair to be healthy and full, not damaged and gross like it is now. Needless to say I went on eBay when I got home and ordered some Moroccan Oil too – a girl can never have too many hair products, right?
Oh – here’s a picture of C with his purchase from Best Buy, a gaming headset. Doesn’t he look sweet? I’m so glad he bought these. He’s using them right now, and I can’t hear ANYTHING coming out of the TV… ahh, the little things in life. J

Stay sweet.

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