Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Your Stomach Shouldn't Be A Waste Basket

Good evening Beautiful,
It feels like it’s been forever since I last wrote a blog. It’s been since Monday. I’ve been busy… but it’s been great! I love when my weeks fly by, it means that it doesn’t feel too long until the weekend! Do you have any fun things planned? Any workouts? Any recipes you’re going to try and make this weekend? If so – leave me a comment and tell me about it! I love hearing about you guys!
Currently, I’m well, writing, and sipping on some vino while watching Dexter. See?
Writing, Wine, BB.. My life.

This rose wine is called “sexy”. Guess why I bought it?
J I love buying wines with cool looking bottles, or funny labels or names. Same with vodka when I buy it. I love trying new flavours, having fancy bottles in my cabinet, or just a fun type of vodka. There’s a bottle of vodka I’ve been dying to get, it’s Roberto Cavalli vodka, and it’s about $70. I need to get some random large sum of money in order to justify buying it. But doesn’t it look heavenly? I think so.
Today I didn’t workout. I know, I know… but I did something super cool which is really outside of my box. I did a presentation today at Canadian Tire about GoodLife and what we can offer their employees through their Corporate Membership Program. I knew I was doing this presentation since…. two-ish weeks ago and when I first found out I had to do it, I was freaking out. I hate public speaking, I’ve never been good at it. I was one of the kids in school that wrote out her entire speech on cue-cards and read it off the cards word-for-word as fast as I could and rushed to my seat as soon as it was over. Today was a bit different however. I’ve been with GoodLife for almost 5 years, and I’ve been in the fitness industry for 7. It’s the one thing in my life that I know more than anything. I had our standard PowerPoint Presentation with bullet points, so I went through it one time with my boss, and then one time by myself, and thought “I’m so not prepared for this. Oh my god – I know I’m going to really suck, this is so disappointing because I know I can do better.”. So I went into the board room, plugged in my laptop and waiting for the employees to arrive.
I’m not even kidding you when I say that only 2 men showed up for my presentation. I knew there weren’t going to be a ton of people there, I got old 10ish people, but two people? It was crazy! It was more of a conversation than a presentation. Because there was only 2 people, it didn’t open up the opportunity for a ton of questions or comments, but I worked with what I had and the presentation lasted for about 30 minutes in total. BUT – it went really well! I was interactive, I didn’t stumble my words (a lot), I used hand gestures, it was fabulous! Ah I’m so excited with how it turned out! Maybe next time my audience will be 5 people!
Back onto the workout topic. I did succeed in a workout yesterday! It was… ok…. I went into the workout thinking I would totally destroy my back. It didn’t quite pan out that way, because when I was done my workout, none of my muscles were tired except for my legs. My workout went like this (I might have left something out, but you’d never know either way):
2 sets of assisted pull-ups.
- first rep with 70lbs of help, second set with 75, but I only got to 6 reps instead of 10 like the first set. Clearly I fatigued my muscles during those sets!
2 sets of back extension on the machines, 165lbs, 20 reps the first set, 17 reps the second.
2 sets of cable cross pull-overs, 10 reps both times, 10lbs on each pulley.
2 sets of back extension bench using my body weight, 20 reps both times
2 sets of cable rows, should level to work posterior deltoid, 10 reps each, 15lbs on each side.
Walked on the treadmill at an incline of 10 for 30 minutes.
I really did think that this workout was going to be harder than it was. I didn’t do lat pulldown, or seated row which are usually staples in my back workout. I’m not sure why it never occurred to me to do those, maybe because I do them all the time. I was disappointed with this workout, but it’s better than not working out at all. The walk on the treadmill at the end was the hardest part! I was sweating like crazy, it felt amazing.
Tomorrow I plan on doing a CrossFit workout, possibly Angie again since I’ve done it before, I want to see if I can beat my previous time! Good idea, Angie it is! Remember the workout I did on Monday? You can read about it in the post below, but my quads are STILL sore from it! What a great workout that was!! I WILL be doing that one again, at least once/week. It felt awesome, and call me crazy but for some reason I think my legs already look better. Ha!
This week has been AMAZING in terms of my diet. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve seriously debated cheating with a custard tart (my favourite EVER and they cost $1.99 at the store in my building, so painful not eating them constantly) but have walked out of the store so quickly before I could purchase one. I’ve been eating a lot of cabbage (I love red cabbage, it’s so strange) but tonight was my favourite paleo meal I’ve made in a while. For the past two days I’ve been eating up the coconut chicken I made on Monday, but tonights meal kicked some serious ass. I made spaghetti! With a spaghetti squash, spaghetti sauce (I admit to not making my own this time….) and ground beef and garlic.
I started by baking the spaghetti squash for an hour at 375degrees in a roasting pan. Make sure to poke the squash all over before baking so it doesn’t explode. Take it out after an hour and let it cool. Once you can handle it, cut it horizontally in half. It should look like this:
Step 1
Then scoop out the “guts” which include the seeds and the bit of stuff surrounding the seeds. Then take a fork, and simply scrape the “spaghetti” out of the squash and into a plate, it will look like this:
Step 2
Then top with your sauce and meat, and taa daa!
dislike pasta. I’ve never liked pasta, even my pre-paleo days. I would take rice over pasta ANY day, for as long as I live, so naturally I’ve never been a huge fan of spaghetti and would only ever eat it if it was made for me. This spaghetti with squash however, was unreal. I didn’t feel bad because it was almost like eating a salad with meat. I feel like I should be feeling disgusting right now, stomach full of pasta, but I feel great! I will be making this more often, which is great for CB because he loves spaghetti even though he uses real pasta.
This week, a friend of mine, Nicole, posted this picture on her Twitter (@NicoleMaeL for all you twitter users! She could use some followers…..) and I instantly put it as my BBM picture, my phone background and knew I needed to blog it.

How true is this? I know the person in the picture is a bit “sexy”, but this saying is totally my new moto. It can’t get any easier than this – your stomach is not a waste basket! What more do you need to know? That, and “anything that can’t go back is BAD for you, anything that WILL go bad is GOOD for you” and you should be good to go! I wanted to leave you with this and let it sink in.
What do you think of it? Tell me your thoughts, tell me your opinions!
Stay sweet.
P.S. Did you get a chance to check out The Old Scholar? If not - check it out! You might find something you like :). Click on the picture on the right hand side of my blog and it will take you directly to the website, doesn't get much easier than that! :) Loooove you!

P.P.S I love Instagram, it's where all of my photos come from.


  1. mmm...spaghetti squash! one of my favs...that's what for dins tonight actually :)

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