Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Blog Name Change, My 100th Post, & I Rescued A Dog!

Good afternoon Beautiful,
You may be wondering... “Sarah, why did you change your blog URL and your blog name?”. Well followers, let me tell you why.
I was visiting a friend of mine in the restaurant in the building I work in and he asked for my blog URL and when I wrote it down for him, in typical male fashion his reply was “luvsarahxo? How old are you? How old were you when you made this blog?” and that got me thinking… he’s right, my blog URL and blog name have NOTHING to do with what I blog about. So I sat and pondered. And pondered. And pondered. What the heck could I call my blog that ISN’T already taken.
Then I figured it out… My (Mostly) Healthy Life. I put the word “mostly” in brackets because I’m not perfect, and sometimes my life isn’t healthy. Like if I go out partying and drink and eat things I shouldn’t. Or days I’m not feeling so hot after the days I go out partying and drink and eat things I shouldn’t. Or nights when I just say screw it, don’t go to the gym and eat a custard tart. Or if I go on an unhealthy shopping spree. Or eat take-out. It would be false advertising to say that I just write about my healthy life, because I write about the non-healthy times as well.
So there’s that.
Good times…..
Also – this is a milestone post because it’s number ONE HUNDRED!! Isn’t that fun? Not only did I get to change and “update” my blog title, but it’s on my 100th post! So cool, it came so quickly as well. I love writing and having you guys take a peek into my life (almost) every day. Thanks for supporting me thus far, I hope you continue to do so!
Today, I had so many intentions to work out. Really, I was so pumped, but I was also having a hard time doing much of anything physical today because my quads are SO sore from my workout yesterday and my abs are also extremely sore. It hurt to squat down to sit/pee, it hurt to stand up, it hurt to move myself in a forward motion (aka walking), it hurt to go upstairs and it hurt to come back down the stairs. It hurt my abs to cough, to laugh, to twist sideways, basically today I was a mess. So I was really getting a lot of work done and made the decision to not work out. I made the excuse that I was “giving my body a break”, which may or may not be an excuse. Either way, I haven’t worked out today and I don’t really plan on it. Sorry guys.
Today I was VERY good with food journaling and documenting and eating in general. Take a quick gander….
Breakfast @ 8:30AM
Sweet Potato, 113g, 102 calories, 19.7 carbs
Onion, 36g, 16 calories, 3.2 carbs
Carrot, 51g, 18 calories, 2.7 carbs
Turkey Breast, 126g, 214 calories, 0 carbs
Snack @ 11:30AM
Watermelon, 333g, 100 calories, 23.8 carbs
Lunch @ 1:20PM
Chicken Breast, 95g, 122 calories, 2.2 carbs
Cucumber, 105g, 16 calories, 3.3 carbs
Tomato, 25g, 5 calories, 0.7 carbs
Cabbage, 72g, 17 calories, 2.4 carbs
Organic Salad Dressing, 30mL, 50 calories, 2 carbs

Snack @ 4PM
Watermelon, 341g, 102 calories, 24.4 carbs
That’s all so far. It feel’s good to be back on track after such a horrific weekend nutrition/journaling wise. I think this coming weekend will be a lot better. It’s not a crazy weekend full of random outings, and I’m going to make an extreme effort to measure all my food and document all of my food, no matter what. You can hold me to that!
This is what it looks like after I'm "set up".
Tonight I was getting myself ready to write this blog post (yes, it requires getting ready, I set myself up in my bed, put the TV on Dr. Phil/Ellen and surround myself with my BlackBerry and my iPad, it’s quite the ordeal) and I looked out my window onto my balcony, and there was a dog on my balcony. For real!! A tiny, itty bitty scrawny dog with a pink collar. I ran out into the living room because C was playing video games with headphones on so he couldn’t hear me yell, but he saw it and was a bit concerned as well. How did this little dog end up on MY balcony, on the 18th floor of a building looking directly over a major highway (the Gardner Express Way) without entering my condo from the inside? I freaked out and brought the little puppy in immediately. She was so scared! C attempted to take some pictures of me with the dog to post, but of course, there was no memory card in the DSLR so the pictures just disappeared. Anyways – I made my rounds of knocking on every condo door near our condo and eventually found her owner, our next door neighbour. I guess he places boxes against the glass panel separating our balconies, but the little dog had moved one. Seriously though, how are you totally fine with your little dog on a balcony, so high up over-looking a major highway??? Next time the little dog comes over to my balcony, I’m keeping her.
It’s SO hot in Toronto today – how are you staying hydrated? Do you like my new blog name?
Stay sweet.


  1. Coo, blog name. I can't believe your neighbour is such a moron. :)

    Thomas Z

  2. Like!!!!
    hahahaha nice blog, congrats ... i hope you're okay. visit me, !!
    have a nice day, keep writing, i always read your blog.°!

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