Monday, July 16, 2012

Ellen's Wedding, My 1st Ever Big Mac, AND A GIVEAWAY!

Good afternoon Beautiful,
Wheeew! I haven’t blogged in a while! I mean, I had my wonderful guest blogger, but I haven’t actually talked to you guys in SO LONG. How have you been? I’ve missed you.
I’m not sure if I had told you much about it before hand, but this past weekend was one of my oldest friend’s wedding, Ellen. It was back home so C and I spent the weekend in Wingham. It was actually Alyssa and Trevor’s Buck and Doe on Friday night, and Ellen’s wedding on Saturday so we killed two birds with one stone this weekend! The Buck and Doe was really great, I got to see some people from highschool, Alyssa’s family and some friends of mine from Toronto that went to the Buck and Doe. I’m so happy for Alyssa and Trevor… their wedding is going to be amazing! I hate to admit this, but after the Buck and Doe, I, C, and my parents decided going to McDonald’s was a good idea. I had been drinking, and made the worst decision of the weekend. I, Sarah Ohm, ate a Big Mac with fries for the very first time in my whole life.  It was really good, but I felt so bad after and all day Saturday that I don’t think I’d eat another one…
Ellen’s wedding was so beautiful as well. They had it on Ellen’s now husband Tim’s parent’s farm. The ceremony was very small, maybe 50 people. It was actually really quick. When she stepped onto the aisle, her little girl Halle yelled “MOOOOOM!” and everyone laughed. Of course Ellen was teary the whole time and the good man that Tim is, had a Kleenex ready to give to her. As soon as I saw her, I cried. Thank goodness for sunglasses. She made such a gorgeous bride, I don’t think I’ve ever seen a more beautiful bride.
The reception and dinner was VERY fun and delicious. I stuck to my paleo diet during dinner, and as soon as dessert came out I fell so weak and ate a slice of chocolate pie. I know right, probably the worst possible decision, but oh was it SO GOOD.  But again, I felt bad for eating it and boy did I pay for it. More about this later! Here are some photos from the wedding!
First dance
Halle, the daughter of the bride and groom
Mom and Daughter
High School Besties xo

Ellen and Alyssa

Stacy and Ellen

Ellen and I

Ellen throwing her bouquet!
I have mentioned this before, but BioCore Foods has sent me a jar of their product MicroGREENS. I received it in the mail on Friday and started it first thing Saturday morning. I am to have 1 scoop of it every morning, first thing. The man I’m working with said to do it for at least 2 weeks, and that I should mix it with almond milk. Well, I had my first serving in Wingham and my family didn’t have any almond milk, so I used water instead, and it wasn’t too bad! I mean, it looks pretty strange, but it smells fruity and tastes pretty fruity too! Not bad! I’ve noticed that I’m more awake through the day (except for yesterday and today because of some self-induced flu). I said I wouldn’t write a real review until the two weeks (at least) is up, so I just wanted to let you know that I did start it…. And so far it’s good J.
So needless to say, at Ellen’s wedding I may have overindulged in my drink of choice, vodka water. So yesterday was basically a right off. It was the end of my 13-day workout streak, my diet when to crap and I was basically confined to my bed once we got back to Toronto. Today was still a big foggy, which means my workout totally suffered today. In my head I had planned on doing some serious upper body work, and then finishing it off with some kick-ass Tabata sprints on the treadmill. I ended up doing this:
Pec Dec Machine, 60/55lbs, 3 sets, 10 reps
Reverse Pec Dec, 40lbs, 3 sets, 10 reps
Chest Press Machine, 70/65/55lbs, 3 sets, 10 reps
Assisted Pull-ups, 70lbs of help, 3 sets, 10/9/7reps
Then I opted for 30 minutes of cardio on the elliptical because I was so fatigued. It’s unbelievable how much the body changes after a couple cheats. Like really! I was thinking about it all day, and well, the body is an amazing thing. Talk about motivation to NOT cheat on my diet or drink a ton… I enjoy m y workouts, and it’s really frustrating when they don’t go as well as I planned.
The good news is that the morning after my Big Mac incident, my sister Brooke and I went to the gym in Wingham and killed it!
50 squats (5 sets of 10) holding 2x10lbs dumbbells
50 lunges (5 sets of 10) holding 2x10lbs dumbbells
Glute Raise/Hamstring Curl on stability ball, 3 sets of 10 reps
Walking lunges, just bodyweight, 50 reps
Plank, 15 seconds on, 15 seconds rest for 5 minutes
10 minutes of cardio at level 10 (really hard)
Anyways – enough of this crazy workout stuff! I have some really fun and exciting news! This is my very first giveaway on my blog! As you all know, one of my loves is food journaling. I really do think it helps keep you on track, it helps you find patterns in your eating habits and we all know you’re less likely to cheat if you know you have to write it down! So what better giveaway to host but your own food journal! It’s the same food journal I use, from Claudine Gandolfi (who so very generously agreed to donate one of her food journals for this giveaway!) titled Diet and Fitness Journal: Your Personal Guide to Optimal Health. Check out the inside…
So! What do you need to do to enter this amazing giveaway?
MandatoryLike My (Mostly) Healthy Life on Facebook and leave me a comment on here when you have done so!
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This adds up to a possible 5 entries into my giveaway! Please leave a comment on this post after completing each entry. This contest closes on Tuesday July 31, at 8:00PM (Toronto time!). I will announce the winner the following day! Contest is open to Canada & US residents! GOOD LUCK!
Stay sweet.


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  23. The wedding crew at this place rocks! We had many of our guests come up to us during the reception and comment as how attentive the service staff was as well.


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