Thursday, July 26, 2012

First Day of TRX! My New Motivation!

Good evening Beautiful,
I’m pooped. Today was the 1st of my 12 TRX sessions. I have to admit, I was mentally prepared for a much harder workout than what was given to us. By the end of the actual workout part, I had just gotten warm to the point of a little bit of moisture was forming on my forehead, nothing super intense. At the very end of the workout we did some baseline testing. The trainer put a beep timer on to beep every count in a 65 bpm time. The first exercise we had to do was an Atomic Push-up. Every movement was to the 65bpm time. They look like this..
.. I ended up doing 15 of them, not too shabby! I was aiming for 20 (the goal at the end is 40), but I came pretty close. I thought I had did 17, but I didn’t go down in my push-up portion for some of them so the trainer didn’t count them. I was kind of annoyed because when I didn’t do one right, he wouldn’t say anything, so I didn’t actually know until the end that I had only completed 15. Burn.
The next exercise we had to do was a TRX Low Row. This is basically like a body weight row, almost completely parallel to the floor. For me, this was the hardest exercise to accomplish, but I’d like to point out that I did do an entire TRX workout beforehand as well as demonstrated TWICE my “Almost Pull-up” (I can do this without jumping, and pulling myself up until my elbows are at 90 degrees. I’ve come a long way!). Anyways, this is a TRX Low Row…
… I did 8 to the 65bpm count. I was kind of bummed out that I didn’t hit 10, but hopefully by the end of my training I’ll get to 10, and maybe even moreJ.
The next test we did was TRX Lunges on each leg. I was kind of stupid because I knew this was part of the testing and I did a leg workout yesterday. Oh well, it is what it is. The test requires your back leg to be in the suspension trainer, and your front leg on the floor obviously. You need to lunch until your back knee hits the floor, and that counts as one. To keep up with the time, basically each down and each up is 1 second. It’s pretty fast when you’re balancing on one leg! I did my left leg first, and managed to push out 19 reps, and then my right leg I managed to push out 23 reps. This is what the lunges look like….
I’m excited to see what I’ll be able to do at the end of it.
The last test we had to do was hip raises. We weren’t allowed to move our feet forward, and weren’t allowed to touch our bums on the floor in between reps. They look like this…

…. I managed to do 34 reps. Again, not bad, but I was hoping to hit that 40 mark.
The point to all of this is I’m tired!! The testing of this really wiped me out. Also, my afternoon dragged on because I usually do my workouts around 2pm, but today I had to do it at 12. We also decided as a group that we’d like to do the 12 sessions over 4 weeks, rather than 6 and train 3 times per week instead of 2. I’m down for this; I just hope that my other training isn’t compromised. Not that I have a specific training schedule, but I do enjoy the serenity of working out on my own!
So I’ve been lazy/a bum/silly with my diet this week. I’m not sure why exactly, but I haven’t been caring as much about what I eat. Don’t get me wrong… I still eat extremely healthy most of the time (today for example, brussel sprouts and chicken breast for breakfast, and a big colourful salad with chicken for lunch, fruit for snack and a protein shake after my workout) but yesterday after we picked up our car, we weren’t en route home until about 9pm and I hadn’t ate since about 3pm. We stopped at Subway and I kid you not, I completely devoured a foot long Subway Melt with extra bacon and extra cheese. Seriously! I actually ordered EXTRA dairy and bacon. The worst part is that it was soooooooooo satisfying. My mouth is watering thinking about how badly I want another one. I love Subway; it’s my “fast food” of choice. I worked there for 3 years as a teenager and never once did I get sick of it.
Anyways, I promised I’d be honest on here, and there you have it; my kryptonite and my awful dinner last night. Normally I’d come home, quickly cook up some meat and nuke some frozen veggies. Not last night! J No one is perfect right?
So the new car is AWESOME. It’s so fun to drive, so nice to ride in. It’s so unbelievably smooth, driving it feels like slicing a hot knife through butter (I swear). It’s so much fun, my phone is linked to the blue tooth in the car, so once I dropped C off at work today I called him and chatted just to use the phone feature! I also found a really great country station on XM Radio, and tonight I found another amazing station, it’s called Seriously Sinatra, and it has all of the awesome classic singers that I love. I didn’t listen to it for long, but I got some Louis Armstrong and some Ella Fitzgerald when I was listening. I instantly programmed that into button number 5.

My pretty bag :)
The car doesn’t actually come with keys. It’s a really neat feature. So if my keys are at the bottom of my giant Michael Kors Hamilton Bag, I don’t have to search for them. The car recognizes that I’m around and when I touch the car handle, it will automatically unlock. Once I’m in the car, I just press a button and it starts, and we’re off! If I were to throw said Hamilton Bag into the trunk with my keys in it, the car recognizes that my keys are in the trunk, will make a quick double beep and re-open the trunk, not allowing me to lock my keys in my trunk. ISN’T THAT THE COOLEST EVER?!
So, I have this thing where I like expensive things. I know, it’s bad… and most recently, I’ve decided that I want a Marc Jacobs watch. A gold Marc by Marc Jacobs Rivera watch. Please see photo and you will understand why I want it. I’ve never worn a watch before; I’ve also never owned such a gorgeous watch before. If I had this, I’d wear it ALL THE TIME. I told myself that when I pay off my credit card, I will treat myself to this watch. Probably on my credit card again, but at least the rest of it will be paid off. Mmm… what more motivation could a girl need to do something? J. With that being said, I do need new running shoes. Hmmm, priorities. I’ll figure it out eventually. Watch trumps shoes J.
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Well, I’m off to have myself a glass of vino (or 3), what did you do for your fitness today?
Stay sweet.


  1. Hi Sarah, I will be doing my TRX qual training in the next few weeks! I can't wait to give this a go! And we clearly have the same expensive taste! Love the handbag and I have a similar Michael Kors gold watch
    Vic x

  2. I think it is pretty much okay to purchase expensive things as long as their quality justifies their price tag.  I love your new car, Sarah. It’s very elegant and I’m glad that you are enjoying all the benefits you can get from it. I was entertained by your share of amusing experiences with your car. Its features must be really fascinating. Nice! Take care of it, Sarah. :)

    Leisa Dreps


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