Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Food Journal Giveaway WINNER & Some J76CW Love!

Good evening Beautiful,
First off – I want to start by announcing the awesome Food Journal giveaway WINNER!! And the drum roll pleeeeease……..
Wendy Beauchamp from Pink Fit!
Congrats Wendy!! You have 48 hours to email me at sarah.ohm@hotmail.ca with your shipping details so we can get this food journal to you ASAP!  This has been such a fun giveaway, and I’m so glad I got to share one of my most favourite tools for fitness and health! Please let me know once you receive it, and how you like it! I would love your feedback!
Thank you to everyone who participated in my food journal giveaway! It’s been so much fun. I have a new giveaway to tell you about tomorrow or Thursday, so make sure you come back and get the details!
Today I did my second TRX boot camp session. I will be the first to admit that it was A LOT harder than the first session and thank god! I was very happy with this session, there were even a few times when I found myself laying on the floor gasping for breath – it was AWESOME. From what I can remember (my mind was elsewhere today for some reason, I was a bit tired going into this workout, so I wasn’t paying full attention, I just did what I was told) this is what the workout looked like:
…. You know what, I really can’t remember everything we did, but we did A LOT. Some things included mountain climbers, AMRAP of squats for a minute, 1-legged squats, and lots of planks. It was awesome J.
So as you may have read in a past post, I received some free clothes from J76CW and may have noticed their logo on the right hand side of my blog. Well I finally got around to snapping some photos of me wearing their crops! I like their clothing because they’re good for lounging around the house in as well as getting your sweat on in. I got C to snap some photos of me wearing them…

La dee da! I also decided today I wanted to do my #plankaday outside because it was so warm out after the crazy thunderstorm we had today. I wore my J76CW crops out on our balcony and got C to come down with me (he’s so great!) to snap some photos. This is how it turned out!

I managed to hold it for 1:58 today. I also wanted to extend a huge thank you to J76CW for sending me some clothing samples to wear and try out, and review on my blog! They most definitely did not have to do this, but I’m very glad they did. If you want to check them out – just simply click the logo on the right hand side of my blog. They’re 100% Canadian made and they run their business mainly out of Vancouver, BC. They’re sizes fit 1 size smaller than normal clothing (so I’m a size 6 in their clothing when I’m normally a size 8 – SCORE!) and they even have bamboo clothing! I have a dress that’s made out of bamboo that they have generously sent me but I haven’t been able to wear it yet. Stay tuned though, I’m sure I will be going somewhere I can wear it soon!
Check out tonight’s dinner – I’m really excited, cornish hens with roasted potatoes, rosemary and garlic and a side of steamed broccoli. I love Cornish hens and we hardly ever have them so you can understand why I would be so excited… and look at how delicious they look!
Before it was cooked

After it was cooked!
What are you having for a healthy Tuesday dinner tonight?
Stay sweet.


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