Thursday, July 5, 2012

My TRX Workout With Jenny!

Good afternoon Beautiful,
Today has been the longest day ever. The entire internet server for my company is down, so I have no way to do any work… I’ve been able to do some work here and there, but the internet always times out before I can actually get anything finished.  I had to make myself “make-work projects” the whole afternoon. Luckily, today a girl I work with, Jenny, and I did TRX together for our break! It was a free demo class, but I’m still really excited to get more people in my office more active. That’s part of the reason I wanted to become a SweatPink Ambassador, to try and encourage more people to get active! I don’t have a lot of influence over many people, but I’m hoping to start the trend with the girls that I work with!
Jenny is really cool, a really sweet person and I think she’s going to be so much fun to workout with. I’m really hoping to convince her to sign up for the 6 week TRX program with me (twice a week for 6 weeks) that happens during our lunches. Maybe if she does I’ll get her sporting some pink shoe laces and spread the SweatPink love!

Jenny and I before our workout!
Our TRX workout went like this!....
Warm up
Jumping Jacks, jumping sideways and jumping front and back for about a minute
Football drill thing where you run your legs hard and drop and touch the ground

Lunges 6x/leg
TRX Row, 3 sets of 5 reps
TRX squats, 3 sets of 8
TRX Chest Press, 3 sets of 8 then AMRAP (as many rounds as possible) for 30 seconds
TRX Tricep Press, AMRAP in 30 seconds
TRX Bicep Curl, 3 sets of 8
TRX Glute Raise with Hamstring Curl, 3 sets of 8
TRX Planks, 3 sets, 10 seconds each with 3 seconds rest
TRX Planks from Hands, 3 sets, 10 seconds each with 3 seconds rest
TRX Crunches (hand plank bringing knees to stomach), 3 sets of 8
Atomic Push-ups, 1 set of 5
Daily Challenge, TRX Crunches, Set of 5 then 4 then 3 then 2 then 1
We also stop twice during the workout to do what’s called a “conditioning break”. Basically he makes us look ridiculous via jumping jacks and jumping up and down. I was so sweaty by the end of it. Jenny had a great time! She’s done TRX before so she knew what she was getting into for the most part. It was fun to have another person to workout with! I hardly ever workout with a buddy because I enjoy the alone time of my workouts since I talk to people all day long, but it was definitely fun to have her there too! We’ll be signing up together in a couple of weeks, so I’m really looking forward to that! Hopefully I have the pink shoe laces by then J.

During our workout!
Tonight I’m going to see Magic Mike with some girls that I know at the theatre downtown Toronto. I’m pretty excited, I like having girl time. Not that I don’t love spending time with C, but it’s nice to have time apart. These girls are all really fun, and it’s the same group that I usually watch The Bachelorette with. I’m going to back some healthy munchies to smuggle in with my giant purse. I’ve done this before, I brought cherry tomatoes and a cold chicken breast cut up into slices with a bottle of water. Whenever I walk into a movie theatre, I instantly want popcorn. I love popcorn. I love how salty and buttery and heavenly it is. But I know that the corn is making me fat, and the buttery goodness is clogging my arteries, so I’m not going to eat it.
Do you have a treat that you gravitate towards but know you shouldn’t have? I seem to have more than a few.
I did really good with my diet today! I forgot my food journal at home, but I wrote down everything I needed to in order to update the journal tonight! I love writing things down because it makes me not want to eat bad things. If anyone saw “bad things” in my food journal I’d be so embarrassed. I have this whole “perfectionist” thing and when I have a goal in mind I do it. I succeed because I hate the thought of failure. It’s how I’ve always been with everything, and so it relays into my diet/exercise/food journaling. I was reading a blog where the writer highlights all of the really good foods she eats, and I’m doing to adopt her method, but use it for the bad things I eat. I eat a lot more healthy things than bad things, and if I know I have to highlight a treat to make it stand out even more, I won’t do it!

A company I connected with on Twitter, BioCore Foods, has decided to send me some of their product for review. I’m really excited about this because the man with whom I was speaking with made me SWEAR to take it every single morning for at least 2 weeks as part of my breakfast, mixed with almond milk (apparently this is the tastiest thing to mix the powder with). He said I will notice an instant improvement with my energy level and how I feel in general. He shipped it to me yesterday, so I should hopefully be getting it tomorrow just in time for my healthy weekend. I will post about it occasionally, but I’m going to save the actual “review” part of it until the 2 weeks is up, and see if I notice any real improvements (I hope I do!).
Stay sweet.


  1. You know what's weird? When I go to the movies, I friggin crave a hot dog! I got one once because I was more than snack hungry.. and now whenever I see those greasy things rolling on that weird cooker, I instantly drool.

    Thanks for the motivation to do that CrossFit WOD the other day. My arms say other wise though.

  2. You're arms STILL hurt?? I'll get you doing more for sure! I didn't end up going to the movies, and had a nap instead. I was soo tired, so I didn't he popcorn tempted! Woohoo!

  3. Ehem... TRX rocks!

    PS: The internet outage was external not GoodLife related. :0

    PSS: Jennifer! Wussup wussup.

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