Monday, August 27, 2012

Alyssa's Bachelorette & My Guide To Start Eating Clean!

Good evening Beautiful,

It’s been SO long since I last wrote and to be honest, I kind of wanted to skip volleyball tonight to write my post, but I didn’t. Today was the last day of summer volleyball for me, and well, we lost horribly, but it was still really fun! We had some drinks and food after (I had 1 glass of white wine sangria and a hamburger sans bun with a side salad!) and it started to POUR!! Like, when I say pour, I’m talking about torrential down pouring. Raining so hard, I had no idea how I was going to make it to my car without all of me plus my phone and keys becoming so soaked that they probably wouldn’t work anymore. Luckily a team mate of mine parked close and drove me and a couple of the other girls to our cars. I tried running to his car, but couldn’t because the water in the parking lot was so deep… that’s how hard it was raining!
ANYWAYS I need to get to the good stuff. My last post left you off at me going to Wasaga Beach for the weekend for Alyssa’s bachelorette party. It was intense to say the least. Alyssa’s cousin Whitney was there and I knew her because we went to highschool together, and I drove down with Alyssa’s brother Justin, so I knew a couple people going into it. Whitney and I had both worked on Friday so we were pooped, and the other girls went out to a club while Whit and I went to bed. I’m kind of glad I did because I wanted to save my energy for Saturday. On Saturday morning Whitney and I woke up before everyone and went shopping along the beach and sun tanned for a while. It was really fun, but we eventually left to go wake everyone up. So we did and we all had lunch and ventured back to the beach where I layed in the sweet, sweet sunshine for the afternoon.
Saturday night was the big night, so we went home and all started to get ready. After dinner while we were getting ready we had Alyssa open up her presents, and there were a lot of rather interesting presents to say the least ;). We continued drinking and taking pictures and getting to know each other then we ventured back down to the beach and to Bananas where we decided to spend our evening. I’m not going to get into details because well, what happens in Wasaga, stays in Wasaga. We got to bed around 4am, and Justin and I made our way back to Toronto around 10. It was an amazing weekend, and I can’t believe it was actually Alyssa’s bachelorette party! She’s getting married in two weeks and I know I’m going to be a wreck. So emotional J. She’ll make a beautiful bride!

I had mentioned before how I was trying really hard to stick to my paleo diet, and I succeeded ALL WEEKEND…. Until the drive back to Toronto when I was 100% hung over and not caring about life in general and Justin and I stopped at McDonalds. Yep. The one restaurant I detest more than anything in life, and I went there, and ate 10 McNuggets and a double cheese burger. Needless to say, I paid for it in the afternoon when I occupied the washroom on multiple occasions. Seriously – I don’t know why I eat there. It’s so disgusting and makes me feel like ass. I never learn…
So I’ve been a big advocate of the paleo diet for the majority of this year, and I’ve had a lot of questions about it. Most recently I’ve had people asking how to get started and how to get motivated to eat paleo (or be more strict about it if they already kind of have the concept). Whenever anyone asks me this, one of the first things I always say is that I’m not perfect, and I don’t eat paleo sometimes. Sometimes I cheat (aka McDonalds) but I always end up feeling like ass when I do. I make it very clear that there are many people much more strict about it than I am, but I can definitely give some helpful tips because of the research I’ve done on it. The next thing I always recommend is purchasing the book The Paleo Solution. I don’t think it’s good to dive into something when you’ve done zero research on it. Robb Wolf is the author of this book and he’s one of the leading experts on the paleo diet, and he knows EVERYTHING about it – I’m not even kidding. I can tweet him when I have a random question and he gets back to me every friggen time… It’s unreal! He’s amazing. The book not only explains the paleo diet, but it also gives a meal plan for 4 weeks of meals that you can easily attempt (it includes leftovers so it’s not like you’re spending a million dollars making a new recipe for every meal you eat). I would highly, HIGHLY recommend reading this when you start on your paleo/eating clean journey.
The second thing I would recommend is researching some wicked paleo recipes. There are apps on iPad/iPhone with tons of paleo recipes, and I’ve used my app on multiple occasions to get recipes. My mussels recipe, my chicken divan recipe, a chicken thigh recipe, and I think a few more I’ve done have come from the app. Check it out – it will totally get you motivated and in the right mind set for eating paleo!
There are tons of resources for eating clean/eating paleo. Charles Poliquin, Tosca Reno, Dallas & Melissa Hartwig are just a few I can name off the top of my head. I’m a huge fan of all three! You can check out Charles on his website found here, Tosca has 15 books you can get and read (If you’re just starting on your journey to eat clean, I’d recommend The Eat CleanDiet Recharged found here), and Dallas & Melissa Hartwig have a book that I’m currently reading called It Starts With Food and you can find that book here.
Next on my list would be to suck it up and go through your cupboards, fridge and freezer, and get rid of ALL processed foods, foods with sugar, foods with wheat/gluten and foods that contain dairy (with the exception of butter). I know, I know… this sounds crazy right? It’s probably quite a few dollars’ worth of food that you’ll be throwing out, but trust me…. Out of sight, out of mind. I experienced this whole thing today. After work and before volleyball, I ventured into the convenience store below my building because C needed advil. No problem… except I also bought a pack of Skittles. Seriously. In my head I said “it’s totally fine, I’ll eat perfect tomorrow”. NO – don’t tell yourself this!! Once you’ve made the decision to eat clean, JUST START NOW! I had 15 minutes to spare after I got ready for volleyball so I read a few pages from It Starts With Food, and how processed sugary foods trick your mind and causes your body a lot of stress, and I went over to the bag with the Skittles in it and threw them away. Ugh – there goes $2 for no good reason.
One thing that is so, so important when eating clean is to stop being lazy and preparing your food in advanced. Just like how I bought a ton of food to take to Wasaga with me, you need to do the same in your everyday life. You need to break bad habits of buying your lunch every day from the restaurant at work, and bring food that you’ve cooked, and only food that you’ve cooked. I find that most people don’t mind cooking dinner, so I always recommend making a little bit more at dinner, and taking it for left overs for lunch. It’s a perfect set up – no prep in the morning, and it’s no different than making dinner. Make sure you have enough Tupperware to hold all of your leftovers! I also recommend veggies and fruit because let’s face it, you can eat almost any veggies raw, the only prep those need is being chopped up, and fruit basically comes in its own packaging anyways. How easy is it to throw a whole orange in your purse and not worry about it? How much less work is possible!?
I love learning about food and nutrition more than anything, so if you ever have nutrition or clean eating questions, please ask!! If I don’t know the answer, then I will find out and let you know and then I’ll get to learn something new as well! I hope that my advice on here helps you get a start on eating clean. I really do think this way of eating will help so many people feel so much better physically and mentally. It’s such an ego boost when someone comments “wow… you eat so healthy!” and it’s so motivating to feel just so great and full of energy. I promise, even if you crave carbs like crazy for the first few weeks it will be sooooo worth it once you get past that part. So cheers to clean eating and getting started on the rest of your life!
Let me know if you’ve just started eating clean/paleo – what’s been the hardest part for you? Or if you’ve been eating clean/paleo for a while, what’s been the biggest difference for you? I’d love to hear your thoughts/opinions!
Stay sweet.


  1. Have you looked at the work of Ray Peat? His dietary advise is much superior to paleo.

  2. Hey Sarah, this is Sayantini from, i had promised to visit your blog so that I'm here. And I must say your blog is worth visiting. It's nicely designed and full of worthy stuffs. I am your new follower now. Please check out my blog at and follow if you like.

  3. You have a great blog. Keep it up! :)

  4. Hi Sarah,

    I just stumbled upon your blog this morning and I have really been enjoying it. I just wanted you advice on eating clean. I have been doing my best to eat clean for the past few months, but I feel like I am eating too many clean desserts. Do you have a limit of how many clean cheats you have a day or week? I know healthy cheats are better than full blown ones, but I feel like I am holding myself back. I usually have lara bars, or some homemade dessert that is gluten and dairy free - but almost always contains honey or maple syrup and nuts.

    Thanks again for writing such an awesome blog! I am definitely signing up to follow you :)

    Have an awesome day!

    1. Hi Lauren!

      You have the same name as my best friend! Awesome :).

      When it comes to treats, you really do have to be careful, just because ingredients are classified as "paleo" or "clean" doesn't mean eating a lot of it won't pack on the pounds! I'm a huge fan of Larabars, and I do make sure that when I eat one, it's on a day that I workout, or if the food I've packed for the day doesn't cut it. It's 100% better to eat something like a Larabar if you're hungry than making your body starve.

      I'm not a huge "sweets" person so I don't usually have desert, so that makes it easier for me. However, it seems you love your sweets! So I'd recommend only having a desert on Sunday night. It can be a kind of "reward" for sticking to your guns all week. A healthy desert (gluten/dairy free) is a good option for sure!

      It sounds like you've been working really hard so keep up the great work Lauren! I'm always here if you need advice :).

      xoxo S.

    2. Also, getting your head around the idea that things such as nuts, maple syrup and honey should be used extremely sparingly and should be considered a condiment might help you with the amounts you should be eating!


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