Friday, August 31, 2012

Happy Friday/Food PenPal Reveal

Good afternoon Beautiful,
Happy Friday! I’m super excited because it’s Friday but I’m super sad because it’s basically the last weekend of summer. It’s been a crazy summer and it has flown by like nobody’s business. As much as I love the hustle and bustle of summer, I like going into fall because it means 1. It’s getting close to my birthday (I’m a Halloween baby – any others out there? J) and 2. Life in general calms down. Summer is always go, go, go so I’m glad it’s going to start slowing down and I’ll have more “me” time.
After I ran on Wednesday, I was pretty convinced I was going to be a zombie on Thursday, not being able to bend in any sort of way, but surprisingly I was feeling good! I mean, I was obviously a bit tight and tender, but I channeled my inner marathoner and decided I needed to run again yesterday, except this time I was going to go at an easy pace, and I brought JENNY with me! J. Jenny has never run before so I could tell she was a bit nervous, but she did unbelievable! We managed to jog our way through a 5km run with only taking 1 walk break! We kept conversation going the whole time, so it took my mind off the actual run. I’ve NEVER ran with a buddy before. For real, even during my half-marathon training I’d prefer running alone. It was definitely a nice change, and hopefully I can convince Jenny to keep running with me!
I’m planning on going for a longer run on Sunday, I’m going to do an hour of 10 and 1’s (run 10 minutes, walk 1 minute) and see how it goes. It feels good to get back into running. I’m not sure if I’m ready to commit to another half-marathon quite yet, but this 10km race is definitely getting me there! Loving it so far! Poor Michelle (who I’m doing the race with) is still sick! I feel awful, it sounds horrible what she has… She told me she’s going running today even if it kills her. My response was obviously “please don’t die!” she laughedJ. I hope she gets through it ok!
Today Jenny and I did TRX and it kicked my arse! Remember at the beginning of this training how I was concerned it wasn’t going to be hard enough for me? I TAKE IT BACK! It’s pleeeeenty hard now. I know that I at least did 107 (give or take) one-legged lunges on each leg today; my legs are like friggen jelly AND concrete at the same time. Is that possible? My arms aren’t too bad. We had to do a lot of push-ups and chest presses, but I think it was the push-ups that got me. I refused to do them on my knees, so I pumped out at least 40 push-ups on my toes today. Plus some speed squats, floor jacks, TRX burpees, and TRX mountain climbers which neither Jenny nor I could accomplish. Do you know how exhausting it is to try and do something you can’t do 20 different times!? It’s hard. On a good note however, I totally earned my rest day tomorrow – and it’s going to be glorious!
Today is a super fun day because it’s Foodie Pen Pals Reveal Day!

My Foodie Pen Pal this month was Danielle Hogey from, and this box was SO COOL! She’s actually moving to Peru soon (how cool is that?) so she’s hoping she can continue her Foodie Pen Pal while she’s there! In the box Danielle sent me was three different types of tea, a tea steeper, an all organic bar (I’m sorry I can’t remember the brand because I already ate it!
J), some super cute tea towels, a wine stand and a cute little book with some delicious paleo recipes written inside! She is totally creative, and I never in a million years would have thought to put stuff like that in my Foodie package! Check it out! (The bar is missing, aka in my belly, and the wine stand is in use so I forgot to include it in the photo!).

I tea samples are Black Currant Black Tea, Pomegranate Rosehip Tea and Chinese Green Tea. I had a cup of the Black Currant Black Tea this morning and it’s DELICIOUS. I’m a huge tea fan, and I didn’t even tell her this – so she did SOOO good with this box!  Thank you Danielle! You rock!
If you’re curious about becoming part of the Foodie Pen Pal group, here are the details:
-          On the 5th of every month you receive notification of who has you and who you have to send food to. It’s your own responsibility to contact your pen pal, find out what they like, don’t like, are allergic to and the address to ship the package to.
-          You have until the 15th of the month to gather your goodies, and on the 15th you mail it out.
-          On the last day of the month you write a blog post about what you received in your box this month!
-          The spending limit is $15.
-          It must include something written, a letter to your pal or even a recipe!
For a more detailed look at the program, click here and you can also sign up if you’re interested!
I’m going to take a break from Foodie Pen Pals for a month or two, I have a ton of stuff on my plate right now so I need to figure out what to cut, and unfortunately Foodie Pen Pals made the cut list – BUT not forever, I will for sure be back!! J
For all of my fellow paleo go-ers, I’m looking for a recipe to try this weekend, and I’m curious, what’s your favourite recipe?? I want to expand my cooking pallet and I’m hoping you guys can help! I want to make something fun, delicious and totally healthy this weekend so let me know if you have anything in mind you’d think I’d like to try! J.
Do you have any big plans for this long weekend? Honestly, I’m really hoping that the whole weekend is low-key. I know C and I might hit up William’s Landing in Liberty Village or maybe check out Grace O’Malley’s and their live music on some night. We actually have to babysit my little cousins on Sunday afternoon, I’m pretty excited! Babysitting to me means catching a kids flick at the movies, and hoping they sit nicely and watch. J. I’m honestly the worst babysitter ever. Maybe I’ll come up with something creative. Not totally sure yet. Wish me luck….
Anyways, I’m off to make some more Black Currant tea, read some more of It Starts with Food and prepare my next GIVEAWAY! That’s right! On Monday I’m going to post my next giveaway, and it’s very much going to be delicious. I’m actually jealous of whoever wins it! Stay tuned friends!
Also – in case you didn’t know, for those of you who read my blog and like it, please also like my Facebook page so I can update you in real time! I actually need to start posting more on my Facebook page, so the more likes I get the more I’m going to be updating! You guys rock!
Stay sweet.

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