Thursday, August 23, 2012

Heading Into A Weekend At The Beach!

Good evening Beautiful,
I know what you’re probably thinking. It’s SO late, why is Sarah writing a blog post right now? Well, I leave tomorrow for a weekend at Wasaga Beach doing fun Bachelorette things because it’s one of my best friends Bachelorette Party! I’ve talked about Alyssa before – it’s her bachelorette party! I’m excited to go, but because I want to stick to my paleo diet, it does require some prep, so currently there is chicken in the oven, cooking, so I can cut it up and take it with me to eat on the weekend.
Alyssa’s sister is supposed to be picking up food for the weekend, and we’re to chip in for the food. Totally cool – not a problem! But the one problem is that I don’t eat wheat (gluten) or dairy. So I bought a bunch of fruit/veggies/gluten free somewhat cheat snackies to take with me. I hope no one minds. I’ve had enough of people judging what I eat as it is this week (for anyone who actually cares, I do thoroughly enjoy brussel sprouts for breakfast. I don’t see a difference between that and people who eat bacon and eggs for dinner, do you?).  I think the people that are coming to the weekend getaway will be cool and understand why I brought my own food. Well, at least I hope. I even got organic vodka to take, because let’s face it… There will be drinking happening this weekend so I might as well make it organic. I will always be honest on my blog, so I'm not denying that I will be drinking a lot on Saturday night, and consuming who knows what. My chances of sticking to my paleo diet are much greater since I have a lot of food planned out to eat, but again.. you never know, and YES - I will tell you if I succeed or not, hence "My (Mostly)  Healthy Life" :).

Here’s a sneak peak into my foodie bag that I’m taking with me too….
Some bananas, oranges, gluten free prezels, lara bars
nectarines, and there will be chicken :)
I’ve been doing a lot of thinking this week about my weekend at canfitpro and what I’ve learned, and the stuff that resonates with me the most is the nutritional information I learned from Tosca Reno. She said something that really stuck with me.. “There’s a difference between feeding your body and nourishing your body, we need to be nourishing out bodies.” and that has been in my head all week.

I’ve had a book waiting for me to read it for about 3 months now, but I’ve been busy reading all three of the 50 Shades of Grey books so I haven’t gotten to this book yet, but the good news is today I finished book 3 of the 50 SoG series so I can start on this book this weekend! The book is called It Starts With Food. I know you’ve probably all already heard of it because it’s so popular, so if you have any advice (if you can give advice?) on this book it would be great to hear your thoughts!

I finally got internet back to my laptop in my condo, and thank the sweet lord. That’s another reason why I’m writing a post this late at night, it feels good to lounge on my couch and just write again!
This week has been somewhat bad in terms of workouts and diet. I’m not sure why my diet has sucked, but I’ve been feeling so lethargic and lazy, and because I’ve felt so crappy, I could easily justify having spaghetti/garlic bread/Caesar salad for dinner last night. BARF!! I ate the two things I advise against ALL THE TIME! Gluten and dairy!! I swear to god, after I ate it I became SO gassy and burpy, so moody and SO TIRED. I was also really tired today and it just wasn’t good. I had planned on working out today, doing resistance training for my legs/abs, but alas, because of my lack of energy I managed to make it 45 minutes on the elliptical. Not what I had planned, but at least I mustered up the energy to do something.
I had mentioned in a previous post that Michelle from Push.Pump.Progress and I will be running the 10km Zoo Run here in Toronto next month. It’s literally 1 month away minus a day. Want to know how much I’ve been running? About zero. Zero running is what has happened since my half-marathon and I’m getting a touch nervous. For whatever reason I’m nervous that the 10km run is going to suck and I’m going to have a crap time, but so far I’m so not motivated to get out and work on my speed, or my hill training (there are a lot of hills in this run) or just my endurance in general. I need something to motivate me. I think Michelle and I agreed that we’re going to do 10 and 1’s, so run 10 minutes, walk 1 minute, so this weekend I’m going to bring my Gymboss timer and my J76CW clothes (the capris are great to run in!) and go for a run on the beach on Saturday morning. I’m going to not do so much drinking on Friday so I can get up and run 7-9ish km via 10 and 1’s. Wish me luck! I’d also love some motivating words, as so far nothing has been helping L.

On a fun note however, I got 4 Lara Bar samples in the mail today and I plan on tasting them over the weekend, so I'll be able to write a solid review (some of them you can't buy in Canada yet!) and then guess what - GIVEAWAY! You know how much I love Lara Bars because I talk about them all the time, but just wait for this giveaway, it's AWESOME! You will DIE. In the best way possible of course :).

Anyways my loves, I think I’m going to call this a nice short bloggy update and also call it a night. Maybe get a start on my book and see if that helps the lack of motivation!
Stay sweet.


  1. i hope that you have a great time with all of your bachelorette fun this weekend!! i was in three weddings this summer, so i know all about that! i think you should be proud for taking care of yourself and bringing your own healthy eats along with you. i do the same thing! if anyone minds, then that's just plain silly and ridiculous! youre just taking care of yourself! :o) best of luck with your upcoming race. i am sure that you will do great! happy friday! SPA LOVE

    1. Hey Jenna! Thanks so muh for your support!! I'm glad you're on my side :D :D. I'll let you know how it goes!! xoxo have a great weekend. SPA LOVE!

  2. Let me know what you think about that coconut cream pie Larabar. I had it for the 1st time and I'm in love...Love that it has coconut oil in it too! Have a great day!


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