Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Made It Through My First Zoo Race Training Run! And A Product Review

Good afternoon Beautiful,
I told you briefly that myself and Michelle from Push.Pump.Progress  are doing the Canadian Running Series Toronto Zoo Run on September 22. I also mentioned I’ve kind of been avoiding running since my half-marathon in May. Like, a lot avoiding it. I’ve ran outside once since May 6, so today (and for about a week) I thought I better get out and hit the pavement and see how much of my running endurance I’ve lost.
First things first. I always bring my workout clothes with me to work so I can run/workout/TRX on my lunch breaks, it’s great! I remember this morning, picking out a black tank top I wanted to wear because I knew I was going running outside (black is slimming don’t ya know!) and I went to grab everything from my bag at lunch, and alas – no tank top. I’m actually somewhat concerned, I’m either going insane, or I’ve lost one of my lulu tanks. I’m hoping the first, as I hate losing clothes…
Anyways, thank GOD I work in a gym where they sell gym clothes, so I found an Adidas tank top that would suffice, bought it, and out I went. I had made a sweet playlist because I really needed motivation to get up and going. I had a $15 iTunes gift card, so this was the perfect time to use it! My playlist had everything from Nicki Minage to Train to Alabama (my country roots!) and it was glorious! I have a route that I do at work, and it’s about 2.5km in length, so depending on the day I do either 2 laps (5km) or 3 laps (7.5km). Today I did 2 because I haven’t done it in months.
My sweaty self after my run! My arms look
really long....
The weather was SO great, and there was a nice breeze to keep me cool-ish while I was running. I finished my first lap in pretty good time, only stopping twice because of stop lights, but I could definitely tell I was getting tired. I went into this run with high hopes, hoping I could totally run the whole 5km without stopping – HA. So wrong…. In the second lap I stopped to walk twice not including stop lights (1 this time). The good news is I think I got a bit of colour on my arms, and that I managed to knock out the 5km in a little over 27 minutes. I am very happy with this time!! I definitely thought the walk breaks had put me behind a bit. I think the fact that my neon yellow shoes are the same colour as the ones everyone was wearing during the Olympics, they made me faster. Another great thing was that I felt SO good after finishing my run today. I totally wanted to do another lap but didn’t because I didn’t want to push myself too hard right now. I sweat a ton once I was done running, and now my skin feels so soft, and I just feel so refreshed! There’s a good chance I may get the running bug once again (depending how sore I am tomorrow I suppose!).
The bad news about this is that since I haven’t ran in months, my body is no longer used to running. It’s been like 3 hours since I ran and I’m already really tight and can tell I’m going to be sore tomorrow. My legs were already sore from yesterday’s horrific TRX session (horrific in the most amazing way possible, it was SO HARD I was crawling on the ground at some points!) so I honestly thought the run would help loosen everything up. I just feel tighter now; I even spent a few minutes stretching at the end (which I never used to do for such short runs).
My goal for the Zoo Run is to finish under an hour. I thought about trying to beat my current 10km personal best of 55 minutes, but the 10km race I did that time in was mostly downhill or pretty level ground. The Zoo Run is a lot of hills, so I’m not sure how well I’m going to do. Which reminds me, I should probably schedule in some hill training before this race and get myself somewhat prepared. The first 10km race I did I was so over prepared because it was right near the end of my half-marathon training, and I used the 10km race as one of my taper runs. This time, not so much. I ran the entire 10km race last time, and I’m hoping to do the same again, but I’m not sure how “hilly” the course is so I guess I’ll find out at the race and adjust my goals accordingly. J. From now until then (3 weeks) I’m going to be running 3x/week, twice during the week and a longer run on the weekends.
I made it through the Zoo Training Run #1!!
A little while back I was given a jar of BioCore Foods MICROgreens to try from the wonderful and generous David Levy from BioCore Foods in order to provide you with my first hand opinion on this product.
To be honest, I was a bit nervous when I first got the product because it’s really dark green powder. If you’ve ever had greens before, they’re somewhat similar. I got over the nervousness quickly and soon became really excited to try a new product. I started it the day after I got it, and had it every single day, first thing in the morning (as advised by David) until the jar was empty. I am SO in love with this product. I could easily tell I had more energy throughout the day, the taste wasn’t bad AT ALL, and I actually found myself excited to have it in the morning. I can tell that my energy has gone way down since I finished the greens, and that sucks! J. I guess that’s how they keep you coming back, no? Well, at least I can say I vouch for this product.
Where can you buy MICROgreens? Let me tell you! This product is interesting because you can’t buy it in stores, you have to buy it through a health care practitioner. With that being said, they’re very loose with the term “health care professional” and it could be anyone from a doctor, to a yoga instructor. If you’ve never heard of this product before and are interested in purchasing some, you can visit their website here, and let them know you’re looking to buy and they will put you in touch with the closest provider in your area.

I read a bit more of It Starts With Food last night, and I learned something new that I’ve been dying to share with you all (I was telling Jenny this at work today!). I learned the reason why people can eat and eat and eat crappy foods until they barf, but people tend to feel fuller after a delicious healthy meal. Crappy, processed “franken-foods” have ZERO nutritional value to them. They do not provide vitamins, they don’t provide minerals, they do nothing but sit in your stomach. Because they provide no nutrients, you’re body doesn’t really know what to do with it, because it can’t absorb anything from these foods, so the hormones in your body don’t go to brain and don’t tell you how full you are, until literally your stomach is so full that you want to vomit. Foods with a lot of nutrients in them are absorbed by the body, and the hormones in your body realize “Hey! I’ve got enough food now – thank you very much!” and sends a signal to the brain telling you that you are full.
ISN’T THE BODY SO COOL!  I might be more excited about learning this than the average person, but I wanted to share none the less, so that you learn as well and can look super cool/smart in a random conversation about food someday. You’re welcome J.
I just wanted to take a minute and give a huge shout out to Jenny (my co-worker, I’ve written about her before) AND her roommate Steph. They’ve both recently become SO EXCITED about getting healthy and fit, and it’s totally awesome! Jenny has completely quit smoking and she’s starting to eat paleo as well as doing TRX with me 2-3x/week and working out with me in the gym on other days! Steph has also recently taken to the paleo diet and she sounds SO EXCITED about it!! She has some medical issues and has researched about how the paleo diet has helped so many people go symptom free for so long so she’s super pumped to start that! So WAY TO GO GIRLS! You’re doing so well, and I’m so happy and excited for you!!
Anyways – I’m off to finish cooking dinner (I’m making Chicken Divan again… see recipe here!) and to eat. My legs are getting more sore as the hours go on, so please pray that I’m able to walk tomorrow. If I’m not TOO sore, I’m for sure running again tomorrow.
Stay sweet.


  1. oh man! i love the info you gave about the franken foods. that's seriously awesome! i absolutely love learning about stuff like that too!!! thanks for sharing, and keep up the running! spa love! :o)

    1. Glad you enjoy! I LOVE learning about food and nutrition so I always love sharing any cool findings! I'm going for an "easy" run today because I'm sore! Wish me luck! Spa love! :) xo

  2. Just finished reading ISWF as well and starting the program on Saturday!! :)

    1. That's amazing!! Good luck!! I'm only on page 55 or something and I'm dying to get home to read more! :)

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