Sunday, August 12, 2012

Sorry If The Flow Of This Post Is Strange.

Good evening Beautiful,
How did your weekend go? Did you do anything fun? See anyone special? Lucky for me, I did both! Yesterday morning my mom, dad and sister drove two hours to come spend the day/night in Toronto! It’s always fun when they come to visit. I love seeing my family; I wish they could come visit more often! They got here around 11, and then I took my mom to Liberty Village to a fun kitchen store where she found a fun new lunch bag and a paring knife. It was fun to take her to a store she’s never been to before.
When we got back, we all headed out into the rain to walk to the Rogers center to catch the Jays vs Yankees game. We dropped some tickets off at will call because even more family was coming to meet us. Eventually they all arrived and there was 11 of us in total at the baseball game. My sister and I left early to go grab some food and beverages (aka beer) for everyone after the game when they all came back to our house. We got to visit with some family we don’t usually see unless it’s a holiday, so that was super nice. Then 2 cousins left to go catch a birthday dinner and we all headed up to our other cousins house to have a delicious dinner! We had burgers and salmon, so I opted for the paleo version, a bbq hamburger patty, a salmon fillet and a TON of salad. I even passed up on desert, chocolate cake, vanilla ice cream, homemade whipped cream and cherries.
C and I had plans to go home and go out for a couple drinks last night, so we left my cousins house around 9:30 and when we got home, decided we were SO POOPED and opted for bed instead. What an intense Saturday night… just kidding J.
I’m glad we went to bed early because today I got up BEFORE 9am and decided to go for a run. I looked outside and the sun was shining and I knew I just had to get out there. This was my first outdoor run since my half-marathon in May, so I was a bit nervous to see how I did. I didn’t time myself because I just wanted to hit the pavement and enjoy my time outside. I actually felt surprisingly comfortable running outside still. I did a classic route that I did a lot when I was doing short runs for my half-marathon, so I kept it simple to see how it felt compared to when I was running more. I surprised myself and did almost 7km in abouuuut 35-40 minutes (I wasn’t watching the clock). I only needed to walk 2-3 times (plus the breaks I was FORCED to take at stoplights J) and the best part for me was when I came to the end, there was always a hill I needed to sprint up and really focus and concentrate  because it would always kill my legs. It felt SO EASY today!! I was SHOCKED! But I’m super happy about it – obviously J. Although this afternoon my one hip has been a bit sore… not sure if it’s just not used to running, I don’t think I did anything to it, but I’ll keep you posted.
I love being able to go out and just run for 45 minutes, or an hour, just because. It’s great alone time, it’s good to relieve stress, it’s so much fun to run throughout the downtown core of Toronto. For all of my new readers, in the very beginning of my training, I was running downtown and actually ran past Stacy McKenzie, one of the judges on Canada’s Next Top Model. I tweeted to her and she tweeted me back and told me next time to stop her and say hello! How sweet… I will probably never see her again L. I always seem to find fun bars, or restaurants that I’ve never seen before (mostly because when I’m in that area it’s usually at night, after a few beverages… maybe…) so I always find fun places to check out. I love running down Queen St too, I get to make a list of fun new trends I enjoy and want to try, just from some brief window shopping… man I love Toronto J.
Also, today was a big day because I WENT BLONDE AGAIN!! I was blonde for years, but one day last winter decided it would be cool to go dark (which I had been for years before I went blonde). Needless to say, I regretted going dark instantly, so today was a great day… this is how my hair looks now J. 

It’s a short week at work for me this week because Friday is the first day of the annual canfitpro conference in Toronto. Friday morning I’m going to get up, go to the convention center, and will watch, along with 5000 other fitness enthusiasts and professionals, Simon Whitfield, the Olympian, speak on stage. Lucky for me I worked for canfitpro for 4 years, and I’m still in touch with the Education Director, Maureen Hagan, on a semi-regular basis (I’ve known her since I was 13…) and asked if it would be at all possible to get a picture with her and Simon for my blog readers. She told me when and where to be, and she’ll try her best… so we’ll see! Fingers crossed for me please! I will also be meeting the Eat Clean Queen herself, Tosca Reno. Can you tell I’m only a little bit excited!? I know for a fact that she’s read this blog, because I posted about her, tweeted to her, and then she followed me on Twitter. Ah-mazing!
Unfortunately in terms of this blog post, I have nothing more to write. I only managed to get in 1 workout this weekend (my run) and I didn’t actually make anything new and exciting for food. What a bummer. I promise some more good things soon – I have a TRX workout tomorrow and Tuesday, some beach volleyball, possibly fit in a run somewhere, and then I’ll have TONS to tell you and show you next weekend including photos from the awards gala I’ve been ranting and raving about for months. You’ll finally be able to see the outfit I bought! I know how excited you are J.
I’m on #runchat tonight so I’m writing in patches. Sorry if the flow of this post is strange. :)

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Stay sweet.


  1. sounds like a great weekend for you!! i love the new hair! i had a great wkend too celebrating my mom's 50th bday at my parents house! it's so nice getting to spend time with them when i have the chance, and my mom really seems to enjoy the party we had for her!! it was all around good times! have a happy sunday night! SPA LOVE

  2. good posting about Sorry If The Flow Of This Post Is Strange.

  3. I already liked Gymboss on facebook

  4. I would use the gymboss timer for planks!! SPA love!

  5. your hair looks great lady! have fun at the conference!

  6. I already follow you on FB, now follow Gymboss on FB and would love to have a timer to use on my own run,sprint,cross training workouts as well as teaching group x classes.

  7. I tweeted!


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