Monday, September 17, 2012

And The Larabar Giveaway Winner Is........

Good evening Beautiful,

Happy Monday! Well, Monday is pretty much over… do you ever find that Monday’s go past so much faster than any other day of the week? Mine do… Today flew past! I got to work around 8:30, worked out at 1:30, left work at 5, got home at 6:30 (stopped at the grocery store), made dinner and now I’m writing… wheeeeeew!
Today was my first workout in the weight room in a long time, probably over a month. It felt good. It was somewhat busy and I had some guy tell me I looked “absolutely amazing” (score 1 for Sarah!) but I also took it easy on myself because I didn’t know how I was going to feel tomorrow morning. I did about 30 minutes of resistance training (chest, shoulders, triceps), then planks, then some tabata sprints. The whole workout looked like this:
Pec Dec, 2 sets, 55lbs, 10 reps
Lateral Raise Machine, 2 sets, 40lbs/50lbs, 10 reps
Chest Press, 2 sets, 55lbs, 10 reps
Shoulder Press Machine, 2 sets, 20lbs, 10 reps
Tricep Pressdown on Cable Machine, 1 set (I got bumped off by a PT), 22lbs, 10 reps
Rotator Cuff External Rotation, 5lbs, 10 reps, 2 sets on each side
Dips, 55lbs of help, 10 reps/8 reps, 2 sets
Lateral Raises with Dumbbells, 8lbs, 2 sets, 10 reps

Then I did a plank, for 1m31s and a side plank on each side for 45s.
10 crunches
Tabata Sprints, 10 seconds rest, 20 seconds work.
10 seconds “rest” was 6.0 on the treadmill, and work was 9.0 on the treadmill.
I was pretty sweaty by the end of my workout. A couple of weeks ago after one of my TRX sessions I had a protein shake, vanilla whey protein. It made me bloated. I’ve noticed before that I’ve been getting bloated after workouts, but it was only last week that I noticed it was after a protein shake, so needless to say I think I have a sensitivity to whey. Wonderful, because my protein was reeeeally cheap and I don’t care if I waste it (except the opposite). So today I bought this:

I’m hoping I feel better when I use this. I’m going to start drinking it in the morning. I need something to get my day started right, so I’m hoping this works! Have you ever used this before? What do you think?
Tomorrow C leaves for Quebec until Friday. Booo! I’m going to miss him! It’s the longest we’ve been apart for almost two years! I’m kind of excited to have the bed to myself, and sleep in some serious silence… although I’m a bit nervous for it to be TOO quiet, you know? Aww… I’m going to miss him. I have a lot of hugging to do tonight, to make up for 4 days!! Since most of you probably don’t know me well, I enjoy hugs, so I hug a lot, so 4 days of hugging to make up for is A LOT…. C – if you read this, toodle-loo… I love you! J I have a feeling that when he’s gone I’m either going to be a creative genius in the kitchen, or I’m going to be super lame and just eat random things and not cook so I can relax (I’m not joking when I say that I could be in bed by like 8:30 on more than one occasion this week…). Thursday is going to be a really exciting day because I’m meeting up with 3 bloggy friends! I’ve mentioned this before but obviously I’m really excited for it! We’re meeting up at 8:30, so I won’t be in bed at that time on Thursday, which means it’s tomorrow and Wednesday. J
So for the fun stuff…. I’ve got a winner of the Larabar giveaway! Drum Roll please………………………..


Woohoo! Congrats Gina – you’ve won 16 different kinds of Larabars! I need you to email me your shipping details within 48 hours, Congrats girl!! I hope you tell me how you enjoy them, and your favourite flavour!! And again, thank you so much to Larabar for providing an awesome giveaway prize!
Have a great night everyone. I’m off to spend some time chatting and hugging my man before he leaves me for four days! L Hehehe. Stay tuned too, I’m going to be announcing another giveaway on Wednesday. This is going to be the biggest and the best giveaway so far I think… it’s HUGE… I’m so super lucky to be able to share it all with you guys! Seriously though, mark Wednesday in your calendar. I’m not joking... J.
Stay sweet.


  1. Aww.. Yay Gina!! :)

    That looks like a fun workout, Sarah! Ha.. I hope you are able to move your arms to drive.. ;) I love shoulder workouts and love a good arm burn!

    Let me know how that protein powder goes! I saw it at the health food store the other day and since on Whole30 you can't have anything with whey, I thought about other alternatives. They really suggest food instead of powders, but it would be nice to know of a good natural source, and I think when I looked at that one it was all natural ingredients.

  2. Shut the front door - you just made my night! I'm down to my last 2 Larabars so this is perfect! Way to #sweatpink in the weight room, my arms are sore just reading about it! I hope you like Vega, I'm addicted to their energizing smoothies. I haven't tried their nutritional shake so I'm curious to hear how you like it. I hope the next 4 days fly by for you. :(

  3. Special worldwide giveaway in my blog!
    Head over to participate :)

  4. I love Vega! The new formula is WAAAAY better than the old formula (it was so gritty, and I had to suppress gags every time I drank it). I like the vanilla chai the best. I still wouldn't say it's the most delicious drink in the world, but it has so many benefits and is full of so many powerful whole foods, it's worth it!

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  6. Sarah,
    I have been there with the whey intolerance, and I have a suggestion for you (based on personal experience!).. I have been using Sun Warrior protein for six weeks now and have never felt better! It's completely Raw, Vegan, Gluten-Free protein powder - and is super delish! Check it out here - I love it! Much easier on the digestive system, and just plain good for you! Let me know your thoughts!
    Have a blessed day! Christie P.

    1. PS - my favorite is the Raw Vegan Vanilla protein powder - It's amazing and mixes well with everything!


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