Thursday, September 13, 2012

Thigh Highs and Bow Ties

Good afternoon Beautiful,

Tomorrow is Friday! I’ve been looking forward to Friday all darn week! I have some fun plans for the weekend. C and I are headed back to London to visit my old roommates and celebrate one of their birthdays. The theme for his birthday party is “Thigh High’s and Bow Ties”. When I heard this theme, the first thing I thought of was “AMAZING! Totally doing the 80s retro fitness gal with thigh high leg warmers.”… I quickly learned that the point is to be “sexy” and it’s more of a “lingerie” type thing that’s supposed to be done.
I thought about this for a little while…. And I hummed, and I hawed, and I pondered… I’m not one for showing a ton of skin. I’ve always believed less is more, and it’s always fun to leave something to the imagination. So this is what I’ve decided. I’m going to wear a black dress, with a black bow tie.
The rules of this party were not gender specific so I’m wearing something I’d normally wear to a party, and wearing a pre-tied bow tie. I hope no one going to the party reads this (females I mean) and then steals my idea. I think I can pull it off in a nice classy, typical Sarah type fashion – don’t you? Since it’s a house party I won’t need to wear heels (you’re welcome feet) so I might buy some cute flats to go with my outfit… Not only is the bow tie on a girl a SWEET idea, but it’s going to cost me a LOT less than having to buy thigh high whatever… Go me!
The Zoo Race is 1 week and 1 day away, and I’m fairly certain it’s going to be hard. Don’t get me wrong, I’m trying really hard to get prepared, but lately running has been hard for me! My hip hasn’t been hurting as much as it was on the weekend (thank GOD) but the runs themselves I’ve found to be hard. It might be the fact that I’ve been running during the hottest times of the day (anywhere between 1pm and 3pm), but I really didn’t think it would affect me that much since I’ve been doing such short runs. Really! I’ve only been doing 5km and I’ve been completely pooped after them. I’ve been finishing the 5km anywhere between 27 and 29 minutes so it’s not too bad, but the fact that I’m so tired after the run is a huge warning sign.
My goal for this week was to run a total of 30km. I still think this is possible, I’m 12.7km away from finishing my goal. If I can pump out 6km tomorrow and 6km Saturday (plus a little extra to make up for the .7) I should be good and ok to take Sunday off (and I’m going to need it after a night out in London). Next week however, I need to figure out how to incorporate weight training AND running. I’m for sure going to have to do some two-a-day workouts. C is in Quebec from Tuesday to Friday this week, so I’ll have all ME time this coming week! I can guarantee you that I will be in bed around 8:30pm on more than one occasion.
SPEAKING OF WHICH! I’m SO super excited that next Thursday I’m going to be meeting up with some SweatPink and FitFluential friends for some coffee! I’m excited to see Michelle again (it will be right before we run the Zoo race together!) and to finally meet Carly and Krysten (Carly is from RockThe Dogs and Krysten is from The Misadventures of a Darwinian Fail and of course, Michelle is from Push.Pump.Progress). We’re meeting up for coffee and to just chit chat. It will be nice to have some serious girl time; I don’t get a lot of it lately!
I want to be honest with you. I’ve been feeling extremely gross lately. I’m not sure why, maybe it’s because I haven’t been doing my own workouts, or I haven’t been running 4x/week (except this week) and I’ve been slacking on the workouts over the weekends, but yes, I feel gross… so I’ve really been trying to eat so well, and not skip my workouts. I think my funk is getting better. OH MY GOSH. I forgot to tell you! You know how Jenny has been doing so well with no smoking, and eating well? She started running! I ran with her a few times at work during our lunch break, but she’s now taken to running outside at her home after work! Isn’t that AMAZING? Because she’s been doing so well, I got her (and myself) a Groupon for 10 kick-boxing classes so we can try something new together! She was so super excited, it was awesome! I’m glad I can inspire her to be so healthy!
If you don’t follow me on Instagram or on Twitter, or you simply didn’t see, today I posted a picture of the article I wrote for the GoodLife Fitness Blog. I’m so excited to start writing for the GoodLife fitness blog (I will be writing for them 1-2 times per month) because I’m trying to approach it in a more constructed and more of a professional take than I do on here. This blog is basically how I think in words, where as I want my articles on the GoodLife Blog to be thought out and professional! I’d love for you to read my article and seriously give me some constructive criticism. You can check out the whole GoodLife Blog here, and my articles specifically here. Pleeeeease and thank you! J
Today I received a fun present in the mail. Some fun gluten free, dairy free, soy free, EVERYTHING free baking mixes! I’m so excited to use these and give Allergic Solution some feedback! Next weekend, C and I don’t have to go ANYWHERE (except my zoo run) so I’m going to attempt two things, to make pizza out of cauliflower and to make cupcakes from this baking mix (and I guess a third would be to figure out how to make an “ok” icing for the cupcakes). Seriously – you don’t know how excited I am. I haven’t had cake, or a cupcake of any form since my trip to Manhattan last year and I had a carrot cake cupcake from Crumbs Bake Shop. It was the biggest, most amazing cupcake I’ve ever had and I made it last over the whole 5 days we spent in NYC. J.  I will definitely be posting pictures and details about my results for both recipes!
For my new followers, if you missed it, I’m hosting a LaraBar giveaway on my blog! Larabars are also gluten and dairy free, they’re raw, and they’re deeeeeelicious! The giveaway is for 16 different types of Larabars sent directly from the generous people at Larabar themselves! You canfind the giveaway details here! I hope you enter – there’s only 4 days left before I announce a winner!
How have your fitness goals this week shaping up? Wish me luck on my run tomorrow – I’m going to need it!
Stay sweet.

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  1. So sad to have missed the Larabar giveaway - I love those! But very excited for all that you're doing with your writing and promotions!! You are such a huge inspiration! You'll have to let us know how the baking mixes turn out - they look FAB!! Thanks for your posts!


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