Sunday, October 21, 2012

2 Workouts, 2 Recipes & 1 Great Weekend!

Good afternoon Beautiful,

I hope your weekend is going as great as mine has! Did you get sweaty on both days? At least one? Let me tell you what I did this weekend!
Friday night I basically did nothing. C and I stayed in, I had my martini (remember? J) and then we went to bed pretty early! It was lovely, because I was just pooped from the week. I had plans to go to Hot Yoga with my friend on Saturday morning, so I woke up to go to the gym on Saturday morning. Unfortunately though my friend was feeling under the weather so we decided to possibly go next weekend! However, I had gotten up, gotten ready for the gym, so I still wanted to go to the gym! Honestly, I couldn’t drag my butt to hot yoga, not only because it’s not something I’m super motivated to do, but I hate doing new things by myself so I’m going to wait for my friend to come with me! J Instead, I made my way over to Liberty Village and did a BodyPump class.
Have you ever heard of BodyPump or tried a class? It’s a 1-hour full body barbell class! It’s created by Les Mills which is a group fitness company based out of New Zealand and GoodLife Fitness has the exclusive rights to all Les Mills programming in Canada. I haven’t done a group fitness class in a really long time, and figured it would be a good alternative to hot yoga. I woke up with a pounding headache, so I took some Tylenol and drank a ton of water. When BodyPump started and I was doing the warm-up, my head was pounding with every down and up movement I made. I wasn’t going to leave the class, but it was going to be painful to get through it. Eventually though, I stopped thinking about it and my headache was gone by the end of the class! Fabulous! The class was fun, but the instructor wasn’t one of the better ones that I’ve had in the past… I found myself getting confused with what she wanted us to do, her cueing was off, and she wasn’t doing movements to the beat of the music so it was kind of frustrating, but I got over it quickly. The video below is all about BodyPump!
After the gym (C was working out in the weight room), we went to Best Buy because I’m fairly certain I accidentally threw away my iPod and headphones after my race last weekend. I’m so sad and upset about it. The iPod had some sentimental value to it, it was the best iPod I owned, clipped to my shirt while I was running, and my headphones were the best headphones because they stuck inside my ear, and didn’t fall out while running. I have other iPod’s but I needed new head phones. I managed to find some, and then we went over to Sport Chek because C wanted to grab some workout t-shirts. Of course, when I was there I needed to scout out the women’s section and managed to find a running jacket from Adidas that was on sale and some Adidas compression socks! I’ve wanted compression socks for a while now to see if it helps my calves and shins recover more quickly from my runs. I also picked up some more Nuun tablets to use for post-run goodness!
We got home and I had about an hour to get some writing tasks done and then I had to get ready because we went to the Toronto Marlies game last night! It was fun, a good replacement for NHL games for sure. The Marlies kicked Hamilton’s butt, I had some Caesars, some popcorn and we saw a friend from back in London! After the game, we (Me and C and our friend and his girlfriend) went to Williams Landing for some food and drinks. I stuck to vodka soda (it’s a fairly clean drink, no sugar!) and had a Chicken Cobb salad! It was delish and a perfect way to start off the 7-day Paleo Challenge that Michelle at is hosting!
We got home and were in bed by midnight! Last night was the best sleep I’ve had all week! I woke up this morning, had some chicken to eat, a green tea and some water, showered and got out on this gorgeous day for a run. Today is my “long run” day, so I decided to do anything from 8-10km today. My run started out amazing. The weather is gorgeous today, there’s a breeze which was lovely and there was tons of people out and about being active. My legs are incredibly sore from BodyPump yesterday so my goal wasn’t to try and run it quickly, but to loosen up my legs, and just put in the mileage. The first 5km was slow, my legs were stiff, and I finished it in about 33 minutes. The second half of the run was a bit more painful because my right hip was acting up and my left ankle was getting a bit sore. The end result of my run was 10.23km in 1 hour 7 minutes. It was nice to get out during this great day and burn some calories!
Speaking of running, I have my last race of the year this coming Saturday, so I’ll be doing some running at the beginning of this week, and taking a break from it for a couple days before the race. I’m also hoping to do some more strength training workouts… Just so you know J… and then MAYBE hot yoga on the Sunday morning after my race! My race is the Toronto Women’s 8km Race, and haha, there is a water station of firemen, topless, giving out water… and they give you chocolate at the end of the race too. Isn’t that AMAZING!! Mostly because I LOVE firemen!! :)

So in total this week, I did:
Monday - weights (chest, back, biceps, legs and shoulders)
Tuesday - Ran 5.24km
Wednesday - Full body weights and stretching
Thursday - Off
Friday - Upper body weights
Saturday - BodyPump
Sunday - 10.24km run
So after my run, we took a short drive to Live Food Bar here in Toronto. My friend Tara Noelle is a photographer and shot some photos of me about a year ago and she’s doing a show of them at Live Food Bar, so I thought it’d be fun to go check them out, and to see my photos hanging in a restaurant! Haha. Check it out!

I also ended up grabbing a vegan Cesar Salad made with kale. It wasn’t bad, it didn’t really taste like a cesar salad though, the bacon was made from coconut… weird, but not gross.
Tonight for dinner I’m doing two recipes for you! Here is the first.
Stuffed Mushrooms
1 cup parsley, chopped
½ cup sundried tomatoes
½ cup pine nuts
1 clove of garlic, chopped
1 tsp of lemon juice
¼ cup of olive oil
1 (8oz) package of mushrooms
1. In a food processer (or magic bullet), place parsley and pulse briefly.
2. Add sun dried tomatoes, pine nuts, garlic, lemon juice and salt then pulse until almost smooth.
3. Drizzle in olive oil and pulse again briefly to incorporate.
4. Remove stems from mushrooms and stuff with the pesto.
5. Bake at 350F for about 30-45 minutes.

And then there was the chicken.

Baked Mustard Lime Chicken
1 pound of skinless boneless chicken breast
½ cup fresh lime juice
½ cup of cilantro, chopped
¼ cup Dijon mustard
1 tbsp olive oil
1 tbsp chilli powder
½ tsp sea salt
½ tsp pepper
1. Combine lime juice, cilantro, mustard, olive oil, chilli, salt and pepper in a food processer (or magic bullet).
2. Pulse until ingredients are well combined.
3. Rinse chicken breasts, pat dry and place in a 7x11 baking dish.
4. Pour marinade over chicken, cover and refrigerate for at least 15 minutes, up to 6 hours.
5. Bake at 350F for 18-20 minutes uncovered, or until an instant read thermometer reads 165degrees.
6. Serve with extra sauce spooned over top.

I love how delicious they look! They're both completely paleo as to go along with Michelle's 7-day Paleo Challenge which I told you about previously! Yay me! I'll also be having steamed broccoli with it, but it's not cool enough to take a photo of... :) For the stuffed mushrooms, I would probably only use about half the amount of sundried tomatoes because they were pretty overpowering. BUT still good! :)
If you haven’t seen my tweets, today my first post for my weekly column at Lifestyle & Strength went up – click here to head over and check it out! I’d love your opinion! I’ll be going up weekly, so stay tuned!
What did you do this weekend? And what are your fitness goals for the week?
Stay sweet.


  1. So cool that you're in a gallery! As an artist myself thats the greatest thing ever! Thanks for linking up and nice job this week, as always ;)

    1. It's so cool! I actually may have went out of my way to point it out to the waiter. I was sitting right below my face and he didn't even notice! lol!

  2. Bacon made out of coconut? I've never heard about that before!
    The recipes looks great!

    1. I know!! It was pretty nuts, however it didn't reeeeally taste like bacon, and it also didn't taste like coconut which is kind of odd. I could see how it would satisfy a vegan however! But really, there's just nothing like some real bacon!

  3. These are some awesome recipes!!! I love stuffed mushrooms!

    1. Thanks Danielle! I just found your blog last night, and followed you instantly! So excited to read your posts! :)

  4. I would happily try out Hot Yoga with you sometime :) Its fun, but I definitely need to be in the mood for it!

    I'm excited for the race this weekend, fingers crossed for better weather than the Scotiabank! I decided to try for a longer run this weekend and made it almost 12k (11.6 exactly, the huge country blog around my parents house), which is the longest I've ever run - and it was quick for me too, my 5k was just over 34 minutes (which is just shy of my PB) and my 10k was under 1:10!! I was thrilled. So I'm super ready for the 8k, provided that the nasty blisters I earned clear up! (WHY didn't I put vaseline on my feet!!)

    That chicken looks incredible by the way!

    1. You have yourself a date missy! Ugh yes, the weather could not be any WORSE than it was at Scotiabank. And congrats on your run! That's SO amazing!! How did you feel after?? You put vaseline on your feet? I've never heard of that before.. lol.

    2. I got the vaseline tip from a friend - just put a bit on any areas that get sore after a run usually or are prone to blisters, it helps prevent friction and lessens the chance of blisters!

      I still really want to get some compression socks, I want to know how yours are doing!


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