Wednesday, October 10, 2012

I Went 10 Hours With No Food

Good evening Beautiful,

Ok, so now I'm REALLY behind in my workouts. Today was no less stressful than yesterday, however there was no food around to stress eat...

I went to a health fair for work and I do enjoy going to these, they are fun and I usually meet some pretty cool people and hear some awesome stories about how people love GoodLife which I always love. However, usually when you go to a health fair, it's for like 2 or 3 hours. Today's health fair was 5 hours long, and they didn't provide anything to eat or drink at all. Let me give you the back story as to how my day started...

6:41am - Alarm goes off, I start doing some social media updating on my phone (I browse some tweets, check out facebook, check emails, check out my blog hits).
6:43am - HOLY SH*T I FORGOT EVERYTHING I NEED FOR THIS HEALTH FAIR TODAY!! (I had an unexpected appointment come up last night, I rushed out of the office and literally forgot every single thing I needed for today)
6:43:01am - I hop in the shower.
7:01am - I hop out of the shower.
7:27am - I'm in the car on the Gardiner heading north/east to my office.
7:41am - I arrive at my office, rush in, unlock it, plug in my computer, print all the documents I need and grab all of the swag I need.
7:59am - Leave the office to go back home.
8:24am - I'm home and I finally eat some food.

So obviously I didn't have the smoothest of mornings. Thank god I did all the work I needed to do this morning last night so I didn't have to worry about that!

So I got to the hospital at around 9:30 and things are going well! I've calmed down at this point and I've got everything set up for this health fair. I filled my water bottle up so I could stay hydrated during my 5 hours there. I made friends with a couple of guys from Dell Computers who were at the table next to me, and eventually asked "Are they providing lunch today?", to which the one guy said "Well they said NOTHING about it so I'm assuming not".


I didn't bring ANY food with me, all I had was my water bottle and my wallet, and because I was the only one at my table, I didn't want to leave it unattended so I drank enough water to keep me full during my time there. I could tell I needed food, I was getting so sleepy, my stomach was growling, and we all know how I get when I'm hungry... HANGRY. Although today was different for some reason, never once was I hangry, just tired. Anyways, I took the subway home because C was in Scarborough, and I was on the bus en route home when I decided to look in my bag for my keys, only to instantly remember I had left my keys in the car, which was in Scarborough.

My pretty mani!
To my surprise, I wasn't even annoyed at this. I probably would usually be a bit upset that I couldn't get into the condo, but all I told C was that I had to go to the bank to finalize everything for my debt consolidation and then I'd just go get my nails done while I wait for him to get home... no worries. I found out after this all panned out that C was surprised too haha, he knows me too well. So I finalized everything at the bank, got myself a very pretty shellac manicure and got home at the exact same time as C. We went to Loblaws because I need to use up my PC Points before I close that credit card, so I bought us a roast dinner tonight for $8 :). Love it!

Needless to say, when we were in the car, I was looking for my keys and I was a bit worried because I couldn't locate them in the car. So I sucked up my pride, checked my bag (which I had already checked and established I didn't have my keys), and alas... found my keys in my bag.... D'oh...

So when it comes to exercise today, you can bet that I had a treadmill run and a weight training workout ready to do when I got home today. Turns out I hadn't planned on not eating for ten hours, and I thought that it was a touch dangerous to workout on such a lack of food.... so it's going to be postponed until tomorrow AGAIN. Ugh! I need to get out of this rut so badly!! I have my 5km race on Sunday and it would be a great idea if I could get in a couple of runs between now and then.. come on body! We can do this!

The good news is that the rest of my week is very normal, so I am forcing myself to workout on lunch BOTH days (I usually skip lunch workouts on Fridays, not this week!) and I'll be working out after work as well. I'm planning on taking Saturday off so I can hang out with my family (or I might do a small weight training workout on Saturday morning). Wish me luck!

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How is your week going? Better than mine? Seriously.... what a friggen week.

Stay sweet.


  1. I definitely have been hangry BEFORE! LOL I need to try that shellac mani too! Ive heard amazing things!!

    1. Lol! I get hangry very easily, not sure why I wasn't today - but I'm not upset about it!! :). Try shellac - it's AMAZING and lasts so long and stays so shiney! :)

  2. what a crazy day!!!! oh my gosh! i seriously applaud you for being so calm and handling everything!!! i would have been nuts! especially with no food! ugh! prayers for a better tomorrow! spa <3

    1. Lol thanks Jenna!! I hope tomorrow is better too :( I'm feeling like a Debbie downer!

  3. you would think a health fair would have some type of food!? that is crazy. Love your mani! (:

    1. I know right?? I guess I know to bring food next time the company doesn't mention food!

  4. haha Hangry love it! eat something dammit! jk, i am getting exciting for the 8km race, i think our goal time is perfect! you mani looks great, i am in desperate need of one! maybe this weekend, dan is out of town so i should pamper myself!

  5. I love the term Hangry - but it generally isn't something that happens to me, I get nauseous and pouty if I'm hungry :) I don't really know if I could survive 10 hours without food though, I would probably pass out!

    I managed to pull off my first ever 10k last night - even though I was hobbling by the end of it. In dire need of Physio on my calves - which I likely won't get until after our race this Sunday. gulp!


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