Saturday, October 6, 2012

I Went Shopping & Wore Red Lipstick

Good afternoon Beautiful,

I hope your weekend is going well so far. Mine is! Last night my friend Rochelle came and spent the night here. Us and C went out to a bar called Brant House. I had planned on not drinking a lot because I wanted to get up and go to hot yoga in the morning, my lower body is reeeeeally telling me that I need to get it all stretched out. I’ve been focused on stretching after my runs, but I think I need one giant good ol’ hot, sweaty stretch session. Anyways, I didn’t drink a lot. I had three drinks before the bar and two at the bar, but this morning I woke up so dehydrated, I didn’t think it was safe to go to hot yoga already lacking a lot of fluids. It was unfortunate, but I also didn’t sleep well, so I wasn’t too heart broken. I will have to go next weekend instead… or sometime this week might work too! J
Needless to say, today has been kind of a write off in terms of a workout. I did however manage to walk around the mall for a couple hours. For those of you who don’t know me well, fitness is my first passion, and fashion is my second. I love learning about fashion, observing trends of current seasons. I take pride in making myself look presentable always. I’m slowly evolving in my personal style, and lately I’ve been really figuring it out. So today I had a few things in mind that I wanted for this fall…
  1. Mustard Yellow Pants
  2. A fur vest
I did not succeed in finding mustard yellow pants (that I liked) but I did manage to find some red capris that I enjoy immensely and a black blazer with some really cool angles in the cut, and yes, I did find a faux fur vest and I LOVE it. Here are the photos, obviously I had to take some of my new and super exciting purchases.

Lately I’ve been noticing that I’ve been spending my money mostly on gym clothes and not on every day clothes or work clothes, so I bought some non-workout clothes this weekend to make up for it. I need us to move into a bigger condo solely for more closet space. I have half of the bedroom closet which is fine, but I’m now storing a lot of pants and sweaters on the shelf above the hanging clothes. We also have two dressers, 1 of which has three drawers that I don’t occupy (they’re full of C’s stuff) and the other has 4 large drawers and two small drawers. I occupy 3 of the large drawers and both small drawers. Honestly, having dirty laundry is someone of a storage solution for us because we wouldn’t have enough space to put everything away if everything were clean… it’s craziness. Please also note, this does not include my 35 (give or take) pairs of shoes, and C’s shoe collection which is probably half the size of mine, but giant for a man.
Another fun thing I’ve been playing around with lately is lipstick. Since I started wearing make-up (a looooong time ago), I’ve always made up my eyes and played down my lips. I have big eyes and ridiculously long eyelashes and smaller lips so naturally, you want to accent your greatest assets, which for me have always been my eyes. Obviously you know there is a huge trend happening now in terms of lip stick (you may not actually know this, but you’d probably need to be living under a rock to not notice) and I’ve wanted in on this trend. I have to be honest, being a bit fashion forward has kind of always scared me because I like to blend in. I’m 6 feet tall flat foot, so when I’m wearing heels and coming in at a food 6foot3, I usually prefer to be very “basic” as to not draw even more attention to myself. Lately though, I really haven’t cared about that anymore, and I think part of it is living in such a great and large city like Toronto. I grew up in a small town (population 3000!), lived in a smaller city for 4 years  (300,000 people) but London, ON was never really a fashion forward city. It’s a great city, but it has a very small town feel to it and so I always felt I needed to look a certain way or else people were judging me and wondered “what the heck is she wearing!?”.
Rochelle actually pointed something fun out to me today. Probably 4 years ago I went shopping by myself to find the perfect birthday dress for my birthday which was fast approaching. I ended up buying a black dress, one strap, short and 100% covered in sequins. This was easily a year if not more before the whole sequin trend started and I was so unbelievably scared to wear this dress out in public because I thought it was way too much. By the time my birthday came around I realized I had spent way too much on the dress to NOT wear it out, so I did, and it was a hit! 1 point for Sarah.
The first night I wore this dress. I was nervous.
So yes, being in Toronto has brought out the “I don’t give a shit” attitude in me, because honestly, no one in Toronto cares what you’re wearing. Everyone has their own unique style here, you see EVERYTHING and eventually it doesn’t even phase you what someone is wearing. Obviously I still have opinions on what I would wear, but I’ve noticed how open I am with different types of clothing and makeup than I ever have been before, and it’s awesome! So back to last night, I decided to wear the dress which I have proudly named “Old Faithful”. It’s a LBD (little black dress), with one strap (with a bit of a cap sleeve on it), made from cotton, purchased at American Apparel probably about 3-4 years ago. I only started wearing it more in Toronto because I thought it was too crazy for nights out in London. But obviously the dress got the name Old Faithful for a reason, I wear this dress A LOT, so I decked myself out in some new accessories to make the whole feel of the outfit so much different. I wore a big gold cuff, a turquoise patent leather cross body bad with a gold chain strap, wore my hair up in a high bun and wore bright red lips with black liquid eyeliner and LOTS of mascara. Here are some pictures!

You can see my eyelashes here. 100% real baby!

Not a great picture, but that's my gold cuff!
Fun right? My lips have a bit of a red tint to them still today actually…

It’s so fun expressing yourself through fashion, whether it’s going out or staying in and reading a book or working out.  Do you have something that you could name Old Faithful?
Sorry that this post wasn’t fitness related. I promise you will get a fun fitness update tomorrow BEFORE I go and eat a huge Thanksgiving meal, which I will be watching and making sure is 100% paleo! This can be done folks! Did any of you have Thanksgiving today?  Did you stick to your diet and eat clean? Or did you cheat?
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Stay sweet.


  1. I need to find a "style." For the past few years, my only style is running/workout clothes. I need someone like you to tell me I could pull off mustard pants. I don't think this mom could pull something like that off, but who knows?

    The red lipstick looks GOOD.

    1. You never know until you try!! That's my theory. Try on anything and everything because stuff looks much different on a hanger than it does on your body!

  2. ya look gorgeous!!! my sister swears by her lipstick, and she always looks amazing! i dont think i can rock it tho! hahaha. spa love!!!

    1. I didn't think so either, but if you have confidence you can rock anything!

  3. I can't think of a single time where I've gone to Brant House and haven't come home a bit "dehydrated" :) Sounds like you had a great time!

    1. Haha, I only had two drinks!! I drak water the rest of the night...! I really don't know how it happened!

  4. I love your outfit, especially that gold cuff. So stylish:)

  5. I've always wanted a fun sequins dress, but have never found one that works right for me. I love your outfit-especially the gold cuff!

    1. Keep trying them on!! I have another one I actually have yet to wear. It might make an appearance at my Xmas party this year!

  6. the article is awesome. I like it.

  7. looking good lady!!! love the new clothes too! xox


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