Wednesday, October 24, 2012

My Big Fun Exciting News!

Good evening Beautiful,

This week is flying by for me, and I’m sure tomorrow will as well. I’m heading out to Mississauga tomorrow morning for a health fair at General Mills where I get to promote all the fun things that General Mills has set up for their employees through GoodLife Fitness! It’s pretty cool to educate and answer questions of people who may or may not be just starting out on their fitness journey. I love to encourage people to be active and healthy, not necessarily by being a GoodLife member (although that’s preferred of course! J) but just by being active in general. At health fair’s in the summer I know a lot of people don’t want gym memberships because they’re outside and running all summer, which I can totally relate to! It’s cool to meet people who have so many different stories to tell! I’m looking forward to it, if you couldn’t tell! J Then tomorrow night I’m meeting with my financial planner. Basically I’m going to give him my savings, and he’s going to invest it in mutual funds for me so that I can make a decent return on my money long term. I know not many young people tend to really think about what they want when they retire. There’s one thing I can tell you – when I retire, I want to be STRESS FREE. I have had to deal with stress, am dealing with stress and WILL deal with A LOT of stress in my lifetime. When I retire, I want to do what I want, when I want. I want to be able to travel places for however long I want. I want to buy the things I want and not have to worry about money later on. That’s why I’m cracking down and getting my debt under control now, and start saving for retirement at the tender age of 23 (24 in 1 week!). I think it’s a good idea.
So speaking of the future… I’ve got some fun exciting news to share! This is basically what I was debating about yesterday, but today I was still thinking about it ALL day so I knew I wanted this to happen. I’ve been thinking about it for months, but in the last couple weeks have been really researching into it more and more and definitely more seriously, and it’s official. As of next week I will be going back to school part-time for the next two years, enrolled with the Canadian School of Natural Nutrition and I will be taking the Registered Holistic Nutritionist course. Isn’t that CRAZY!? Yesterday I was really debating back and forth the pros and cons of doing this and ultimately I came up with a ton more pros than cons. When I start the program, I will have 2 years to finish all of the courses, and an extra two months to study for and take the final exam. A friend of mine, who actually used to be my boss when I first started working at GoodLife 5 years ago, who is taking the course right now as well and so we’re going to be able to help each other out! Very cool timing J See – we know each other! This is Allison… say hello!
This picture was 5 years ago, 15lbs heavier (me) and
my hair was like 5 shades darker than now.
One of the major deciding factors of deciding to take this course was the financial part. And unfortunately… and this is REALLY upsetting… I had to use the money I saved for my Louboutins to use for my first payment, and I’m officially not saving for those shoes anymore, so that I can save enough to pay each installment of tuition. Le sigh. It’s a sad day. And the shoes are not forgotten… they’re just postponed slightly. Don’t worry Loubies…. You will be in mamma’s arms soon enough!  So yes, my life for the next two years is going to be busy to say the least. I wouldn’t be surprised if I start blogging every other day as opposed to every single day, but please don’t judge. I need to pass this course so I can have RHN behind my name (so cool, right?). Nutrition has always been a strength of mine. In college it was the one program I excelled at, and after college I took the canfitpro Nutrition and Wellness Course, although never took my exams. Now it's time to actually do something and learn more about the subject I'm most passionate about!

Saturday is my last race of the season; I’m running the Toronto Women’s 8km race with Michelle from Push.Pump.Progress. I’m going easy on myself this week because it was kind of concerning when I ran 10km on Sunday and had some ankle pain so I took a few days off and Jenny and I went out today to run an easy 5km. We were both kind of sore in our legs from the WOD we did yesterday so we were just going out to loosen some muscles up. We did exactly 5km in about 32 minutes. Not my fastest pace, but Jenny was having a rough day (I have MANY bad running days, so I could totally understand). The run was hard for her today, we had to walk a couple of times and she was lagging behind me in the last bit so I slowed down to help cheer her on! We pushed through it all though and finished the 5km we set out to do! I hate when I have days that I feel like the run is impossible. It happens more times than not so it’s so not Jenny’s fault. She will rock her next run, I know it! She’s got this fierce competitive spirit in her and I LOVE it! She’s currently trying to beat her boyfriend at running. I’m not sure how she’s tracking it, I think by speed… so that’s really motivating her right now haha. Whatever works, right? I’m going to take the next couple days off of running so I’m not sore on Saturday morning. I think I have better runs when I don’t run for a couple days before the race. Not sure why, but I’ve noticed it so I’m definitely going to be really aware of how I run on Saturday.
I’m making spaghetti out of spaghetti squash tonight. I’m also using my mom’s homemade spaghetti sauce which I’m super excited about – check it out. Mason jar and all. I LOVE it… it reminds me of home and the country and it’s made from fresh veggies from the Mennonites farm and I’m just really excited to use it and eat it.

And this is what everything looked like after it was cooked!

So a few fun things that happened today.
  1. I got my bracelet that I ordered off of Etsy a few weeks ago. Cute!

  1. I got my nails did… including some sparkles! Pretty!

  1. David Chilton (the author of The Wealthy Barber) sent me a direct message on Twitter thanking me for being UBER excited about him being a Dragon on Dragon’s Den tonight. Wicked!

I’d love to know one cool thing that you’ve done today/has happened to you today! Anything out of the ordinary? What do you think of me taking this two year course? I’d LOVE some feedback!
Stay sweet.


  1. are one busy girl! Good Luck!
    (aunt) Dianne

    1. Hey Missy! :) Thanks for stopping by! I love that you commented. And yes, busy, to say the least... LOL
      (niece) Sarah

  2. As much as you love shoes, I think it is a very grown up and forward-thinking step you are taking to spend your shoe money on our future.

    Big cheers!

    1. Awww - thanks Elle! That means a lot!! :) <3 xoxox

  3. yeah so proud of you! so amazing you are going back to school! cant wait for sat xox
    hot nails!

    1. What are we going to do when our races are over!?! Wine nights! :) See you Sat!! xoxo

  4. Congrats on your decision lady! Proud of you! :)

  5. Congrats on the school thing!! That's super exciting, and if you can afford it and have the time do it, that's awesome!!

    1. Hey Jennifer! Haha, I'm not sure about the time, but I guess I'll end up making it somehow! :) Thanks for your support! xo

  6. Amazing!! That is so exciting, congratulations for taking the leap.

    I love that you had been saving for Louboutins - but imagine how fabulous they'll be once you finally get there :)

    Also, you may eventually want a 'plumbing fund' as I'm finding out the hard way :(

  7. I prefer to spend my free time with Mississauga plumbing, they know so much about their trade. Its hard to imagine a more professional person.


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