Saturday, October 27, 2012

My Last Race of 2012

Good afternoon Beautiful,

Today was a bittersweet day… today was my last race of 2012, The Toronto Women's 8km Race! I’m actually kind of glad because this fall the weather has been absolute crap and my last 3 races that I’ve done have been in the rain. Today was no better, and to top it off it wasn’t even a little bit warm like the other races were… it was COLD. I got out of the car and the first thing I said was “Oh.. I can see my breath”. I’m lucky to have such a great and supportive boyfriend to come with me. He got just as soaked as I did while waiting for me to cross the finish line. Luckily the race was sponsored by GoodLife Fitness (for women!) so we knew a lot of people there so C was able to hang out with them while I was running!
I met up with Michelle right before we started and then we met up with two gals I work with as well! This was my bosses first road race ever, and she was sooo nervous and excited! She ended up doing really well too! The race consisted of 420 women running either a 5km run or an 8km run. It went through Sunnybrook Park in North York, and unfortunately due to the rain, some of the path that we were running on was flooded. It got to a point where I was just running through the puddles because I was already soaking wet, so why not? J.
One cool thing about this race is that there is a water station of firemen handing out water. I’ve seen pictures of this, and they’re topless wearing firefighting pants and suspenders, basically it’s super-hot, I love firemen… I had big hopes for this. I got there and they were FULLY CLOTHED! The nerve, I’m soaking my ass off and running and you can’t manage to hand me a glass of water with no shirt on? J. Needless to say… I yelled out “AREN’T YOU SUPPOSED TO BE TOPLESS??? WHAT THE HELLLLLL!”, they laughed and apologized for my lack of luck hahaha. At least they were in good humour.
Michelle and I started out the first half of the race together and I was getting so tired (we were running like 5 minute km’s for the first half!) so I slowed down and let her go ahead, I took a few extra (but short) walk breaks and I managed to cross the finish line in 46:50. My goal was to do it under 50 minutes, but closer to 45 minutes so I succeeded!! My GPS watch and Michelle’s GPS app told us the route was actually 8.2km, so I’m sure I finished the actual 8km in sub 46! Michelle did the whole race in like 45 minutes which is AMAZING too. The two fine ladies I work with were only a little bit behind me too so we all finished in and around the same time – so awesome!
Another awesome thing about this race was the race kits! They were easily the best race kit I’ve ever gotten. It included a Mizuno headband (the green ones seen in the photos below!), a water bottle, a cliff bar, endurance drink crystals, a running gel and then the typical flyers. HOW COOL! I wasn’t going to wear the headband today but I’m SO glad I did since it was so cold out.
Here are some pictures from the race!
Me, Brad (Marketing Manager For GoodLife!),
Mo (VP Operations for Group EX of GoodLife Fitness!)
and A GoodLife Instructor - I forget her name!

Me, Tammy (Director Corporate Wellness GoodLife),
Tammy's Dad!, and Kristen (Senior Sales Manager Corproate Wellness GoodLife!)

Me and Michelle!

Me and Michelle!

I’m not putting up any of me crossing the finish line because for whatever reason I look ridiculously unflattering and they just don’t need to go public at any time J. After the race I was soaked, and freezing, and my feet were muddy and my shoes were full of water so it was an amazing feeling to get home and into the shower ASAP. I stood under the water for like 30 minutes. Just standing there, doing nothing. It was great. Even now after being home for about an hour, my feet are still cold! Oh well.  It was a great 2012 in terms of races. I did a total of 6 – 1 Half-Marathon, 2x10km, 1x8km and 2x5km! Starting out this year as a “non-runner”, I’d say that’s pretty good!
Today is obviously a pretty crappy day… what am I going to do all day. I think I’m going to make slow cooker stew! I made this delicious recipe last year for chicken stew. It wasn’t paleo as it has Stilton Blue Cheese in it as well as some flour. I’m going to try and substitute the flour for almond flour or rice flour and just suck it up that I can’t make the stew completely paleo. I will be able to post the recipe later tonight or tomorrow, but needless to say it takes about 8hours to cook so I can’t include it in this post!  Stay tuned though because this stew is AMAZING.
I also kind of want to go to the mall to buy some tea for the tea swap I’m doing… I need to send my partner some tea STAT. David’s tea never fails, I’ll pick up a bit of my two fav tea’s and send it off to her on Monday. I also have a necklace from Tiffany’s that is in dire need of cleaning… like, really badly.
That’s all on my agenda today! What are you doing on this gloomy Saturday? Did you participate in any races today? How was the weather?
Stay sweet.


  1. Yay firemen! Haha, you still kicked butt girlie! xo

  2. I really hope thats the last time I'll be in running in the rain for quite some time - although it apparently helps with my speed!

    1. Haha! The faster you run the faster you get out of the rain! I'm retiring from running (races) until 2013..!


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