Monday, October 8, 2012

Thanksgiving Monday Walk, A Pumpkin Spice Latte & A Tabata Workout

Good afternoon Beautiful,

Tonight is my last night of the long weekend, so sad. I’ve come to the conclusion that I need to win the lottery so that every day is my weekend J. No? Not realistic? Darn.
Today C and I went to go see The Bourne Legacy. I had very high hopes for this movie, because well, if you’ve seen the Bourne trilogy, you’d understand why. I can’t express how disappointed I was with this movie. Most of it was quite boring and quiet, there was one chase scene and then it was over. I was definitely angry when leaving the movie theatre…. I wouldn’t recommend this movie, buuut if you must then do it, but don’t get angry when I say I told you so J.
I had definitely planned on going to the gym today, but alas it did not work. I woke up, did two loads of laundry, we went to the 12:55pm movie, the movie didn’t let out until about 3:30, then I felt so sluggish, but I asked C if he wanted to go for a walk, since it is such a nice day today I didn’t want to miss out on some beautiful weather! I took my Canon Camera with me (and so did 50,000 other people today!) and here are some of the pictures that I took today around the area we live! (I’m not professional… don’t judge):

It was so much fun! I’m glad we went, we were out for about an hour and it was super refreshing!
Since yesterday I tried my first slice of pumpkin pie, I thought today I’d try my first ever Pumpkin Spice Latte. I know there’s a lot of hype about them lately, or maybe I’m just noticing more lately, but I don’t really see what all the hype is about! Really. It was ok, I might order another one someday, but I don’t know if I’m getting excited about them. Sorry guys… not a huge fan. The pumpkin pie was much better!
Today when I was thinking about going to the gym, I was thinking about how I could get a workout done in my 800 square foot condo. I don’t remember the last time I did a workout video, or any form of workout at home, so it definitely had me thinking… I could get in a really hard work out in about 40 minutes by doing a full body tabata workout.
For those who are new and don’t know what tabata is, it’s a form of interval training and it takes 4 minutes. You do 8 rounds of 20 seconds of work and 10 seconds of rest. I came up with a set of 10 exercises that you can perform in the tabata style format:
*1 round of tabata squats. 8 rounds, 20 seconds of body weight squats (as fast as you can), 10 seconds rest.
*1 round of tabata style push-ups. 8 rounds, 20 seconds of push-ups (as many as possible), 10 seconds rest.
*1 round of tabata style lunges. 8 rounds (4 on each leg), 20 seconds of body weight squats (as fast as you can), 10 seconds rest.
*1 round of tabata style tricep dips (you can use a bench or a chair, or the edge of the couch, or the edge of the bed). 8 rounds, 20 seconds of dips (as fast as you can), 10 seconds rest.
*1 round of tabata style jump squats. 8 rounds, 20 seconds of jump squats (squat down, jump up and squat down, as many times as you can), 10 seconds of rest.
*1 round of tabata style hip raises. 8 rounds, 20 seconds of hip raises (as many as you can), 10 seconds of rest.
* 1 round of tabata style superman (lay on the floor, activity is to raise arms over head and knees/feet off of the ground targeting lower back). 8 rounds, 20 seconds holding it, 10 seconds rest.
*1 round of tabata style crunches. 8 rounds, 20 seconds of crunches (as many as you can), 10 seconds of rest.
*1 round of tabata style planks. 8 rounds, 20 seconds holding a plank, 10 seconds of rest.
If this workout doesn’t have you dripping sweat by the end, well then you’re either really friggen fit, or you’re lying to me. I’ve had a few requests to post a workout people can do at home because they aren’t able to access a gym, so hopefully this helps! You can download a tabata style timer on an iPad or iPhone, or you can just keep time yourself. This whole workout should take you about 40-45 minutes depending on if you rest in between exercises at all (if you’re just starting, you can definitely rest between exercises, but really try and push yourself. No pain no gain! J).
Now I want to share with you my fitness goals for the week. By “the week” I mean from tomorrow until Sunday at 11:59pm.
-          3 resistance training workouts
-          4 runs (three training, and one race!)
-          Finish the Scotiabank Toronto 5km race in under 28 minutes
My parents and sister are coming to Toronto next weekend and I’m excited because we have no agenda, we’re just hanging out, we’ll take them downtown and we’re just going to do our own thing AND they get to see me race for the first time. Cool huh? It’s just a 5km race, but it will still be fun and I won’t be paralyzed at the end of it like I was after the half marathon J.
Speaking of half-marathons, I’m pretty sure I’m being forced into doing another one from the woman that made me do the first one, one of my bosses. I told her I wasn’t sure if I was going to do another one this year, and her response was “Uhhhhh…. Ya, you are.”, to which I responded “No really, I’m not sure, it was a lot of work and I was so sore after I was done!”, to which she responded “It will be fiiiiiine, you do your 3 maintenance runs during the week, and one long run on the weekends. It’s easy! Plus, it holds you accountable to running during the winter, which is ALWAYS great!”. I didn’t respond much past that because I’m fairly certain I’ve already lost that battle lol. I’m not saying it’s a for sure thing, but… maybe.
ANYWAYS I’m going to go drink my ceasar, watch the gorgeous Colin Farrel on Ellen and then start making dinner.
What are your fitness goals for the week? Are you doing any races this coming weekend? Let me know if you do the tabata style workout, and if you were sweaty!

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Stay sweet.


  1. Awesome pics, what kind of camera is that?! Great trip :)

  2. Go Tabatas! I have yet to try a pumpkin spice latte.

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