Monday, October 22, 2012

The Doctor Diaries - Part 2.

Good afternoon Beautiful,

What a wonderful day outside. I’m working from home today because I had a doctor’s appointment this afternoon downtown so it made sense not to go up to North York and come back, but to hang out and work from the comfort of my living room until it was time to go. There’s actually a little farmers market happening below me in a park (in the middle of downtown Toronto) that I’m thinking of going over to check out... Wonder if it will be real farmer’s market prices, or if it will be “veggies from downtown Toronto” prices?
Remember him? How could you forget!
Today, I had a doctor’s appointment. Yes, with the same doctor I wrote this post about (it's technically "The Doctor Diaries - Part 1, but I just thought of the name now, so too late... ). My most favourite doctor ever. Today I learned that he’s ran 3 marathons. Say what? Yes, three marathons. If I didn’t have a total crush on him before, I DO NOW! J. When I heard this, I was so impressed and so interested in how fast he runs, I had to look him up on Sport Stats and check him out hahaha. Don’t judge. He doesn’t really dive into the realm of personal information when we’re in our appointment together, but to give you an idea this year he did a 5km in 21 minutes. Sweet lord! I get excited about 28 minutes. He must float through these races. He did a full marathon in 3:49. AH. So fast… Obviously I need to listen to his advice more often seeing that he’s a fellow diabetic on an insulin pump, and a runner. We have so much in common! J I wish he would run a race with me someday. We could be pump wearing diabetic running best friends!
Anyways, I had some blood work done because he needed to see how the glucose in my blood is doing, and I wanted him to check me out (ha) because I’ve been so tired lately… Like, I could have a nap any time, need coffee to stay awake type tired. He checked my thyroid and I have to go back in a month to get it checked out again. I hope nothing too crazy comes from it, but I’d really love if I could get some energy… I don’t think I even know what it feels like to be energized. He also gave me this cool website that I can upload my insulin pump information onto so I don’t have to write it down anymore which is GREAT. I get to upload it once every couple of weeks, and then I can see the patterns and if he wants to he can go see in the patterns as well. Basically that means I need to be verrrry good with my sugars and testing. The goal until my next appointment is to measure and weigh all my food for very accurate carb counting, testing my blood sugar right before I go to bed (I know I’m supposed to, but since I usually eat so late I count that as “bed”.. turns out I’m wrong) and get blood work done in 1 month and then again early March. Go me! So I’m going to be following up weekly with you and letting you know if I’ve been really counting my carbs (via weighing all of my fresh foods on my food scale and seeing the carb count) and testing my blood sugars before bed.
Today I’m deciding not to exercise. Not because I didn’t want to, but because my legs are so stiff, that it hurts me to walk normally. During BodyPump on Saturday we did like 100+ squats and lunges and then mix that with my 10km run yesterday it resulted in concrete legs today. I’ve been stretching them out slowly all day and they’re getting a bit better, finally. So that’s all I have for you in terms of exercise today.
Tomorrow I’m planning on going for a small run, about 5km. I’m kind of nervous because I don’t want  my ankle to hurt. Today it’s still a bit tender but much less sore than after my run yesterday. I totally should have iced it when I got back from my run but at the time I didn’t think about it. I wore my compression socks all day yesterday after my run and my calves are feeling surprisingly fine! Same with my shins. I feel like I was thinking about it a lot during my run and I may have felt like my shins were getting a bit tender but I’m not sure if it really was them getting tender or if it was me thinking about it a lot. Do you ever find that? Where you all of a sudden have some pain somewhere because you just think about it too much? It’s kind of like the headache I had when I went into BodyPump on Saturday. I was thinking about it in the beginning, but the less I thought about it, the less it hurt and it was gone by the end of the class.
We’re 19 days out from my birthday party and I think I’ve been doing ok in terms of looking SHHHHMOOOKIN’ for my party! J Hahaha. I’ve been eating well, sticking to my paleo diet and getting in quite a few workouts. I think on the days that I run during my lunch break, I’m also going to start doing 30-45 minutes of resistance training as well. Two-a-daaaays!! Only a couple of times per week I think. They’re sometimes exhausting, and sometimes they wake me up after a long day. Do you go for the “two-a-day” often? If so, what do you do? Running/weights? Running/yoga? Yoga/weights? The possibilities are endless! I’d love to hear what you do!
Poor C is suffering from a flare up of gout. He gets these every so often and it's super painful for him. He can barely walk, the weight of a bed sheet is too much and causes his severe pain if it's on his foot. He's been trying everything to get rid of it, this morning he had a shot of apple cider vinegar, and then tonight he found a website about curing gout, and so now he's trying baking soda in water every 2 hours. I hope this works. He had me ask my hunky doctor what he should do and of course the doc told him he should go in and see someone about it. They would give him one type of meds that would make the flare up go away pretty quickly, and another med that would lower the uric acid in his body since he's having flare up's pretty frequently. I hope he feels better soon :(.
Tonight for dinner #3 of the 7-day paleo challenge that Michelle @ Push.Pump.Progress is hosting is a half of a salmon fillet, and brussel sprouts with some squash. It’s kind of a boring dinner because I’m not whipping up a new recipe today, but simple dinners are sometimes my favourite. The distinct taste of each individual food is amazing! It took me a while to realize how great and flavourful each food is, the sweetness of the squash, the saltiness of the salmon... YUM! I’m thinking of baking the brussel sprouts. I’ve seen people doing that here and there so I’m going to give it a shot!
For those who have never cooked up salmon before, you should. You can find the benefits here, and also because it’s really easy. You should buy fresh (it’s a bit more expensive but so worth it), and heat up a frying pan with some butter and minced garlic, put the salmon in once it’s hot, and sprinkle some chilli pepper flakes on top along with some either dried herbs or fresh herbs. I cook for about 7 minutes and then flip and sprinkle the same herbs/chilli flakes on top and wait until the bottom half is cooked, then remove from heat and sprinkle with some more fresh herbs! The fillets we get are HUGE so I end up eating about half. Voila!

What did you have for din tonight? Did you workout today, or rest like me?
Stay sweet.


  1. oh man! your salmon looks so good! thats one of my fave foods! i actually had scallops and squash tonight! i am so glad that you have a great relationship with your dr. i will be saying prayers for your health and the results to come with your testing! it was a yoga day for me today! love it!! hope you have a fabulous day!spa love!

    1. Mmm I love scallops! Did you wrap them in bacon? That's my fav paleo meal, but I don't eat it often! Thanks for your thoughts/prayers Jenna! :) xoxo

  2. I did a two a day...I'm now super sore... ;)

    1. Awesome! What did you end up doing?

  3. looks delish!! i made the chicken you posted yesterday but added thyme and rosemary instead of cilanto!

  4. mmm Salmon.

    Also, Handsome Doctor Man :)


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