Wednesday, November 21, 2012

A "Not So Hot" Yogi... But I'm Trying.

Good afternoon Beautiful,

Today has been, well, a fairly lazy day for this girl. I woke up at 8:30 because I planned on going to GoodLife for hot yoga at 11. I left the condo at 10 and walked about 45 minutes to the club fairly nervous about the whole venture (remember how I hate doing new things alone?). I got there, saw a couple familiar faces (I used to work with the staff there!) and made my way into the hot yoga studio. Except…. I walked in, and it wasn’t hot… and no one was in the room. The instructor was there, she asked if I come to that class often so I said no, and that I hadn’t done hot yoga in almost 3 years. That’s when she said that this class wasn’t hot.
Ok – so what the heck. I was definitely annoyed that I had woken up and gone to this gym and was in a class in the hot yoga studio, which wasn’t hot yoga. I was a bit confused, obviously. Whatever, so I was already there, I couldn’t just leave so I stuck around for the 45 minute non-hot yoga class. I’m not sure if you’ve heard my opinion on yoga/hot yoga before. Basically it takes A LOT for me to go to a yoga/hot yoga class because I don’t usually enjoy it and I don’t feel like I get a good workout. Today was the first time I’d done a YogaFit class, and I have some pros and some cons to keep my opinions equal.
- well, it wasn’t hot yoga which I had planned on. I assumed the classes on the hot yoga schedule were indeed, all hot yoga.
- I didn’t sweat, I felt like I should hop on a treadmill after to actually get my workout in.
- The instructor was using a ton of weird words which I’m assuming was another language and I have no idea what they meant.
- She didn’t do the whole class with us (she walked around a lot) and I couldn’t see someone doing the moves when I didn’t know what the weird words were.
- Apparently in yoga everyone goes at their own speed, which I find odd – I’m just used to doing a class where everyone is doing the same thing.
- I find it awkward to try and breathe loudly, so I didn’t…. but it was still a bit odd.

- My muscles were tight from yesterday’s jump squats and I did find that it helped stretch out my lower body
- I can feel my back muscles are sore, but that also might have been from the workout yesterday
- It was warm because of being in the hot yoga studio. The other studios I’ve done yoga in have been cold and it’s hard to get a good stretch in.
- It was relaxing in the darker room.
- The instructor was really lovely!
I guess the best part of the class was the fact that I got to stretch out my legs. That, and because I think the universe is against me doing hot yoga, I’m going to go and do HOT yoga on Friday. Take that! The good news in terms of the Frosty Fitness Challenge is that I’ve never done a YogaFit, authentic yoga class before. I’ve only ever done BodyFlow which is a Les Mills program, a combination of Tai Chi, Yoga and Pilates so it was definitely cool to try something different today!
The whole zen of the yoga class put me in a very relaxed mood however. I came home, make some bok choy, mushroom, beef stir fry and decided to do some studying. I think my first mistake was crawling into bed with my books, because I answered all of 1 question in my study guide before I set everything aside and rented a movie on Rogers On Demand. I decided to watch the Katy Perry movie! Have you seen it? I cried on more than one occasion during the movie. I am a big Katy Perry fan, not just because I love her music but because of her. Check her out.

She is one of the few stars today that looks NORMAL. In the movie she talks about eating Chic-Fil-A for lunch, Taco Bell for dinner, and Pizza for lunch the next day. There’s also a lot of clips of her working out with a trainer, but all in all she doesn’t feel the need to be the size of a tooth pick and I think that’s extremely inspiring to young women today.
Then after the movie I totally napped. Rough day right?
I haven’t updated you on my Sugar Strike in a while! 40 more days to go and so far I’ve done pretty good I think. There have been two times where I had sugar and shouldn’t have. The first was last weekend when I was out in London and got forced to try my friends Long Island Iced Tea (just a sip, not a whole drink) and the second was when I was out for dinner with Michelle and I ordered a cocktail – duh, I totally forgot about my Sugar Strike when I ordered the drink. Frig!
There have been a couple of other times where I had to have sugar because my blood sugar went low. That’s for a medical reason, so it doesn’t count – right?
Are you taking part in the Sugar Strike with me? What about the Frosty Fitness Challenge for this week? Have you done any new activities? If so – I want to hear about it (leave me a comment!)!! Click here for this weeks details, and use the hastage #FrostyFitnessChallenge on Twitter and Instagram to get your entries!
If you had a day like me today and would prefer curling up and sipping on some tea, make sure you enter my NourishTea giveaway! Click here for the rules and Rafflecopter to get your entries!
Stay sweet.


  1. No sugar strike for me - not with VACATION in TWO DAYS. omg. so excited. Definitely packing my gym clothes because there is just SO MUCH FOOD on cruise ships. Don't even get me started on the pump cheese.

    I totally understand the amount of effort it takes to psych myself up to do any kind of yoga class, especially hot. I haven't done a hot yoga class in well over a year - so maybe we should bite the bullet together? I'm going to be a bloated toxic wastedland in a week from now, so it would do me some good!

    1. Hey Missy! Have a great time on your vacation!! I think we should do it together. Send me a text when your back and we can plan a weekend morning hot yoga date? :) lunch after perhaps?


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