Sunday, November 11, 2012

Birthday Party & A Frosty Fitness Challenge!

Good afternoon Beautiful,

I haven’t posted for two days and it pains me! I love posting on my blog. I love sharing my life… but sometimes, life itself just gets in the way. I had Friday off of work because I had an extra two vacation days to use that I had forgot about and I figured Friday was a good day to take off because I was having my birthday party and I could get everything clean and ready to go. I spent most of my day doing some reading and learning for my Holistic Nutrition course, I did some cleaning and a girlfriend of mine took me for a shellac change! J (that’s getting my nails done for those who don’t know what shellac is). Originally I was going to go to hot yoga with Marina but I bailed (sorry… I know…) so I could get some extra cleaning done for my birthday party. She didn’t mind and we met up after the class and had a good chat while we got our nails done. Then I came home keen to do some more studying but realized I was a bit tired, so decided to have a nap in preparation for staying out late. I’m glad I did… it felt amazing.
When everybody got to our place, basically my condo was packed full of people. It was pretty insane. Marina did my hair for me (it was super cute!) and I wore a dress that I’ve had for a few years but don’t wear often to try and be frugal and save some bucks. I got to chat with most of my guests and then we made our way to Crown Bar & Lounge for some fun! We danced and danced and drank and drank and all was well! I admit that I ate half a sub after the bar, but I didn’t even care (at that moment)… it was delicious! I had 2 friends stay in my condo overnight and two other friends stay in a guest suite in my building which was super convenient. I got up yesterday morning around 8:30am (after not going to bed until 3am) and felt oddly ok. I was really expecting to feel like a bag of crap after drinking a lot, but I think because I stuck to vodka/soda and vodka/water I managed to curb the hangover. One of my besties Rochelle brought me a bottle of Skinny Girl Peach Margarita… and it was AMAZING. I loved it – so far it’s my favourite Skinny Girl cocktail! The tequila was probably the reason I was so hyper all night. Oh well – it was FUN!


After everyone eventually woke up, around 12 and finished showering and getting ready it brought us up to about 2pm. We went out for what was supposed to be “brunch”, but was probably more like “lupper” to a really cool diner near Bathurst and King! I’m not sure what it’s called, but it was delish! I had a spinach salad with pecans, cranberries, chicken and goat cheese (I did eat the goat cheese and it was creamy and delicious) and a mimosa! One of my friends, Aaron, had what was called a “grilled cheeseburger”. Basically it was a cheese burger, buuuut the bun was two grilled cheese sandwiches. Holy eff right? Needless to say he took half of it home for dinner. I probably would have been a bit concerned had he ate the entire thing. We came home, three of the 6 people we were left went home, we hung out with Alyssa, Trevor and Justin (Alyssa’s brother) for a few hours and then they were off to Trevor’s cousins to see a basketball game! C and I ordered dinner (Thai – I had spicy lemongrass soup!) and then watched a couple movies and crashed in bed… I think I was asleep before 9:30… on a Saturday night… jeez… 24 really is the turning point of oldness. J
Today has been spent down in the community room of my condo reading and studying and not being distracted (I’m writing this post as a little break since I’ve been reading about protein for 3 hours already). I was reading up on amino acids and it got into monosodium glutamate (MSG) briefly… did you know that 85 million pounds of MSG is added to the overall US food supply each year? I’ve grown up knowing the scary facts about MSG because one of my aunts is a naturopath and when she was doing her schooling (I think….. I was young at the time) she started telling everyone how bad MSG was for you, but of course at the time I had no idea what it was. I think I was in grade 1 when I first remember hearing about it. I also know that MSG makes a different aunts ankles swell, makes my dad’s stomach upset, and basically is just a bad, bad thing that should never be entered into your body. But do you really know why you shouldn’t consume it, what it does to your body, or what it even is?
MSG is actually Monosodium Glutamate and it looks like a white powder, similar to salt and probably the most common food additive out there. Industrial food manufactures market and use MSG as a flavour enhancer because it balances, blends and rounds the total perception of other tastes. Glutamate is a naturally occurring amino acid that the body uses and needs. The synthetic manipulation and processing of glutamate produces a form that is not found in nature. MSG has been labeled an excitotoxin because it is thought to have the ability to overstimulate cells to death, acting as a poison. Many people link headaches, flushing, poor attention and other symptoms as well as diseases such as fibromyalgia to MSG intake. Research has documented several effects related to MSG including burning sensations of the mouth, head and neck, weakness of the arms or legs, and upset stomach. The scary part is that MSG is hidden in food labels under a variety of different names such as “broth, casein, hydrolized, autolyzed, gelatin, hydrolyzed vegetable protein, yeast extract, malted barley, rice syrup or brown rice syrup” making it really hard to identify. As the FDA continues to vouch for its safety, scientists have known that it causes obesity since the 1960s.
Basically, cut it out of your diet NOW! I know when I eat MSG… I get so bloated and soooo tired and fatigued… Do you have any experiences with MSG?
On a happier note now however, I’m excited to bring to you something Michelle and I have been working on for a few weeks now, the Frosty Fitness Challenge! In the essence of the holiday’s, we wanted to give back to our amazing fitness & health communities by hosting a 5 week series of amazing challenges to help keep you active and motivated as the weather turns, well… frosty! Each week we are going to announce the challenge for the week! We have 5 amazing challenges, and of course – some AMAZING prizes that we’ve gathered. We will be announcing the challenges on the next 5 Sundays and we will be using both of our own blogs (Push.Pump.Progress and My (Mostly) Healthy Life), as well as Twitter (@pushpumppro and @sarahohm – we’ll also be using hastag #frostyfitnesschallenge), and our Facebook pages (Push.Pump.Progress and My (Mostly) Healthy Life). We urge you to make sure you’re following both of us so you can stay up to date with what’s happening in the challenges and in case you happen to win a cool prize! We have everything from Chickbands, to a SweatPink Prize Pack, to a Bondi Band to a Girls Gone Sporty t-shirt and goodies from our friends at the Eat-Clean Diet and Whooha gear as well! You DO NOT want to miss out the chance to win these!
Also – for each challenge and because it’s the holidays we’re going to give extra entries for anyone who shares photos of themselves doing good in their community! Whether it’s through donating clothes or food, or volunteering at your local food bank – we want to see it!!
The challenge for this coming week (November 12-18) is………..
Drum roll please!
Run as close to 20km as you can (12.4 miles) over the course of the week!! We have 3 prizes for 3 lucky winners this week, 1 for the closest to the goal/most km’s beyond the goal, 1 for hitting the goal with the best team spirit and 1 for hitting the goal and 1 for someone who may not have hit the goal, but tried really damn hard! We really want everyone to strive for hitting the 20km mark and if you go over that’s even better! That’s a 5km run, 4 times this week! I know there are A LOT of you that can do that!!
Please post #proof pictures to your blogs/facebook/twitter/instagram over the course of the week and we will be keeping track of everyone taking part, don’t forget to use the #FrostyFitnessChallenge hashtag ! This week’s prizes are BondiBands and ChickBands! You can check each company out in many different ways:
Websites – BondiBands and Chickbands
Facebook – BondiBands and Chickbands
Twitter – Bondibands and Chickbands
You can let either Michelle or I know if you have any questions! We are SO EXCITED to start this!!! I hope a lot of you take part!
This week I had some delicious potato leek soup (that I posted about) and I wanted to attempt to make my own somehow… so today I’m doing just that.
2 dried bay leaves
1 teaspoon crushed dried rosemary
2 sprigs fresh flat-leaf parsley
½ tsp whole black peppercorns (I didn’t use this as the recipe required)
1 ½ tbsp olive oil
2 tbsp unsalted butter
2 celery stalks cut into ¼-inch dice
3 leeks, white part only, washed well, thinly sliced
2 shallots, diced
3 cloves of garlic, minced
1.25 lbs of Yukon gold potatoes, peeled (I didn’t peel – too many vitamins go away when peeled!) and cut into 1-inch pieces
4 cups chicken stock
½ cup of milk
¼ cup heavy cream
Salt and freshly ground pepper
  1. Ok – I didn’t do this step because I didn’t read it and therefore didn’t have everything required. But this is what it says to do. Make a bouquet gami: First wrap bay leaves, rosemary, parsley and peppercorns in a piece of cheesecloth. Then tie with a piece of kitchen twine, and set aside.
  2. Heat olive oil and butter in a medium stockpot. Add celery, leeks, shallots and garlic; cook on medium-low heat until very soft, about 45 minutes, stirring only occasionally. Do not brown. Add potatoes, stock and reserved bouquet gami. Cook until potatoes are very tender, about 40 minutes. Remove bouquet gami and discard. (I threw the bay leaves in the soup, the dried rosemary and then cut up the parsley and threw that in. I figure I’m going to be blending it and will remove the bay leaves before that. Meh.)
  3. Working in batches, pass half of the soup through a food mill (I assume this means blender or food processer) fitted with a medium disk, into a large saucepan on medium-low heat to warm soup. Slowly stir in milk and cream and season with salt and pepper. Serve hot. ( I blended all of the soup… not just half!)
You can make this paleo and lactose free by using coconut milk instead of the cream and milk. I wish I would have done this – too late… next time I will for sure! This weekend was an epic fail in terms of workouts, which means I didn’t work out at all… so I should be eating as clean as possible!!
Last but not least, don’t forget about the David’s Tea giveaway I’m doing! There’s only 2 days left to enter, so you can click here to be takento it directly to enter!! Good luck everyone!
Stay sweet.


  1. It sounds like a great birthday party, and the dress looks fantastic!! ~spa~

    1. Hi Caroline! Thanks for stopping by, and thank you for the kind words!! :) spa love!

  2. so glad you had an awesome birthday! you looked beautiful!! <3 spa love

    1. Hi Jenna! Thanks so much!! spa love!! :)

  3. What a super fun day. Happy Birthday! I think one day, I so will have to try a grilled cheeseburger. But I am going to have to hunt down the Skinny Girl peach. I have not seen that flavor yet.

    1. Haha - I admit, I put the Grilled Cheeseburger on my bucket list as well!! It was SO BIG!! :) I'm not sure where my girlfriend got it... I think just the liquor store!

  4. Glad you had a great birthday!! That peach margarita sounds awesome! I'm going to try to do the challenges. Is it ok if I walk and maybe run a little for the first challenge?

    1. Hi Trish! Thanks! The birthday was great! It was awesome.. and yes of course!! We aren't judging the time it took to get the distance, just the total distance!! :)

  5. I want to give this a try, here's hoping my health cooperates :)
    Ps your blog is amazing ;)

    1. Haha thanks girl! You should totally try... the other challenges aren't running so maybe you can kill those ones!!

  6. LOL! You think going to sleep at 9 pm is bad... I turned into an Old Granny when I turned the ripe age of 18 years old!! Bed by 10... Latest 11, nightly, but honestly, I feel AMAZING because of it!

    1. Haha sleep is my favourite thing EVER... I could nap anywhere, anytime!! So glad I have a fellow sleep advocate :)

  7. Of course you ladies set up a Running Challenge the week after I sprain my ankle :( Boo! I'm so upset to be side tracked from running right now - things are healing really well but its still very frustrating.

    Hope the challenge goes well though - 20ks is a great goal for a week, I might try it out once my ankle is back in action!

    Looks like your party was super fun :) Wait until your 30th and your hangovers last 2 days. Oy vay.

    1. What! Girl! How did you sprain your ankle?? The good news is that this is the only running challenge we're doing so you should be able to participate in everything else! I'd be super excited if you did!!

      Sometimes my hangovers last that long... it's why I don't party as hard as I used to! :( SO sad. Hehehe...

    2. Sprained it running last week actually :( In one dark spot on my run I managed to step on a rock and roll off it pretty badly - bah. So annoying. But I think I should be back on running by next week! It already feels fine, I just know that any uneven surface right now would put an end to that.

  8. Hi! Im from, can you please follow me through GFC so I am able to visit your blog more frequently? Thanks!!


  9. Sounds like a great party...and a good soup too!

    1. Thanks DJ Andy!!.... If that is your real name?:)


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