Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Blog PR!

Good evening Beautiful,

I sit here tonight munching away on some more pomegranate that I bought tonight at the grocery store wondering if people really love pomegranates or do people actually really love the David’s Tea Giveaway I started yesterday… because yesterday my blog got a whopping 750 hits!! That is officially a new blog PR for this girl. It also brings me to over 1000 published comments and over 220 followers just with Google Friend Connect, not including people who subscribe via email, people who subscribe though another blogging website and people who just read my blog regularly. So a huge thank you to everyone who reads! I don’t think I would be so motivated to do what I do every day if it wasn’t for such cool people like you (yes, you) who read my thoughts on a daily basis – you guys ROCK!
Today it took me 1.5 hours to get to work. This is not normal because normally I drive to work. Today I took public transit and have a whole new respect for a) people who take the TTC regularly and b) driving. I just thought I’d share that with you.
Today when Jenny and I went for a workout I needed to snap a photo of myself lifting weights for the Lady Lifter Spotlight that I’m being featured in tomorrow. So I got Jenny to snap one of me squatting. I’ll admit, I have scronny legs and I originally put this much weight on the barbell to make it look like I could squat heavy. Turns out it was actually a good weight for me to use!! Check it.

I really need to start working on my calves – they are the smallest flipping thing on my body.
So we did a really sweet lower body workout today (since yesterday was mostly upper body!). It wasn’t a circuit like we did yesterday, but I think it’s still going to hurt tomorrow. We did:
Back Squats w/ 50lbs on the bar
Walking lunges holding a 12lbs medicine ball over our heads
Leg Press
Leg Extension
Leg Curl
Ab crunches with 12.5lbs weight on our chest
The ab exercise where you pass a stability ball from in between your feet to your hands and back
Since my birthday party is Friday I really want to get as nice and toned as possible before then since my dress is short, I must focus on my legs! Tomorrow will be my second last workout before my birthday so tomorrow and Friday will both be super hard, sweat a ton full body workouts. Luckily for Jenny she gets to workout with me tomorrow so I know she’ll be SUPER impressed (insert sarcastic tone here).
Because my birthday party is on Friday and we’re having about 20 people over to our 800 square foot condo (ha) we bought some foods for everyone and of course, it got me thinking about the food and why it’s good/not good for you. My area of interest today was Pate or in layman’s terms, chicken and pork liver mashed into a spread.
I know a bit about liver already and why it’s best to avoid eating it. We all know what the liver does right? It filters the toxins out of your body. So technically it should do the same for the animals that the liver resides in. You probably don’t know much about what a pig eats in a day but I wouldn’t put it past it to eat some poop here and there. Because poop isn’t a good thing to consume, the liver would basically filter it out. Then the pig gets chopped up and they use that same liver for pate, or liver and onions… I will 100% admit that I will probably eat some because I think it tastes amazing, but I’m going to try and not consume it for the aforementioned reasons.
Also – I plan on making caketini’s for my guests. They are basically the least healthy drink ever BUT it looks very pretty.

It consists of vanilla frosting rim dipped in sprinkles. The drink itself is 2oz of cake vodka, 2oz of diet grapefruit soda and then I just topped the glass off with more grapefruit soda. It’s definitely good and will be a good drink to toast with, but I won’t be able to drink that all night. I’ll be drinking clean the rest of the night with my traditional vodka/soda/lime slice. The lack of sugar decreases the chances of a super bad hangover and the water in it helps keep you hydrated despite the alcohol! It’s a perfect situation in my opinion J.
If you were not one of the 750 people that checked out my bloggy yesterday, you missed the announcement of a really cool giveaway I’m having – David’s Tea! It’s a 50g packet of Vanilla Orchid loose leaf tea! For the giveaway and how to enter, you can click here!
Have you gotten in your workouts this week? What have you been doing? Do you have any fun plans for this coming weekend?
Stay sweet.


  1. Haha.. love that you only put that weight on to pose for the pic! ;) Sounds like a killer workout!! Here's the link to your post which will be posted at 6:00am tomorrow!

    1. Hey Jennifer!! It looks so good! Haha - and ya.. I'm kind of a dork, but it worked out! :)

  2. Liver ewwww! haha.
    That cake-martini looks amazing!! I will have to try it sometime!

    1. Haha!! Pate is good though!! :) You should try and make it - it was delish!

  3. wow that is a lot of hits! congrats! If I get 150 I'm happy! (: haha

    1. Thanks Danielle!! You're doing so well!!

  4. Happy blog PR! And for Friday - happy birthday! I am a vodka lime and soda girl too, but sometimes, cocktail is the only option ;-)

    1. Thanks Kate!! I'm sure I will have more than 1 cocktail ;)

  5. Congrats on so many hits! going to check out your giveaway now!!!

  6. Those caketinis look really yummy!!

  7. Congrats on a new PR for your blog:) It's always exciting to reach big milestones! That caketini looks AMAZING!

  8. Those caketinis look really yummy. Its great. I like very much.

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