Thursday, November 22, 2012

Brussel Sprout Chips On My Rest Day

Good evening Beautiful,

Happy Thanksgiving to all my US readers! I blame the US holiday on the lack of anything social media happening today – I guess its ok for one day. Let’s get back at it tomorrow, shall we?
Today I went to a Health Fair even though I was on holidays. It was only 2 hours of my day so it wasn’t a big deal… it was actually pretty dead and the walk there took about 35 minutes and I wore my new wedge boots and by the time I got to the event my feet were aching. Thank god there were chairs at the function or I would have had to take my boots off. Needless to say I took the bus home, it was so worth that token.
When I got home I was super hungry and realized I had bought brussel sprouts because the Nom Nom Paleo app that I have has a recipe for… wait for it…. BRUSSEL SPROUT CHIPS! You all know how obsessed with kale chips I am, well OMG – these are equal, if not better than kale chips. It’s basically the same premise as kale chips.
Brussel Sprout Chips
2 lbs of fresh brussel sprouts
2 tbsp butter or ghee
Sea salt to taste
1. Cut the ends off of the brussel sprouts and peel the first layer of leaves off, discard of any additional weird coloured leaves. Peel all the brussel sprouts into individual leaves and put them in a big bowl.
2. Melt the butter or ghee in the microwave for 20-30 seconds
3. Pour the butter over the leaves and mix them up.
4. Sprinkle with sea salt to taste.
5. Put them onto a baking sheet lined with either parchment paper or tin foil.
6. Bake at 350F for 8-10 minutes (I ended up putting it on broil for a few minutes as well)

After I was done eating, I tackled the one thing I’ve been DYING to do for weeks now. WRAP PRESENTS!! I had a total of 4 presents to wrap today and I got them all done. Unfortunately I ran out of ribbon and I’m out of bows that match my wrapping paper so I need to go to Costco tonight to get some. Well, I don’t NEED to go tonight, but I really want to because I love finding fun Christmas stuff to decorate with. Maybe I’ll get thick ribbon and YouTube how to make bows with them. Hmmm… now the cranks are turning in my head. How do you wrap presents? Do you make your own bows or go the “pre-tied” route?

Not only did I get to wrap some presents today, but the Christmas cards that I ordered from VistaPrint came in the mail today so now I get to send them out to all of our family members and friends!! I love the holidays J.

Today I took the day off of working out and I think I needed it. I noticed my body felt really tired last night while I was lounging in bed watching The Bachelor Canada (as much as I was a Whitney fan, I did also really like Bianka! I’m SUPER happy it came down to those two girls… not sure why Whitney went all insane at the end though, GO BIANKA!! They’re the cutest thing and the whole ending for sure made me cry) and because I was at the health fair for a lot of the day today I decided just to rest. Rest is super important even though I always feel bad when I take a day off of exercise, here are a couple of reasons why you and I shouldn’t feel bad about taking a day off…
-          Rest is the time that the body adapts to the stress of exercise and real training effect takes place.
-          Rest allows the body to replenish energy stores and repair damage tissues.
-          Without sufficient time to repair and replenish, the body will continue to breakdown from intensive exercise.
See? The body NEEDS rest in order to help you with training in the future! Without rest, the body can’t repair any damage you’ve done to your muscles by lifting those massive weights or by running those insane distances, or both! It’s especially important for ligament health, because we all know those are a lot harder to repair than muscles, so let’s not damage them at all – ok? J (source)
This week when I was studying, I was reading about vitamins and more specifically, supplementation. Basically I was learning that a healthy, active adult with no health risks should be able to get all the vitamins they need through diet, as long as they eat a healthy, balanced diet full of different kinds of fruits, veggies and lean proteins. I learned about different situations where a person may need to supplement their vitamins. If you don’t know, it’s really important to consume enough vitamins because the body needs them to perform different body functions (ie. Keep your metabolism up! Digest food!) but if a person is sick, or is recovering from an injury or from surgery and may not feel like eating, it’s super important to supplement your vitamins in that situation.  Or if you’re a person who has a really busy life, and you eat out a lot, you should also supplement vitamins because fast food doesn’t provide many nutrients, same with smoking – in the book they mentioned that a lot of smokers are very social people and go out to eat and drink a lot (I’m not sure where these stats came from – so don’t hate me for saying that, I’m just telling you what my book said) so they may not ingest a lot of vitamins, in which  case they should be supplementing.
Because things like this make me curious, I was looking at websites that sell different supplements. I’m just curious about what’s out there and what I could buy to help me improve my health. I’m not usually a huge advocate for supplements but it totally makes sense that at certain points in your life you may need to supplement, because life just gets in the way – especially in this day and age. While I was looking up websites that sell supplements, I came across this fun website based in the UK. Evolution Slimming has a ton of different health products, but I was drawn to the supplements they carry, everything from antioxidants to super foods!  Even though the website is based in the UK, they ship to Canada and the US for like, $5 shipping – SO CHEAP. I might place an order this evening! My UK friends should be pretty excited because while I was on my search, I found some other UK fitness websites – they have a lot of cool stuff, no wonder I hear about how healthy they are over there! Stay tuned friends!
Tomorrow I’m off to do REAL hot yoga at lunch time. It’s been quite the process trying to get me into the hot yoga studio, doing REAL hot yoga, not just a random yoga class. This will be the second thing this week that I’m doing that I haven’t done in years (the yoga class that wasn’t hot was the first one) as part of the Frosty Fitness Challenge!
There’s 5 days left to enter my giveaway for some NourishTea Jasmine Dragon Pheonix Pearls green tea! Click here for all of the details around the giveaway – I can’t wait to see who wins, this has quickly become one of my favourite types of tea!
For my US friends – did you get your fitness on before you started eating and drinking? J If so, what did you do? Is it the first time you’ve done it? Everyone else – did you break a sweat today, or did you need a rest day like me? It’s been INCREDIBLY warm these days, I might go running if it keeps up!
Stay sweet.


  1. I'm just going to have to take your word on the brussel sprout chips, I have a hate on for that vegetable.

    Good luck with your hot yoga attempt! I'll text once I'm back home and rested! Enjoy the rest of your vacation :)

    1. My attempt failed. Oh well - I just can't get myself to go alone for some reason! Have a great vaca girl!

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