Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Choose Happiness!

Good evening Beautiful,

I hope everyone had a great Tuesday! Mine went by quicker than normal today because I had two different meetings and A TON of work to catch up on since I took last Friday off. No complaints however! That means I’m one day closer to my week of staycation next week!
Today I got in my first workout in 4 days. It felt absolutely amazing. Originally I was going to go to BodyPump with my team at work today but my meeting actually took up most of the class so everyone but me and another person (who I was meeting with) went and attended the class which left me to face the weight room by myself today. No big deal, I knew it needed to be snappy because I had so much work to do so I stuck to just upper body. It went a little something like this:
8-10 reps of each exercise, 3 sets
-          Hammer strength Chest Press (Hammer strength means there’s two separate weight stacks for each arm, so one arm isn’t compensating for the other), 30lbs on each arm for first set, 20lbs on each for the last two sets
-          Lat Pulldown
-          Pec Dec
-          Lateral Raises
-          Front Raises
-          Arnold Press
-          Bicep Curl
-          Tricep Pressdown
-          One arm row
BOOM – done. I hope I’m sore tomorrow. I’ve been noticing my abs getting flatter, and my arms are getting more toned again, and my Lulu pants are getting loser around the waist. Me likey! I’ve been doing a lot more core work recently than I have… well… ever! It’s totally paying off. Anything from 100 stability ball crunches with a dumbbell, to #plankaday to leg raises. You name it, I’ve been doing it. That and the more weight lifting/Olympic lifting I’ve been doing I think has added to my more toned physique lately. I know some gals that are fairly scared about lifting weights and I’m not too sure why…. I try not to say anything however because I don’t think it’s my place to say anything unless I’m asked. I wish more people would talk to me about it because I’d be a good resource I think! I have a good knowledge of nutrition, I’ve held two personal training certifications at different points in my life and I have a diploma in Fitness & Health…. Maybe people reading this didn’t know my background, or maybe they’re scared. Either way – DON’T BE!! Use me, I’m begging you! I can help! J However, hitting the weight room meant I didn’t get in my run for the Frosty Fitness Challenge today. Darn it, I’m failing miserable at my own challenge…. seriously.
Today was kind of a moody day for me… I don’t know why. I just get moody sometimes… and the mood is sometimes anger. So en route home when I was thinking about what I could share with you today, I figured I might as well admit that I’m moody today and figure out what anger can actually do to a body! I have researched and now I can successfully share with you the effects that anger has on the body (and why you should consciously try and NOT be angry whenever possible…)
Basically when you’re angry or upset, the body releases a hormone (which you’ve probably heard of) called cortisol which gives the body a quick burst of energy. Cortisol isn’t too awful when it’s a small amount and not very often, however when it’s a higher dose and your body is releasing it more often than not it can cause a lot of negative effects on your body. It can create a blood sugar imbalance, decrease bone density, suppress the body’s immune response and makes the body susceptible to chronic inflammation (which we all know is a leading cause of disease), supress thyroid function, slows down the body’s metabolism, increases blood pressure and impairs the brains ability to think clearly. Anger can raise the blood pressure from 120-80 to 220-130 (or anywhere in between I suppose!). When you’re angry, your mind turns to survival mode and the body releases chemicals to clot the blood, and blood clots travel through the veins and arteries to the heart and/or brain causing heart attack and/or stroke. (source)
People who are chronically angry may not have the mechanism in their brain to turn off these effects. Their nervous system is constantly working and can eventually become overexerted, leading to weakness in the heart and stiffer arteries. There’s potential for liver and kidney damage as well as high cholesterol. In a study of almost 13,000 people, individuals with the highest levels of anger were at twice the risk of coronary artery disease and three times at risk for heart attack as compared to the subjects with the lowest levels of anger. Some scientists think that chronic anger may be worse than smoking and obesity as a factor contributing to early death. (source)
My point?
Choose happiness!
I 100% believe that happiness is a choice (random side note, I had to read “Happiness Is A Choice” 5 years ago when I started at GoodLife!) and that if you wake up in a bad mood, you are the only person to blame for letting it affect your whole day. You are the only one with the power to let something bother you so much that you become angry (and risk the aforementioned side effects of doing so) or brushing it off and keeping a positive mental attitude! Think about it – it’s totally true J.
That’s my blurb for this evening. I need to grab onto my text book and do a bit of reading on fats and lipids. I’m excited to have next week off because it means I’m going to get to do a lot of different things…
  1. Studying. I can study all week if I wanted to! I won’t, but I’ll probably do 3-4 hours per day to try and get a little bit either ahead, or just caught up…
  2. Cooking. I’m going to try at least 2 new recipes next week to share with you all! I love being home in the afternoon and having dinner made for when C gets home. It’s pretty fun!
  3. Work outs! I’m going to go for some workouts for sure, whether it be to the nearest GoodLife club or just my own condo gym, maybe a run! Who knows! I’m off so I don’t have to plan! I will do whatever I feel like doing all week J.
  4. Christmas shopping! I have my family Christmas the weekend after next week (I have an extremely large family and we can never ALL get together on actual Christmas, so we do it in November to make sure everyone can come!) and I need to finish my super fun, crafty surprise gifts as well as pick up some others for the little kiddies that will be there! There will be photos, I promise!
  5. Naps. Not going to lie, I will probably nap most days. J.
If you're interested in taking part of the Frosty Fitness Challenge that Michelle and I are hosting, click here for the details! You still have time to start for this week! But it's 5 weeks long if you want to wait for next week! :)
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Stay sweet.


  1. great workout lady! once i kick this cold ill be hitting the gym again!

    1. Aww I didn't know you were sick!! I hope you feel better soon girl!

  2. I would love to take a week off and do nothing - but I'm too obsessed with vacationing :) Off to the Caribbean on a cruise in two weeks!! Yahoo :) There is a pretty wicked gym on the cruise though, and a running track around one of the top decks - so I promise not to destroy all of my progress.


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